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  1. Well all I can say is, I look forward to hearing what else is in store. Not too excited for the trade routes... but thank god they didnt implement a frigate for purchase. I want my frigate customizable, not prefabed!
  2. Ive finally moved on for the season.. might be back in season 6 depending on actual changes and content being added. Simply put there has been so little done since the launch of S4, that there is nothing to look forward to. Couple that with the "stealth mode" devs have entered and it feels like nothing is being done. (Dont get me wrong, i understand theres a spinup delay woth a new team and no doubt alot of code is fubar, requiring a lot of work) The last time devs went silent we found out (6months later) nothing was being worked on because they were doing other shit for a game no one here paid for. (Wanna bet that those costs/cash flow came out of the budget for this game?) It really is sad to see a game with such potential circle down the drain.
  3. Its possible it was, its also possible its not... Theres a whole nother grind which involves mutations... i know when i quit my base melee was 220 (4 mutations off of a 185 unmutated bear).. but if imprinted thats a ~265 melee
  4. So you have a 55% chance the baby will be born with the higher stat. Levels naturally increase as their stats do (since stats are equivilent to levels). However, this only applies to "wild levels". If those bears have "tame levels" in melee, those points will not transfer, it will be the base melee that transfers. You could potentially have a base melee of say 185 (16 points) in both and the bear would come out with a 185 melee. (A 185m and 176f could have either 185, 176) Side note: Stat increases from imprints also do not transfer. Now if the 210 (think a base at that point would be a 211, so you might have points in there..) and the 220 do not produce a 211 or 220 melee it would be an easy indication of a different melee base (again might take a few breedings to determine). Best way to check this without breeding would be to find a calculator that can determine the base stats.
  5. Wait, so now island owners cant pillar shit to prevent building? Sounds like they need to enforce that on lawless too. And please followup here, would love to know what "spam structures" they are speaking about
  6. Man the salt on barrels.... hey guys barrels are fine! (Least on PvE ) Would still like to see warehouses limited to 1 per company per island and crew used (gold sink cause you NEED them) for farmhouses.. Havnt tried yet, do bps work for the manned stuff?
  7. You didnt know they added glass bottoms for boats?! Clearly thats a feature not a bug! /s
  8. Legit question, why do the rename in pve?
  9. One that docks my boat for me? Im in! Reality: ship docks, but the system doesnt get the water height right and either sends the ship to space, or the center of atlas...
  10. Oh I know and understand that. That is exactly what Im afraid theu are thinking too.
  11. Agree and disagree, but I think we are both thinking the the right direction... Farmhouse: Limit 1 per island per company Uses crew (min 2), at 2 crew its a .5 efficientcy Max of 8 crew (.25% per) maxing at 200%. Gathers all resources possible on the island. 10k stack, 1 stack of each material, no weight cap. Warehouse: Can be placed anywhere, 1 per island per company. Uses crew (2min), .5 eff. Up to 8 max 200% -this would mean a maxed warehouse could keep a farmhouse empty provided ot hasnt hit item cap.... Items capped at 50k material per type, no weight cap. This would mean that a filled warehouse and farmhouse would have a total of 60k of items, but to hit this cap should take 24-48hours...
  12. Yes please, would completly kill my desire to play and free up a bunch of time for other games
  13. Why would any company buy this game? Sales have alrdy occurred, only potential is new customers. Kills the ROI right there.
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