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  1. Yay, lets make the game people are already quitting because of the grind even more of a grind! Then you wonder why this game is dying off already. Just look at the sever tile player counts. They keep dropping farther and farther every day. The official servers will be dead within 6 months.
  2. Yeah some people would get fucked over, that sucks, but it's better than playing in a game full of these assholes who use every cheat/glitch/hack they possibly can. Totally a point to building bases or boats when they can just glitch into your base, then pull everything out of locked boxes without breaking them.
  3. Region lock and use a known VPN database to VPN block. You can also limit by ping like Lynx suggested. All things that can be easily done. All things that aren't done just to sell copies.
  4. ......the devs absolutely can region lock them out and open an oceanic server. With all of the survival games out there that CSTG, Pink2Gays, JacKman, and all the reset always join and always do the same shit on there is no way they can say "Oh we didn't know they'd play like locusts despite that's what they do every single time they are allowed in the NA servers in a survival game." Fuck that noise, they knew, they knew it would cost actual NA players too, but they don't care because the Chinese guilds will use hacks and bots, if they get banned they just get a new copy of the game. Just means a constant stream of revenue for the devs. Not region locking them is literally nothing but a cash grab.
  5. Sure am glad to login only for our entire fleet to be sank to the traitorous Chinese guilds. PSA Do not ally with JacKman, Band of Brothers, or Super Gentlemen. All they will do is offline raid you because these money grubbing devs refuse to region lock China from the game. Gotta have that fucking cash grab, just ignore they are the biggest scumbag players there are. Sure am glad there's a point to playing NA when half the player base is in fucking China so they can just offline raid everyone. THANKS DEVS, assholes.
  6. Except they should have learned the lesson to not force all of your players into one or two servers after that shit show of a launch. That alone killed a good chunk of players off, now they are like the idiots screaming for communism, "It didn't work that time, lets do it again!!!" So no, they deserve ZERO fucking respect for this bullshit because they are showing us zero respect and showing they don't give two fucks about their players.
  7. Thanks Devs, you fucking assholes! Sure am glad all the effort a lot of us went through yesterday to get the Fountain of Youth was all for not because you morons can't keep your accounts secure. THANKS FOR THAT! Someone needs to smack you idiots upside the back of the head and maybe that will knock some sense into you so you'll actually LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS and stop doing stupid crap like this! I'm out, FUCK YOU, I'm done with this game as are a lot of people because you cock suckers just don't give a fuck about your players. FUCK YOU.
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