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  1. One that docks my boat for me? Im in! Reality: ship docks, but the system doesnt get the water height right and either sends the ship to space, or the center of atlas...
  2. Oh I know and understand that. That is exactly what Im afraid theu are thinking too.
  3. Agree and disagree, but I think we are both thinking the the right direction... Farmhouse: Limit 1 per island per company Uses crew (min 2), at 2 crew its a .5 efficientcy Max of 8 crew (.25% per) maxing at 200%. Gathers all resources possible on the island. 10k stack, 1 stack of each material, no weight cap. Warehouse: Can be placed anywhere, 1 per island per company. Uses crew (2min), .5 eff. Up to 8 max 200% -this would mean a maxed warehouse could keep a farmhouse empty provided ot hasnt hit item cap.... Items capped at 50k material per type, no weight cap. This would mean that a filled warehouse and farmhouse would have a total of 60k of items, but to hit this cap should take 24-48hours...
  4. Yes please, would completly kill my desire to play and free up a bunch of time for other games
  5. Why would any company buy this game? Sales have alrdy occurred, only potential is new customers. Kills the ROI right there.
  6. Amen! (I just love this statement bc it triggers ppl tbh.) They need a solution to stop the need for pillar spam, and this solution should be implemented on every island, lawless and owned.
  7. @Whitehawk Im ok with functional items like the bank, farmhouse, warehouse being prefab. (Would love to see a dock and tavern (for crew management/assignment) But to completly remove base building and going prefab only is something i hope never happens.
  8. Yeah they missed the mark on this one. I just pray the "new optimize ship system" isnt premade ships with single hulls and no customization. That really will kill the game. Trying to stay positive and see what these new guys cook up, but damn each patch is getting harder and harder.
  9. 1st point absolutely. 2nd point absolutely. I would love to see crew used similair to thralls. Assign crew to farm houses (gold is used instead of thatch/wood) More crew, higher effiency. Assign crew to warehouse (another gold sink), more crew faster it gathers from farmhouses. They need a Yup! response
  10. Yeah, it looks like our company is going to be forced to demo any placed on our islands before ours bc of this 2km limit. In effect this is an island-owner only feature, which is really dumb.
  11. I dont understand why we are limiting this stuff based on distance. Farmhouse kind of make sense, however warehouses should be one per company per island. This 2km limit is insane. The 500m range limit is also odd. How do you handle huge islands with houses in the middle... certainly not with a warehouse, which makes the "feature" pretty mute and useless. @Devs, I think this is a good example of something that could have and should have been discussed with the community. (We are supposed to give our feedback/have a chance to help improve the game since thats the point of EA) These issues could have been caight pretty quick by us and could have led to a better version the first time around. I get that some cards have to be close to the chest, but you can open up a little on this stuff.
  12. Can confirm, warehouses connect to noncompany farms.
  13. To be fair, you started out with 5. And the wipe thing, is going to be a while before it happens... if i had to guess either it will be with the ship update or after it, depending on if they can implement it without killing every ship. Even then we are talking a few more months.
  14. So I agree islands are too cheap. They should be more expensive and should encourage folks to company up. Freeports should go away and be redone w more islands. Some islands should be added and scattered about be nonclaimable bit havs the freeport vendors/buildings include very similar to the B5 island. Lawless should be gotten rid of and become claimable. Can anyone explain to me the absolute insistance on soloplay on a multiplayer server? I can not fathom the NEED to play solo. I have very much enjoyed two seasons in pretty large companies. Both companies come together for events, then basically went solo/duo/whatever the rest of the time. Big benefits with very little issues.
  15. Oh if only you realized how much pve is done on pvp servers... If you want to get rid of pve, might as well switch this game over to a Pub-g w ships bc thays what youd basically have.
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