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  1. well guys they merged my 54+ upvotes under bug reports to this thread lol... at least I know they saw it lol
  2. having 300+hrs in their are many things still wrong with tames and other issues. but nerfing elephants weight reduction better come with a huge weight carry buff to the animals. if not they will be completely and utterly useless.. so I say everyone who reads this needs to upvote this post to make sure they hear your cries. but this nerf is a catch 22 (damned if you do, damned if you don't) I really honestly don't see anything positive coming from nerfing the elephants unless there is some sort of counter balance, which is not included in the patch notes btw. so I say to all who will read this.. upvote this to the top so the dev's know this is a VERY BAD move. they say they read the forums.. lets find out.
  3. all I gotta say is wow... I wasn't expecting this to be the #1 upvoted topic in just 1 day... these upvotes speak HUGE volume to what the community is all about.. all I can say is wow guys. thanks for the support I really hope the devs listen to this and really think to themselves about "yeah I think we screwed up on this one"
  4. yeah I saw it but it was in the Gen. disc. so I wasn't sure but I know they said in the stream that they read the bug reports and focus on ones that have "the most" upvotes so lets see if its true lol
  5. asukarei25

    Elephant weight reduction change is a bad move.

    I started an upvote post under the bug reports hopefully they'll listen if it hits the top of the upvote list. as this is a major change and it will completely piss A LOT of people off without the right counter buff..