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  1. Great reveiw, had really wondered if it was usable vs damned. (Not that i expected to be) Would love to hear from PvPers on how this ship is useful in pvp. I simply no longer think they have any fucking clue and are just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.
  2. Missing an option there imo, ill take 2500 for a schooner, 10k for a brig, 25k for a frigate, and 50k for a galley. They really need to add a customizable ship thats sized between the brig and galley and used large planks.
  3. Unless your going to ban folks for that, theres nothing you can do to avoid such gameplay. But of you get rid of the exclusion zone, does it really matter/impact anyone elses gameplay? Farmhouse iirc have a 20day decay, warehouses are 40 and markets are 60. (Which is insane btw, almost as bad as fucking 20day signs) My money would be a on wipe before the 1st market decays.
  4. Because then the solos and small companies would complain about megas having 50+ warehouses on every island?
  5. Crazy idea... remove farmhouses and markets, theb combine all the functions into the warehouse. Give the warehouse the ability to farm ALL resource types on the island at the speed of 2 stone farmhouses. Limit the warehouse to either 1 per company per island or 1 per company per grid. Think that about covers it and kills the farmhouse spam to boot.
  6. Video games are, by thier nature, useless timesinks. That said, it is a time sink to get a schooner. I believe the intent is to make it feel like your are progressing. Now should the progression be quicker than current, i think that remains to be seen. From my point of view the time played (/played) for a schooner I think it about right, for an inital fresh start. Clearly you think otherwise, so what would be your solution on the schooner? Im still asking for more ship types. (Seriously need something between a brig and a galley). The counter concern of ship spam vs grinding, is that each ship needs server resources and those resources used reduce the availabilty for other items to run on the server. You can throw hardware at this problem only for so long before it becomes unstainable. Therefore if you reduce the number of ships existing vs Season 4, in theory there are more server resources for say, a bunch of trading ships sailing around the world. But how long does that really last for? If your delayed 10 hours in getting your 1st real ship, then it only takes you say 20 hours for your next one, easily within a month you have plenty of ships (baring pvp, losses ofc) and probaly a stock pile of gold. Ultimately I think this gold grind only slows the early game down, by the time you hit mid game it just picks up as the intial gold sink is reduced, while gold income is not. And yes ot most certainly hurts smalls/solos as theu can easily be wiped and forced to start the early game grind over (which will not help the player population be sustained) @George Catcher the maps were really effd up i lost so many i lost count. It took me about 9 runs around my island to collect enough for the schooner, so i guess you could add another ~5 hours to that grind (although i was focused on basing up, preparing, finding where stuff was, farmhouses, etc (ie the "land game") during that time as well. And yes that was at about 2.5-3 hours a night. The current 10k im working through with the schooner atm are the JM remeants from those runs, so ill have to farm up more to keep going further.
  7. @George Catcher So on the sloop to schooner grind: You dont need a bear for low level (like 5 and below) maps, you can definitely melee them solo. Further you dont need to go far. I was able to grind out the 5k in two runs of 4 grids (b5 (home)>c5>c6>b6) then I did another simlar to the north, so I did not need to go far. This was with a bunch of .5 to 5.6 maps. As such the only thing I had on my sloop was a chest, box, bed and wheel. It definitely slows things down if you go this route, but total play of 8 hours felt ok (to me) to "earn" the schooner. Once on the schooner things pickup since your going to go far and have bears etc (case in point im at 6k gold atm with about 4hrs sunk time, and figure ill be about 10k at the 8hour/at home port mark.) At this point the question is is it worth the time sink for a brig of about 20-25hrs of /played. To which Id say no its not. Originally I said I thought itd feel right for the cost to be about 10k on a brig, and I think thats still about right from a /played pov. There needed to be a shift in slowing down the intial rush, esp given how easy resources are now, although I still think they went too far with the brig costs, at least that 1st "real" ship feels about there.
  8. Well that was nice for a little. It seems B5 is back to 255 constant ping as of last night Edit: Ping is back down, someone had an enabled market place running. @Gortok Did you guys accidentally reenable them on PvE with the restart last night?
  9. You know its the marketplaces causing the issue right? If everyone in the server suspends them it makes the lag go away. On topic: supposedly it was acknowledged on the discord
  10. Whsch is crazy as pvpers dont seem to have this issue -.-
  11. AS of today add B5 to the list. There is something seriously wrong in the server/game code... I wonder if its the market places doing the trades or if the tact thay people are claiming trade forts when they shouldbt be able to is cause the servers to derp. @Nami @Gortok Can we please get some eyes on this? Its getting really bad all over the PVE server.
  12. I see the reading comprehension is not strong with you.
  13. Math: 42 Your right there is no maths, its more feelz. But lets extrapalate then. 10000, would take 10 1k gold maps, or 20, 500g maps. So 20 green maps (which are fairly easy to get and do, solo with a shit bear) gets you the 2nd best ship in the game. I made and spent about 500k gold on pve last season. Mostly was spent on bears with stats i didnt have. My final bear (before i got bored and wandered away) had H20, M24, W18, S18. I think I had about 50k in my boxes when i quit. My experiance playing the game:1.6k hours, so nope not a clue wtf Im doing there clearly. Bonus: Your god damn right buff barrels!!! I could only cull 18 bears at max with 1 barrel, should be be able to boom all the things with one. Since you clearly cant understand sarcasm: THIS BONUS SECTION IS SARCASM, JUST LIKE THAT COMMENT IN THE OTHER THREAD. Hope that clears that up. Hugs and kisses, Gin
  14. Basically theu expect your company to have a farmhouse, warehouse, and marketplace setup and then do trades to generate gold. (Maps etc still work) What they fail to consider is that your limited in placing them via distance.. and with no company limit... whoever gets there 1st wins then the rest are fucked with just map farming. Oh and dont expect shit to decay either.. 20 day decay on warehouses and a 60day decay on marketplaces.
  15. Its now 5k. Brig is 25k, galley is 50k. Fun is not permitted, you must grind grind grind to make the devs happy.
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