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  1. Does anyone know if we have an outpost on an occupied island if it is protected from 3rd parties during peace time? We have permission from the owner, so I'm not worried about that. But we are unallied with them. Can we be attacked by 3rd parties?
  2. thesavoyard

    Pirate game?

    Personally I think it's a positive change. There is very little PVP right now, it's PVYS. Players versus your stuff while you're offline. Survival games have fallen into a niche catering to players that used to get banned from most games, griefers. Maybe they want to appeal to a wider audience than the angsty losers that raid at 5 am?
  3. thesavoyard

    Hydra - C6 - Location and respawn timer?

    Seems to neve appear on EU Wale's Wrath
  4. thesavoyard

    Punishing weekday players

    What about the stamina and durability debuff? Also, we're not back to normal, we're back to day one, normal would be the permanent 2x they announced.
  5. thesavoyard

    Punishing weekday players

    A witchhunt for perks? You realize that means nothing, what would that have to do with the debuff for weekdays?
  6. thesavoyard

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    should be there for 4 hours right?
  7. thesavoyard

    Punishing weekday players

    Atlas is a boring grind from Tuesday to Thursday. Even a schooner farmed with animals is not worth it. The weekends are not double, they are more like 3x. On top of that, on the weekdays they nerf stamina and decrease tool durability. They try so hard to balance (though favoring huge companies so not balancing at all) they forget that the game is not that enjoyable. Maybe focus on making a good game and less on manipulation?
  8. thesavoyard

    Is it just me or are we back to x1

    The game is becoming Ark 2, return of the grind.
  9. thesavoyard

    Stuck changing server

    I was on G7, EU PVP Wale's Wrath. I had a bear and an elephant on board, I zoned from G7 to G8 and the elephant was east of the ship bouncing in the water. I tried to turn to go get him and I zoned to G7, died and now I can't reconnect. Now my company mates sailed a sloop and they see the ship and bear zoning and out and the elephant is doing back flips on the zone boarder. If anyone gets on the ship they disconnect, I cannot connect at all.
  10. My wife has the same issue since patch 15