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  1. Gindorf

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    If the bear alrdy has the color, you can breed in colors. Iirc, there are 3 (might be 4?) color areas. Legs/belly, upper chest/flanks, back (cant recall if back stripes are seperate from back) Same concept as stats, just colors instead. But color mutations like in ark, arent there yet.
  2. Gindorf

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    No negative impact, its just for additional stats. A mutation might be something like 173 melee mutates to 186 melee. Ive also seen mutations where no stats changed (might have been a color mutation, but i dont think colors are implemented yet) And you end up breeding parents with children, theres no penalty for that.
  3. Gindorf

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    Yeah, I would have never touched breeding had they not made those changes. With levels, the higher the wild level (level before tame + taming bonus) the higher the stats. The stats are random so you will not necessarily get the same values per animal. This gives incentive to tame multiple lvl 30 animals (Wild level 44 (might be 45 cant remember if its +14 or +15 on perfect tame)) in order to push for better stats. When you breed, you have a chance of stats passing from mom/dad to the cub. Ideally, you would combine say your highest stat X (HP as example) m/f with your highest stat Y (say Melee for example) f/m and hope the baby picks up both stats. If not rinse repeat until it gets both. Then take your next highest stat Z (Weight as example) and breed that with your new HP/Melee max stat bear and hope to pickup the hp, melee, and weight. Etc, etc until you have all your best stats in a single bear. The total of stats of an animal will determine its wild level, combining max stats is how you push the base WL. (I think we finished at WL 120ish (0 muts) last time I played, which means the bear was lvl 120 right out the erm.. gate) Once you have that max bear, you breed en masse to get a bunch of stock and to start mutation hunting. After 20 mutations its much more difficult to get a new mutation, so what I would do is go until say I got HP Mutation 1, then start a new (separate breed line) which would focus on HP until I had 20 of that. Repeat (separate breed line) for the other mutations until you have a bear with 20 muts in a single stat (at peak I had ~50 bears per mutated stat lines). Then combine all those for the monster bears. The big thing with mutations is you should always breed a X/20 mutation with a 0/20 mutation, as the mutations from the mother + father are "passed" (even if the stat doesnt pass on) to the baby... so a 5/20 mother and 5/20 father would net a 10/20 baby, which can get out of hand fast. (We had a "dirty" line with like 800 mutations at one point, but not the stats. This is also why I would kill so many cubs. This is beyond your initial breeding and is the "end game" from a breeding perspective. Stats are less important for 1st or 2nd breeding as the imprint bonus (30% damage, 30% damage taken reduction when imprinted rider is riding, plus stat bonuses) is very valuable starting out. Stat bonuses from imprints do not transfer to new cubs, its only the base stats when its born (I would put 2 folders in the inventory with base stats, so I knew who had what) Other than that only other pointers I can think of would be, when the babies pop you have to claim it (whoever claims it will imprint on it, and will have to do the additional imprints for more bonus), you have about 1-2min before itll die from starvation. So you claim, open inventory, stuff food in, then disable wander. (Animals are default to wander when born). If you got any other questions give a shout and good luck!
  4. Gindorf

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    Nah man it wont take 30hours. Once pregnant you come back in 4 hours for the birth then... For bears its about 2 hours till you can get the 4 stacks, then its just like 2 min ever 8 hours. Tigers will take a little longer, thinks its like 6 hours? To get the tigers to 10%. After 10% the babies will eat from feeding troughs and are immune to the heat/cold, so you just come back for imprints. WRT levels, stats for the baby are based on the base stats when tamed (31,32,34) not thier current level (63, 68, 69).
  5. Gindorf

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    Temperate is good for bears, usually never have to worry about temp. Use any veggie for food as it gives the most food and lasts the longest. I would stuff mine till 4 stacks of celery then just leave em be, that will be enough to 10%. (At 10% they eat from feeding troughs). IIRC 1 stack lasts about 45 min, so you are able to wander off and do some other stuff. Most of the time youll get 1 cub. But you can get triplets and twins too. (IIRC id get maybe 4 sets of twins with 50 bears poping per run, but rng is rng) Dont feel bad if your 1st ones go, youll quickly get to the point of letting half or more of a liter die bc of crap stats. (At my "prime" Id pop 50-75 bears and keep 3 or 4 on a good day) Tigers our company was breeding in tropics but I think you had to heat em at night. There might be better biome but honestly not sure. Just have lots of meat ready, you will have to baby sit these guys. Dont forget to restack meat in troughs every so often as itll let stacks last a little longer than having em spread out. (Ie 25 stacks will rot 25 meat per decay, but if you can restack em to 13, only 13 stacks are exposed, so you lose 13 meat per decay instead of 25)
  6. Gindorf

    Map zooming

    Hey when you reopen it and its zoomed out, does it match your big map (the one from hitting numpad 8)? I find my M will reset back to the Num8 view, but if i change the num8 (ie zoom in on that one), the M map will stay zoomed in
  7. Gindorf

    Army of the Damned

    Bears for life man.
  8. Itll be patched in v 1.0, sometime around 12/31/2029.. So yes within a decade... maybe... But first they need to work on those 5 other ark DLCs.
  9. Try to get ahold of em on discord. Sometimes you might get lucky and actually get their attention.
  10. But at least itll drive more players to pvp. I mean who doesnt want to blowup a broken/nerfed/useless sparkle pony when they see one? Hell it might even get me onto the pvp server.
  11. Wait, so they are going to rerelease something that already exists in game and call it new content now o.O Btw can they at least sparkle?
  12. Gindorf

    Harvest bonus?

    Tropical zones and equatorial for eles/giraffes. They get a weight reduction bonus plus something like 6x tool harvest for the correct material. Its not huge vs a bonus weekend, but its alot more than tool harvesting.
  13. Gindorf

    breeding bears

    I like my temperate biomes.. stuff em full of celary (I walk away at 300 cel in inventory). No tempature issues, just fire and forget. Dunno when ya left, but @10% they eat from troughs and are no longer impacted by tempature.
  14. Gindorf

    Harvest bonus?

    They usally do a 2x harvest every weekend. Biggest thing is get yourselves an elephant (wood bonus to harvest, best taming food is wheat), a giraffe (thatch, best taming is beets), and a bear (fibers, use honey). And then get a few more bears, bc they are the go to for treasure maps and killing general pve stuff.
  15. So a wipe without any significant content update... honestly such a bad idea. Good luck GS!