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  1. Treat NA PVE player 100% the same as other server player or dont update at all . WE are not low life player, we pay the same amount as other , a lot of us are playing since day 1 . Empire launch could have wait a few week instead of NA PVE . You are disrespecting a lots of players Devs . Have a nice day , cause i'm really don't have a good one right now .
  2. I'm unable to craft small Storage box in my inventory .i Try all day nothing work . Thank you for your time .
  3. I don't think the devs care about players who complain about the age / fountain of youth crap , if they do it would be already deactivate ,with all the players complaining about it .Hell think they care about " single me " . For me, it s simple , my character is 91 , if he die and i loose 1 month of hard work in this game . i will close the game, delete the game, maybe cry a little , and go back to ETS 2 and ATS . Have a nice day
  4. simple solution , create a company you if you play solo your bed should come back , happen to me. now it s fix . (press ( i ) then company ...........
  5. Same problem , can't see my bed in lawless region F-4. I died , could not spawn in my bed , and can't see my boats on the map . Spawn me in E-4 , Freezone , build a raft , was able to see the raft on the map until a crosse the line between E-4 and F-4 could not see my raft i was on , on the map . Now i can't play cause if i die i will have to spawn in E-4 island again. Thank you
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