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  1. So a wipe without any significant content update... honestly such a bad idea. Good luck GS!
  2. Gindorf

    False rumors about wipe !

    Wiping is hygenic. Just sayin....
  3. Gindorf

    Mythical shipyard

    This shit is just getting way too complicated and is now even more of a grind? So a 200% mythical shipyard doesnt max things, now (based on maths by players bc devs cant be asked to explain thier shit) you need a 225% when a month ago it was 200?
  4. Hiya Ranger! Use veggies and salted meats. Celary and wheat last a long (weekish) time. Even longer if you can restack (pull it all out then dump back in) it once in a while.
  5. And so it begins.... (On a serious note it is possible to solo it if you have high enough gear, ships, and weapons; just sucks if you screw it up and die.... though I dunno how the game would handle that in SP with single zones being loaded at a time... might actually just despawn him/unload the zone)
  6. Gindorf

    Breeding Nanny

    Just got to find a pretty stable (tempature) server. I spam the crap out of bears, 0 tempature maintance (in a temperate), just stuff em every hour or so with berries then go off and do other stuff. (I do babysit the 1st hour till they can fit enough) Same deal with eles and girs. Equater lets me burn torches 24/7 (little over heat but not a huge amt of damage) so stuff full of food and come back every hour... repair torches every 3, after 7 hours they are at 10% and torches come off. Imprints can be a pita but are doable if you time things right.
  7. Sure thing buddy. That int nerf sucks. But heres a protip, this is a MMO. Let me spell that out for ya: Massively Multiplayer Online. Cant wait for all the whining and bitching about how you cant do GROUP content in SINGLE player (without cheats). None of the announced M3 patch (nothing "mega" about it) is aimed at "mega"comapanies
  8. Honestly fleets of sods arent an issue. As noted between agro dropoff and resistance they arent hard to handle. The 30sec immunity at server crossings is a great idea though. Would also love an easy way to pick up loot. At this point it is such a pita with a gally i just leave it all behind (bc lets be honest most of the time its useless anyways)
  9. Bad news boss, the crew unionized while you were logged...
  10. Gindorf

    icebox feedback

    I admit the ice is disappointing. Its nice in bags, but i would expect it to help in feeding troughs though. (Granted at a slightly faster consumption rate) The current meat decay is nuts for feeding troughs.
  11. Totrider, That sounds very much like my first solo go at breeding. Was a complete cluster. Like much in this game first attempts usually are very educational and let you plan better for the next attempt. Breeding can be very time intensive (esp in the first 10%) and does require planning. Once you breed the animals you do not need to babysit for the gestation period. For the first 10% (~4 RL hours) you will need to devote focus to the babies (and manage baby tempatures if required) which requires IRL planning. I usually breed on the weekends due to this time constraint and because every 8 hours you need to imprint, which means you may need to wake up at 3-4 am just to cuddle/walk. Usually what Ill do (schedule given here is meant to give an idea of time/planning) is mate the animals within an hour of getting home from work (call it 6pm); which means babies will pop around 9:30pm. From 9:30pm to 01:30am, I babysit the animals until 10% when they can hit the troughs (note: after 10% temperature management is no longer needed) After 10% Ill go to bed, but will have an imprint at 05:30am. ( 8 hours after birth is the 1st imprint). After that its just ensuring feed troughs are full and coming back every 8 hours. After the initial time commitment, breeding already is fairly casual. It just requires proper planning (and alot of alarms on the phone). Also as Assimar noted, carnivores are much more of a pita than herbivores are. Now regarding your points. I disagree with #1 as not only does that make maturation A LOT longer, it requires someone to play for 48+ IRL hours (granted not all at once, but 2 hours per weekday +6 per weekend day (not really a causal schedule) basically makes it take 2 IRL weeks for maturity) before being able to have a mature tame. That is not a "casual" approach. With #2, company members can already help feed the animals, but the imprint results in a personal bonus (up to 30% damage increase/incoming reduction) when riding the animal, which would not work as if it was a company shared imprint, as it would be very easy to achieve a lot of powerful animals very quickly. (Honestly we do breeding events every weekend and at this point everyone has a 30% bonused bear already at this point but it took about 5 weeks to get there). #3 I disagree with as there should be a penalty for messing things up. (I just lost 2 baby bears last night due to having set my alarm 2 minutes too late, so I have experienced this as well) I like your #4 idea though. It really makes sense with mammals given the milk produced by mothers. Birds could feed from the troughs to the baby much like they do IRL (just without the finding food part in game) Given an increase in food consumption in line with the amount of food a baby would consume to the mother and I think this idea would work well. On #5, I dont like the idea of another food to make on top of everything else. However, I do believe (esp for meats) an increase in spoil timers when sitting in the inventory of a baby should be a thing. Ultimately, I think there needs to be a commitment from the player for breeds because you can get some very nice stats from it. IE a wild level 89 Bear base stats:
  12. Gindorf

    Things I think could use attention.

    So tools increase damage done, which resukts in less swings per tree/node. Its the same # of resources, but takes you less time to harvest. On the shovel Ive heard that the quality will increase the quality of the BPs that you get from a map. TBH I havnt noticed a difference, but Im usually not paying attention to what we get. Its my understanding that the speed increase in sails is broken atm. I have no idea about the rest, though I agree the shovel should increase gold too.
  13. Gindorf

    Cargo Racks

    Wait, is that 2000kg before or after the 90% reduction? If that is before that is absolutely horrible!
  14. Gindorf

    Cargo Racks

    Awesome, thanks!
  15. Gindorf

    Cargo Racks

    Would love to know as well!