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  1. hello to this old topic. i just used it to configure my custom server correctly. thanks for your information. but i have to correct one thing and i dont know if this is because of a recent patch or whatever: the max level you define in your game.ini example is NOT about the max level of the tame, before taming or after. its about the max number of levels it can get. let me explain: in your game.ini dino levels from 0 to 209 are defined. thats 210 total levels. if you (force)tame a level 140 animal it will be level 210, but it wont exp. if you do a level 139, it will be 208 and also not exp. but if you do a level 120 it will be a level 180 and this one gets xp. why? because the max level a tame can get is: level after tame + level after tame + 30. so a level 180 can level 210 times. and there is your number 210 again. so any tame which could gain more than 210 levels will not gain xp at all. a very confusing configuration.
  2. Tamelomn

    Front/Rear cannon meta

    how about a gun carriage, snaps on stone ceilings and floors only. all kinds of weapons snap on it. it allows weapons to rotate 360 degrees and increases range by a few pecent, lets say 15 or 20. and another one, a light gun carriage, snaps on gunports (where light cannons sanp now) allows rotation of around 100 degrees for all cannon types. also, we allready have a front, left, right and back area of a ship defined. check your quickslots when mounting a helm. do the following: calc the mass of each part of the ship. then calc the difference of the lightest and heavyest part of the ship. reduce ship speed by this percentage. im not sure reworking ships weight will do the game any good... if you increase ships weight to be realistic, you can transport HUGE amounts of cargo when the ship is unarmed. in fact the only thing that makes resources valuable is that you can transport only a very limited amount of each resource. if you can transport 100k metall in one trip, trading and logistics becomes a lot less important.
  3. Tamelomn

    Make cannons heavier/weight management

    not completely correct. the victory was 104 cannons. 2 × 68-pounder Carronades, 30 × 32-Pounder, 28 × 24-Pounder and 44 × 12-Pounder i know that most ship-of-the-line which were build in the second half of the 18th century replaced the 48-pounders with 32-pounders because the 48-pounders were to heavy and were because of its size to complicated to operate in a combat situation. a 32-pund cannon had a weight of 3 tons and needed 14 sailors to operate. so i guess the 48-er was more like 5 or 6 tons... (nothing personal, just correcting numbers)
  4. Tamelomn

    Gold Weight

    well, i would suggest the creation of a secondary currency, like diamonds or maybe a promissory note. you would need moneychangers for that. you can go there with your gold and trade it into secondary currency which is lighter and easyer to transport. with a fee of course. so you either carry ALL the gold or most of it with muss less weight...
  5. Tamelomn

    Thx for the warning

    at least they save before updating. in ark official early days there was a warning but they didnt save before shutdown. so it was a suprise where you would login. sometimes we had a 15 mins rollback. so if there was a 30 mins warning you immediately run into base and idle around.
  6. Tamelomn

    tame Tamed Lion is Not Leveling

    Same here, every animal we tame which is above level 30 after taming does not level at all. this is some kind of urgent... how do we fight alphas when we have nothing that can stand against them? no pets, no flame arrows any more... our whole island has now been coverd with animal-traps to catch alphas and ignore them. animal trap: build a 3x3 or 4x4 floor square. place empty doorframes around it. place ramps on every doorframe outwards so animals can walk into the trap. place roof-doorframes with door on each side once so yourself can get out of the trap. at the end close the corners with roof corners. in one trap we sometimes have up to 30 animals...