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  1. Reonhato

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingRichSwallowVoteYea This one was posted to reddit just now 2 torpedoes taking out 5 non leaking planks, making another one leak and taking out the deck.
  2. Reonhato

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    You can counter a ship with cannons, even masterwork ones , you can't counter a schooner just sailing up and taking out your entire ship, deck and all. Cost is not and should never be a balancing decision. You can't just balance things by making them cost a lot. You could use torpedoes to sink anchored boats the same way you can without torpedoes. Armor up, sail in and watch the chaos. If ships can get out, ships can get in. My personal favourite is a 300% resist schooner with 3 extra decks made of ceilings to soak up mortars and cannons shooting from towers, a couple players on cannons and you can take down ships pretty fast. With torpedoes you could carry a lot more repair materials and sink ships a lot faster. Go watch a video of torpedoes, they are broken.
  3. Reonhato

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    Totally called that they would try and "balance" them by making them expensive, as if that as ever worked in an game ever.
  4. So annoying when people miss the key just because they were standing in the wrong spot when the drake dies. Have had people miss the key because they were on the wrong side of the boat.
  5. Basically as the titles says. As peoples levels get higher and higher guns are becoming less and less effective. It already takes 3-4 headshots to kill most players in plate, which makes any competent person impossible to kill from a distance. By the time large groups of players start getting level 100+ guns are going to be useless.
  6. I just tested a 100% common carbine on some animals. According to wiki the changes in the ver10. patch means the damage is 340 for a head shot and 136 for normal. I headshot a rattlesnake for 336 and hit the pig for 134. A chicken for 134 and headshot a monkey for 342. These are completely consistent with what I have experienced for as long as I can remember. So again, I don't know what you are talking about, gun damage has not been changed since ver10 which was early January
  7. No idea what you are talking about. Firearms haven't been changed since damage and penetration on weapon changes way back in patch 10.43. Anyway it would be stupid to balance weapons around PvE. If you think bows are so awesome and guns are useless, try fighting with a bow on a PvP server.
  8. Reonhato

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    Bigger companies and bigger Islands, just what the game needs /s
  9. Reonhato

    It is Ballista not Balista

    As the title says, completely tiny issue that is not at all important.
  10. This pretty much kills anything other then mega companies. A mega company can only have 6 other companies as allies, why would they waste spots on small companies. Currently if a mega comes into your little square you basically get the choice, ally, merge or wipe. Ally isn't really ally, it isn't a you help us, we help you kind of deal, it is a you help us and we won't wipe you. With that choice gone you get merge or wipe. Limiting alliances might sound like a good way to get rid of the giant dominating alliances we currently have, but all it is going to do is force everyone to merge because the only way to not get wiped is to be in one of the 2 or 3 big alliances that will still dominate and the only way to be in those will be to get as close as 250 players on your roster as you can.
  11. Reonhato

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    I love brigs that load up on front and back large cannons on the top deck, flame schooners favourite meal
  12. Reonhato

    Latest patch notes

    Increasing tame limits is just another example of GSG only thinking about the game from the large company perspective. Tame limits is the only thing keeping the megas from completely dominating the entire map.
  13. Reonhato

    Creature Designer

    Ok I know it will never happen but I would love to harvesting done a bit different. I would love for harvesting animals to be more of an attach a different saddle with the difference in tiers being more about weight the animal can carry and how well it can defend against predators.. So if you want to harvest fibre you attach a sickle mower, rocks or metal attach a rock breaker and you get the idea. Horses and bulls would become your main harvesting options. I would remove rhinos and bears as harvesting options and make them purely the tank combat tames. Ostrich and giraffe would be utility tames, giraffe would need some love, most of the utility tames need love, I don't really have any suggestions some of the suggestions in the other replies are decent. Also slightly removed from tames but still fairly relevant, remove swivels and cannons from carts. Add a field cannon that can be moved at ~ walking pace by a tame or multiple players manning it at the same time.
  14. Reonhato

    Lost discovery points

    This happened to me today. Did a powerstone yesterday, got the discovery points, level was 58 max level was 60. Today killed a monstrous sperm whale, got the discovery and it also said level up. Noticed it leveled me to 58, the level I already was at, my discovery points were still around what I thought they were yesterday after the powerstone. I initially thought it didn't give me the discovery points for the whale, then I noticed I didn't have the dance I got from the powerstone on my quickbar, looked and my powerstone discovery was gone.
  15. Reonhato

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    So nothing on the toxicity that is the swivel horse.