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  1. Inigo

    Atlas and steam charts

    ^^^ Is the kind of attitude that enables these guys to continue to sell crap. "I have a lot of the problems the game has to offer and I still love and support it and plan to buy it on a platform that has even less dedicated resources than my PC" Goddness gracious, maybe the game wouldnt have so many issues if they could actually sit down and focus on fixing them, rather than spending trying to shovel this heap onto another platform so they can make a few more dimes since their PC consumer interesting tanked it completely do to the state of the game, poor communication, poor progress, etc. Enable away good Sir, you're why we dont have nice things.
  2. Inigo

    CSTG structures immune from cannon fire

    [EDIT] This has been encountered on small islands where there were no ruins, I am unsure how the process works, only that cannons dont do damage, and barrels seem to be the only way to destroy the structures. Glitching boats into the ground around their bases was also a common tactic they used, they could spawn on the beds and it would push them above ground, but you were unable to destroy their beds.
  3. Inigo

    CSTG structures immune from cannon fire

    There is a legit way to glitch structures that makes them almost impossible to damage, like you have invisible walls in front of them, you have a super narrow angle you have to find in order to do damage. It's very hard, we've dealt with it numerous times when attacking people, wether it is intentional or unintentional, it wastes a lot of ammo when you are hitting behemoth gates or regular walls and doing 0 damage until you hit it from the right angle.
  4. Ah yes, let's not give credit where proper credit is due. Back in Reality-town it's because; 1. Broken PVP both on ships and land 2. Boring grindy PVE. 3 Incredible server lag/crashes 4 bugs/exploits/aimbotters and... 5. Mega Corps steamrolling through the servers.
  5. You guys are grasping at straws here, if they were truly interested in community input they would have listened WAY MORE in ARK, and during earlier portions of this game. Instead they want to add and fix all the things no one wanted or asked for. Just waiting for for these guys to abandon Grapeshot and start a new company to copy+paste this game into a Wild West theme.
  6. Inigo

    Thank you Devs ( please Read)

    imagine being that guy that is part of the 1% all players that own the game that are actually still playing that cant admit the game is a giant Charlie Foxtrot.
  7. Inigo

    Patch V207.999 FeedBack

    @JatheishPotential solution/idea regarding that, rather than a claim flag dealing with the issue. Structures such as similar to a Tax bank, like for example a "Island Headquarters Building" that could perform the gold upkeep tasks for a single island, and an "Island Cantina" structure that can perform the food related tasks for the island, for the company that owns them. Each company on an island would have to have their own, and would elimate the flag issue.
  8. Inigo

    Blackwood - Dlc? Expansion?

    Doesn't really matter anyway, the game isnt exactly recovering players anyway because of all the core issues/bugs/imbalances, etc. that get a hard pass while benign issues that no one ever batted an eyelash to, seem get priority fixes instead.
  9. Inigo

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    So you're telling me that a swivel/cannon that literally has ingame target settings for players, tames, player only, tames only, or *ALL CREATURES*, being manually operated by a player to shoot a creature is an exploit? Or an unintended mechanic?" What this really is, is the Developers not knowing how to balance a game or progression, so they break and nerf shit into oblivion to compensate for their general incompetence. It was working perfectly, but rather than addressing and fixing real issues, they decided to waste their time on fixing benign shit that aint broke. Unless you are an absolutely broke pleb that HAS to use weak pathetic means of fighting AoD, there is no reason why any established knowledgeable, resourceful company shouldnt have an easy time fighting AoD. Let's not forget, they're rickety ol bones, getting shot by cannons, grapeshot, grenades, barrels, etc. If they want to add some REAL PROGRESSION and difficulty into the maps, they should probably add mini-bosses that scale AoD resistence up per map difficulty just to spice it up, instead of NERFING a perfectly functional aspect of the game to compensate for their gross ineptitude. Anyone with a mace or some grenades can get the same effect just as easily. MACES you know the very same mace that since forever can destroy things inside peoples bases from the OUTSIDE(Yeah they wont fix this one anytime soon for some unknown reason, gee day 1 bug still here, still being abused regularly well documented and reported, gosh it sure hasnt been fixed yet, I wonder why....).
  10. Inigo

