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  1. You need to read, they didn't mention any tamable creatures
  2. From what the title says the wild creature spawn rates are way too high, after the update which reduced spawn rate by 60%. I haven't seen anything like this on any of the other golden zones and i have done all 8 others. I mean there was even 2 hydras and just getting to them is a mission with all the leather wings. I will link pictures as proof.
  3. cod1933

    NPCs Not Invincible on Puckles

    I just read the new patch notes they are fixing this now
  4. cod1933

    NPCs Not Invincible on Puckles

    v15.61 - NPCs mounted on Puckles are now invincible But how come all my NPSs are dead? Well i did some testing after i posted a thread up on PVP as it annoyed me enough to find out. Fire arrows still wreck AI mounted on puckles.
  5. So we got offlined again, pretty much every night we can guarantee all our ships will be sunk and at least part of the base destroyed but last night was different. I had situated a few ai around the base on puckles since they were no invincible but when i got on today all the AI got killed off the puckles and the puckles were still intact. Any tips would be appreciated as to how i could prevent this or why it happened?
  6. cod1933

    Connection to Server issues

    I have had that happen to my friend.