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  1. Hi I haven't understood , how we set a maker into a company ? I added a key for 'Place map maker' in the keyboard settings. I tried to have something on the small map (with the 'M') and the full screen map. But nothing happen. Edit: I finaly found it, we must press N when we have the minimap.
  2. Same bug too, I have got two occurs of his bug with animal. both occur after server transitions. The first time, I stop my ship to whistle the elephant which go in the sky, and the rhino which go under the water. The second time, I cannot stop the ship (red SODs), and that was too late to whistle the elephant. We did a ticket to the support. And the answer demoralize us. Tamed animal are not totally unlink from the ship, if the ship move on the sea (left, right, ahead), the tamed follow the ship. In other words, 2 axis are goods, only the vertical axis have a positive or negative value added every seconds. Here, nice screenshot of the elephant which disappear in the sky with all the rare woods.
  3. Hi, Few question about current version of the game: About the alpha creatures, sometimes there are too much alpha close together. And the aura around them is hardly visible during night. And during days... Often, we discover the alpha too late. About tamed creatures: I would like to have some feedback about a very annoying bug. The bug is about tamed creature, by example a bear, which follow us on the galleon ship. Sometime this creature will no go on the boat, but under the map. And 1 min later, we can see the notification message about its dead on the screen and in logging system. Do plan to provide a utility to each creature like on Ark ? The elephant is useful for the wood, but the rhino haven't any weight reduction. Many tamed creatures like penguin or birds disappear. And we put them in ignore group whistling and passive behavior. So, how is it possible to lost them in own base, or when we are switching from a map to another map ? These creatures are not dead, as they are not listed in log, where are they so ? About navigation: I love the tempest, with all this tornado. My heart beat like never when I'm take inside. It's really fun. Do plan to implement more weather event ? like whirlpool ? The sextant bonus is fun, but a little bit too short. The maximum is 1200s (20 min), could we increase the maximum to 30min ? The War drums: The bonus is too short, and so useless. When we fail a sheet music, this last is destroyed. It's not the same behavior with Accordion. Could we keep it when we fails ? Flotsam seems to be low to be interesting, I don't see better than a level 8. About blueprints: Some blueprints are totally useless : blueprints about saddle. Blueprints take a lot of space in box, and they are destroy when we consume all their craft limitation. Do you plan to improve the blueprints system ? By example, do you plan to increase the craft limitation when we destroy another blueprints of the same type ? And so players will be able to keep and maintain their favorite blueprints. Claiming Zone: Can we have a log history or the status about current claiming zone ? Currently we must do a screenshot to keep a trace of someone which steal a zone. Maybe when we steal a flag during 6h, the reset of the current capturing zone, could be done only by the owner of this zone ? and these allies too ? Could cargo have a bonus of weight reduction ? a general bonus like 50%, as the elephant have something like 75% on the wood only. Otherwise: The sea is beautiful, nice jobs. Ship construction is fun, Zone claiming is maybe not perfect, but much better than Ark, where many players build everywhere to lock a big zone around their house. Which discourage new player. Immemor, playing on EU-PVE servers.
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