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  1. This just shouldn't even be possible: -1782 F...
  2. This has happened to my company as well. We lost a horse and chicken glitching through the bottom of a schooner and an elephant on a brig that we loaded from the shore, appeared on the brig's deck, and then vanished a moment later. The brig was anchored at the time so I checked the lower deck and surrounding water to no avail. She did not respond to whistles. RIP Zoya the elephant, Bill the horse, and whatever we named that chicken.
  3. Hello! Over the last couple days I have experienced extremes of cold that make no sense at all and literally kills me and others in a matter of seconds. I've personally seen it go to -172 F in a desert biome. During another instance my crew mate says it was -1000 F. Death occurred in a matter of seconds at both extremes. Thankfully it was over after 5-10 minutes at most each time. The coldest place on earth only gets to -136 F and craters on the dark side of the moon that may be the coldest places we know of in the solar system are -387 F. It shouldn't be getting so cold and needs a hard cap or something. Aside from the bug above, the temperature extremes need work in general and there need to be clothing options to mitigate heat other than the slight bonus from cloth. Thank you!
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