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  1. ZeroTier is completely free for networks up to 100 servers. It's more of a Software Defined Network tool than a VPN though. If you need more than a hundred, it's only between 15-30 USD monthly. I currently use them in my datacenter for webhosting, as it encrypts the data and secures communication between the connected servers/computers. Thank you very much, I really hope it will work!
  2. I've decided to do an experiment and also learn from it. Using ZeroTier and Digital Ocean. I cannot forward my ports, so I will set up a VPS in the cloud that has my "public" IP. I will set up ZeroTier so that it has a good connection with the game server host. This way, I can port forward just like I would if it was a local network, my users will not have to interact with or do anything with their systems (installing vpn clients etc.) I have faith in this turning out successful.
  3. I managed to get on my server yesterday using ZeroTier, which was really weird. I put in my public IP everywhere, no multihome. I did not reference the other IP anywhere. I was able to rejoin again and walk around, but my friends could not say the same. We will be running a new test with Hamachi today.
  4. Thank you for the response. I raised a question myself regarding SDN and LAN server connections. LAN is a primitive need that should be enabled for absolutely every dedicated server. I don't see why this game should do it any different on this part.
  5. Hello great people of the ATLAS! I'm working on setting up my 5x5 grid, and I need to use a SDN (ZeroTier in this case). It is a VPN Mesh network that encrypts and secures connection between servers and clients talking to eachother and functions basically like a LAN network. I have a 5x5 successfully running and started, and interacts with a redis instance. Clients have established connection and can ping the server. Server shows up in steam browser and ingame server browser. When connection is attempted, the error message is "Unable to query server" or "Connection timeout". Any ideas? UPDATE: With established conenction, I did nnot mean that they can connect to the ATLAS server, but that their connection with the server that hosts the ATLAS. No game connection.
  6. Technically, yes. Practically, no. The server software runs fine, and starts and everything, but it will have no contact. I'm running my setup on ZeroTier, It's basically like Hamachi. Your server will boot and say it is running, but the server software is per today, designed to only allow communication with public facing users. VPNs, LAN, SDN is all seen as a LAN connection and wont work, only giving query failures and timeouts. If anyone know any way to enable LAN communications and similar, please share!
  7. That is simply what the 2. option is. For some of my clan members, 2 did not work, but 1 did. We are seeing slightly different symptoms that has multiple ways to fix it... Some fixes doesn't work at all for some. Sometimes one have to remove battleeye to be able to play for 10 minutes when other fixes don't do anything at all.
  8. Ok, this is a long shot. I have two clanmates who are able to play. These are the workarounds they used. 1: 2: Simply change homeserver. I can't test them myself as I'm at work so I can't say for sure, but I hope these will help for you guys.
  9. I've seen some issues on other grids that are not lawless... But there are TONS of lawless servers and servers that previousy were lawless... The server system is a mess right now and while I appreciate the devs deploying tools to prevent hackers whom which are ruining it for players who love the game... I hate the deployment of anti cheat stuff, and just leave it and forget about it when it is causing bugs... WE NEED THIS LOOKED AT DEVS! THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM FOR ALMOST A WEEK NOW! It's horribly unplayable. We have lost 2 ships, 10 tames, and we are about to loose the rest of them, we are about to loose our bases, and the rest of the ships. Either remove BattlEye till you have found out what's causing the issues, or give us a blessing and a sign that you acknowledge the problem and that you have put people to look into it. I love this "#%"# game, but I can't play.
  10. Same here, for all of my tribemates and the entire M8.
  11. I agree, this issue is far too game breaking and the reports are so many, but the developers haven't, as far as I know, even acknowledged this bug.
  12. All of my clan members are facing similar issues, what we can report: Issues we are facing: Issue one: BattlEye client not responsive kicks. Issue two: Can sometimes spawn in, can walk, can not interact with mounts, crew, doors etc. Issue three: User Interface. We can press the button to open any of the UI's, but it stays open for a split second before closing. Issue four: Respawn. If we are lucky to die, respawn map is pure green with non-clickable parts. Issue five: Can not rejoin to server, need to join new atlas and select respawn point, which usually puts us back where we had a bed. Issue six: When clicking join new atlas, it throws a nice (nope) little error that tells the client lost connection, trying to quit the game, or simply just wait, and the client will turn black before eventually joining the game. Issue seven: When we finally have established connection, we are kicked after 3-10 minutes. When did we notice these recent bugs? We noticed these recent bugs around the 18th January. We all have a variety of hardware, software and internet, ranging from terrible to quite decent. Issue is consistent and not tied to hardware. As someone mentioned in another bug post. "It feels like BattlEye is restricting most of the client functionality."
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