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    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    I have just managed to finish maturing a baby bear in tundra with 4 cooking pots and 3 camp fires, approx 27k worth of wood and a shit sleep pattern. Not worth it went from 121% dmg to 142% and no increase in level from a baby. No Mutation as of yet but have three other babies raising atm, as well as the original first baby gestating for it child. Looking forward to super breeding.
  2. Demosthenes

    Possible to tame Golden Age Ruins animals?

    No, you can tame Wolf, Birds, Horses etc on Golden Age Ruin, However You Cannot tame Bears, Tigers, Lions (Useful Animals) etc on the Ruins. This is tried and tested! Enjoy! However You can tame Razor Tooth and Shieldhorn, However their max level is Level 30 (So pretty useless.)!
  3. Demosthenes

    Stone Building Costs

    Because it stops people from Repeating ARK BS, When they would build a large base, but then make a small base within. From this they fill the gap with walls and floors, to stop people from easily raiding bases.
  4. Demosthenes

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    At least no one can say that the Dev's don't have a sense of humour. 172,720 Metal to finish my Tower. Okay >
  5. Demosthenes

    Stone Building Costs

    To finish my build using current requirements, means wasting 174,720 Metal for a gliding tower> Seems Legit!
  6. Demosthenes

    Stone Building Costs

    Lads Cmon, Why. The cost of building stone structures in PVE was fair. I get it harder for PVPers. But Now my mid built tower cant be finished!
  7. Demosthenes

    cant respawn

    I am having this issue atm, but in just keeps kicking me out. I had a message first time telling me someone else is on my account, which is a lie. I hope this gets sorted. I have validated and restarted my PC.
  8. Demosthenes

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    Yeah it "will" be a great mechanic at public launch; It adds Immersion!
  9. Demosthenes

    Ship of the Damned Agro range.

    This seems to have happened since the last patch, noticing it on our Galleon!