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  1. 1: Is PvE on the backburner at this point? 2: When will we have a team to look into grieving and harassment issues? (we had them at one time and do not now?) On a positive note I see that PvE has as many people on one server as there is on the higher PvP server. That in itself has to show value to the PvE'rs as well, I would hope. 3: Distancing on farms and on warehouses makes it so people cannot put down one even after destroying 3 around it. This part is very confusing. 4: When is the next Wipe? - Season End etc? Thank you for all you do and the replies.
  2. @Jatheish@Dollie has this been forgotten? I would really love to take down the pillars holding my ceiling up. It makes it looks so much more correct. and I don't dare switch out the ceiling tiles till it has been. Thanks. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1756166174
  3. Mine is not due to demo at all, Cannot place it to demo.
  4. On my original post in forum, I got this and thought it might be worthy to pass on. I have not had a private server with Atlas yet so not sure on setups available.
  5. Hi, I made the post above and it is Official PvE N11 cheat TP N11 -330279 417907 405 (pre 1.5 base was 12 x 20 and had no issues. The base is 20 x 30 tiles base with height at the top of the large doors. The floor is 1 to 3 deep to level, and a mix of wood/stone after redoing so many things to work around. 1st i wanted to use these wonderful large walls we have of stone, and I made 8 of them to use on the outside wall area of the building along with 2 large stone gates. Thought if i placed a wall as high at end of the walls i could use them as snap points for the floors above. Cannot do that though since even though the wall is snapped to the spot by walls, it doesn't recognize the floors and will not let you place a ceiling tile above it. (mind you we have 8-10 metal nodes only so stone structures are hard to do in this island:P) 2nd I took down all the walls, and placed stone tile walls. mix of windows and solid wall large gates and Doors. Went up 6 tiles and placed the 1st ceiling section for a floor area . This is when i started seeing the no support mesg again. 1st outside row around the top, get to gate and cannot find support in center of door way. (it doesn't recognize the gate as a support. We deal with this in Ark as well but the floor counts as support so we can cover with out issue, not in Atlas though. This is why I say it is the snap points not counting for floors, only for walls./pillars. Place ceiling tiles to the gate and past gate 4 tiles. then go to other side and work back to when other side stopped and it will complete the row across the gate then. Continue on and ceiling tiles will go inside the wall area 6 tiles in towards center. Then it says no support found. all the way around accept of course the gateways as with out the support in center of them they end a bit sooner. The work around for this was placing pillars. so inside at center points there are 4 tall pillars from floor to ceiling as seen in the screenshots. that affords it support to the center. where another has to be added to finish the ceiling tiles, total is 5 pillars that is removed the whole ceiling crashes. and leaves you with a 6 deep frame again. 2nd floor does NOT recognize the pillars below. They actually have to be snapped into the ceiling for 2nd level for it to count. so again 5 Pillar supports for 2nd level to ceiling. this is With large walls that i removed but would have been great:) The next is showing how deep the floors are etc Lower level walled in now wit pillars framing in 2nd floor and stone is wall support, thatch is from pillar support I hope this helps, and thank you for looking into our issues.
  6. Location for this is Official PVE N11, DragonBorne - (Ill get the CCC in the morning:)
  7. @Ameesa I did that on a smaller scale, nothing snaps past the 6 floors. unless * you put a pillar. And that floor in there snapped all and it is 3 Stone *floors deep to level the terrain.
  8. What is also realized is that the 2nd floor does not see the foundation support from the 1st area. You actually have to put the pillars in upper level also if you want to have a ceiling. PS if I had build 10 x ? I would not have seen this as the foundation support would have covered it, But since I am building 20 x 30 There is a huge area inside my base that actually needs pillars to hold a ceiling tile. I have one pillar near the ramp to lower level so it let me cover out further but this is the area you cannot use ceilings on unless you add pillars.
  9. This is what you get , *over* the top of of the floors.
  10. @Tacti This is different. The floor is not acting as a foundation to the ceiling, Only the walls are. And since you can only access the foundation point from the wall 5 tiles away from said wall, if you have a building larger than 10 x 10 you will need to add pillars to put a ceiling the way it is currently. Stone ceiling is out as far as possible without the pillars. expl:
  11. @DollieI am building a base in PvE server. The issue I am having is the base is 25 x 30. all stone floors (Foundations) In the center of the base I cannot put ceilings. Unless the ceiling is within 6 tiles of the wall* and attached to said wall the ceiling tile will not snap and gives the error of needing a foundation. The wall is only 6 Wall tiles high from the floor. The other place i see the error is near the large gates. since the gate is 10 tiles wide, the there is 3 tiles that are not covered because there is no wall there only a gate. ceilingtileissue-sm-bmp.bmp
  12. Maybe just make it so people parking in your claim area * have to pay a fee to stay there. Or anchors cannot be lowered if in other persons land.
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