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  1. Itll be patched in v 1.0, sometime around 12/31/2029.. So yes within a decade... maybe... But first they need to work on those 5 other ark DLCs.
  2. Try to get ahold of em on discord. Sometimes you might get lucky and actually get their attention.
  3. But at least itll drive more players to pvp. I mean who doesnt want to blowup a broken/nerfed/useless sparkle pony when they see one? Hell it might even get me onto the pvp server.
  4. Wait, so they are going to rerelease something that already exists in game and call it new content now o.O Btw can they at least sparkle?
  5. Gindorf

    Harvest bonus?

    Tropical zones and equatorial for eles/giraffes. They get a weight reduction bonus plus something like 6x tool harvest for the correct material. Its not huge vs a bonus weekend, but its alot more than tool harvesting.
  6. Gindorf

    breeding bears

    I like my temperate biomes.. stuff em full of celary (I walk away at 300 cel in inventory). No tempature issues, just fire and forget. Dunno when ya left, but @10% they eat from troughs and are no longer impacted by tempature.
  7. Gindorf

    Harvest bonus?

    They usally do a 2x harvest every weekend. Biggest thing is get yourselves an elephant (wood bonus to harvest, best taming food is wheat), a giraffe (thatch, best taming is beets), and a bear (fibers, use honey). And then get a few more bears, bc they are the go to for treasure maps and killing general pve stuff.
  8. So a wipe without any significant content update... honestly such a bad idea. Good luck GS!
  9. Gindorf

    False rumors about wipe !

    Wiping is hygenic. Just sayin....
  10. Gindorf

    Mythical shipyard

    This shit is just getting way too complicated and is now even more of a grind? So a 200% mythical shipyard doesnt max things, now (based on maths by players bc devs cant be asked to explain thier shit) you need a 225% when a month ago it was 200?
  11. Hiya Ranger! Use veggies and salted meats. Celary and wheat last a long (weekish) time. Even longer if you can restack (pull it all out then dump back in) it once in a while.
  12. And so it begins.... (On a serious note it is possible to solo it if you have high enough gear, ships, and weapons; just sucks if you screw it up and die.... though I dunno how the game would handle that in SP with single zones being loaded at a time... might actually just despawn him/unload the zone)
  13. Gindorf

    Breeding Nanny

    Just got to find a pretty stable (tempature) server. I spam the crap out of bears, 0 tempature maintance (in a temperate), just stuff em every hour or so with berries then go off and do other stuff. (I do babysit the 1st hour till they can fit enough) Same deal with eles and girs. Equater lets me burn torches 24/7 (little over heat but not a huge amt of damage) so stuff full of food and come back every hour... repair torches every 3, after 7 hours they are at 10% and torches come off. Imprints can be a pita but are doable if you time things right.
  14. Sure thing buddy. That int nerf sucks. But heres a protip, this is a MMO. Let me spell that out for ya: Massively Multiplayer Online. Cant wait for all the whining and bitching about how you cant do GROUP content in SINGLE player (without cheats). None of the announced M3 patch (nothing "mega" about it) is aimed at "mega"comapanies
  15. Honestly fleets of sods arent an issue. As noted between agro dropoff and resistance they arent hard to handle. The 30sec immunity at server crossings is a great idea though. Would also love an easy way to pick up loot. At this point it is such a pita with a gally i just leave it all behind (bc lets be honest most of the time its useless anyways)