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  1. Are there any settings available to change the spawn rate of the SOD and level? We had the below in the JSON file but it seems that it did not change anything after Dino wipe. The spawn rate is still low and the level of SOD avarage between 3 and 10. "ServerCustomDatas1": ",DisableRain,ChanceForCold,NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,FloatsamQualityMultiplier,NPCShipNumMult,", "ServerCustomDatas2": ",1,1,3.0,1.0,1.2,3.0,",
  2. DotRSA

    Blackwood Bug list

    The map marker placement is way off. I tried marking an area at [Long 4.43 Lat 28.42]. Adding these coordinates into the marker placement I ended at [Long 3.0 Lat - 18] to get the correct position. EDIT: Long 0, Lat 0 is at the center of the Map
  3. DotRSA

    Ping +255, since patch today

    This has always been a problem, this time it's worse than ever. Maybe this time they would do something about it. Below is a post I started in April already and still receiving this zone transition kak.
  4. Yes, I agree. The bathrooms are dirty, the toilets are glitched...They promised us a golden toilet seat in the May Mega update yet their toilets have no running water. Here I'm sitting and hoping that someday we might even get toilet paper and in the meantime I had to deal with all the shit. Maybe its time to try a new restaurant.
  5. DotRSA

    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    It just shows you the lack of moderating that is going on.
  6. DotRSA

    Zone Transition Crash - One Big Vokop

    Sorry to see another player experiencing this. Our company really enjoyed the game and played through all the bugs and headaches. We felt part of the journey to a better game as allot of hours were contributed. Due to the lack of feedback this was a game breaker for us. The motivation was not there anymore...
  7. DotRSA

    Crop plots causing crashes on startup

    I'm getting the same. https://pastebin.com/beCnwAg8
  8. DotRSA

    Zone Transition Crash - One Big Vokop

    Fix this crap now man dammit! Your Tundra and pole regions are up to shit! No good, vokkof out there when you can. Have not seen this kak gameplay in a longtime. The game usually downloads @3kbps, transitioning to another zone it hits 80kbps. How many post do you need to get some feedback on this issue? I'm doing my best here to provide as much info as needed but you show no interest in response.
  9. I thought it was fixed after the patch but the first time I transitioned I got another crash.
  10. @kalazor are you also experiencing the crash in the Tundra and Pole regions? This is my original post. Same thing happened to @cidran also in the Tundra region.
  11. DotRSA

    Zone Transition Crash - One Big Vokop

    So here I am trying to give it another go as the last patch notes stated "Transition Crash Fixed". I decided to leave the Tundra in anycase, where I experience all the crashes, first transition I do crash! Right into a whale..... Lost all my blueprints, gold, Elephant, Giraffe. VOKOLLLLL left! Trying to rejoin game, I get this. For what it's worth, here's the crash report https://pastebin.com/Cj0EQ6XX
  12. Don't waste time posting your concerns, crash reports, and bugs in the forums. Hundreds of posts gone by with no proper response from the developers. I don't expect a proper in detail answer back but a "thanks, will look into it" would be nice from time to time. How can the community be involve with this lack of communication. Feedback is your key to success but you've failed every aspect of it. You've let us down Grapeshot. I've sailed my broken ship for a long time but I'm afraid we've reached the end.
  13. DotRSA

    Client crash when jumpin to another grid

    Hi Cidran, we have the same issue see post below. I've copied my crash reports as well but is struggling to get response for the devs What we picked up thus far: - Zoning in the Tundra or Pole regions give the most crashes, almost every time you zone. Traveling to the tropics and desert regions are almost crash-free. - If you run NetLimiter you can see during the 255 ping that Atlas is trying to download something but gets stuck as it hits max download speed and is not going anywhere.
  14. DotRSA

    Zone Transition Crash - One Big Vokop

    @Jatheish did the crash reports help at all? We've traveled from A14 (Home Region) to G12 to issues. The moment we've reached Tundra the crashes started again. Ping hits 255 and game crash. Please look into this or send some feedback.... https://pastebin.com/bSksEUAB