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  1. EvilBoy

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    Seems like everything is in order thanks mate
  2. EvilBoy

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    GloBy man you spoiled me with that calculator i cant live with out it now
  3. EvilBoy

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    Site is down
  4. EvilBoy

    Macros for music

    link pls
  5. EvilBoy

    Breeding Razortooth

    we breed them in d11 and they do fine you just need to make a breeding room with lots of fires and grills fires under floor with hatches and then grills in a half circle about 3 ceiling apart so wont need to watch the temps too much just need to figure out the right amount of fires for your biom
  6. EvilBoy

    Crab taming

    crabs are the best for raiding you can controll mortar towers and kill all npcs of their boats real quick
  7. EvilBoy

    Breeding Horses

    its a random timer anywhere from 13 hours up to 48 hours Just look at the female it will say ready to mate in XX:XX hours
  8. EvilBoy

    Another Wipe?

    You will be one of very few that comeback to build and collect stuff but i doubt they will keep servers up for 500-600 players i just want to hear it from the devs if they will wipe again or not so i dont waste my time with this game and its last breath why did you go empires everyone knew it was going to be a dead server
  9. EvilBoy

    Another Wipe?

    So there is another big patch planed with new islands and dungeons. Will that include a second wipe?
  10. you cant play official servers with family share
  11. EvilBoy

    So... what happend to bounties?

    If you want someone dead and you do not have the boy parts to do it yourself i would assume that you will be required to put up the bounty yourself with your own money
  12. EvilBoy

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    For me its not showing on the person i use the template place my tattoos where i want them arms back chest make sure everything is in line of template then nothing happens when i apply paint in game i can do sails perfectly but body just dont work for me
  13. EvilBoy


    Yeah thats a cool story cant wait for the next one
  14. EvilBoy


    No one has hacked admin passwords it just their engine and hack detection is shite they bought the 2 dolla Battle eye version that only detects cheat engine cant tell me that two admins would be dumb enough to have their password as 123..... but then again the decisions they make they might just be that stupid