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Yeah... It's an absolute darn shame that people with the knowledge, resources, planning and weapons would have an EASY time against some mindless fodder. It's almost like you can't just put on some plate, drink some booze and have 3-4 guys spamming maces and get the exact same result in the same amount of time. I mean, that takes about the same amount of knowledge, resources and planning... Better submit a ticket to Jat and the crew so they can nerf plate armor, booze and maces, since it's too easy.
  11. Inigo

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Ah yes... Typical move by Jat, Jeremy, Wildcard(Grapeshot) etc. It is a darn shame they nerfed something as benign as that, considering powerstone zones are hunted frequently for people doing the trench, taming on the island, doing powerstones or leveling up their boats. You might get really lucky and not get jumped and sunk. It's a pretty even risk/reward if you consider the time investment, nearly beaching themselves, and having to kite critters all day in the hopes a boat sailing by doesnt sink you They keep taking the sand out of the sandbox for no reason other than just because. Let's ignore the elephant in the room, people exploiting player levels to go beyond cap, duping, mega companies abusing the hell out of freeports to store assets, animals, etc. Rampant aimbotters, ships out there exploiting sails by have 6+ on a brig, etc. Instead gentleman, let's not focus on the real issues, but the superficial ones, like players utilizing perfectly respectable mechanics to level up a ship using creative methods that dont exploit or abuse any unintended mechanic, but instead using Anti-personnel and anti-animal weaponry exactly how they were intended to be used, to shoot those things. Lets focus on instead on banning people for being "toxic" with no real definition of what that is or means but handle it on an inconsistent case by case basis(this takes a lot of time, and is very inconsistent), instead of for duping, cheating, exploiting, and developing any way to detect, track or monitor actual illicit behavior, because they don't know how to do that either. Never mind how ship grappling brings giant ships traveling at high speeds to a sudden stop for *reasons*, never mind how in large fleet fights, you cannot effectively salvage any ship because for some reason a shipwreck spawns 2-3 sharks for no reason, and when you are having a concentrated fight and multiple ships sinking it's pretty easy to have 12+ sharks magically appear, Oh wait why doesnt you warship having a diving platform?(Uh because it's a warship, also I cannon bear'd that entire fleet in a walled off harbor, and didnt get any loot because there are a bazillion sharks in there now). How about Torpedos? Eh! EH? They're great eh! Great new content bound to boost our playerbase! You know HUGE COST and they uh.... travel slow and dont do any worth while damage for their cost/effectiveness. No one uses them. And there there is your amazing melee combat, First it was brass knuckles and your feat and you could knock hordes of people out in 1-2 power strikes, now it's the spear and a fully spec'd softspot and not only can you knock everyone and their mom off of anything theyre mounting, you can completely knocking them out in a solid 2 hits. Nerfing the ship guns/cannons vs. critters and nerfing respawning on newly placed beds are what the game needs... GG 2-3k and dropping peak players. "At least the game has 4k graphics" - Jeremy Stieglitz. #priorities, @Jatheish
  12. Inigo

    Black Butterflies

    LOLOLOLOL it was 2 companies fighting Black butterflies!
  13. Inigo

    Black Butterflies

    They wont. Same group from Ark that got a pass in NoNoNo, in Spartans, and in TEA. Nothings gonna happen bro.
  14. Inigo

    Ship stealing is too powerful

    It's not powerful enough! They should be able to kill everyone on a ship and your bed, and slap their own down and simply be done in like 5 minutes. Worlds Adrift had it right, you could legit steal someones ship out from under their nose while they were gathering resources. Or fight them off the ship and steal it.
  15. Inigo

    My hopes for Atlas’ future.

    My hopes for Atlas Future include: More duping methods, more items to under-mesh with, more RCON abuse, TEA remaining unbanned, content over quality. Because that's the Wildcard way, and that's what they're good at.