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  1. In case you were wondering, this game hasnt had a meaningful update or any bug fixes in almost a year. It's safe to say you're stuck with what you got bro.
  2. Man, has anyone actually downloaded and opened that .pdf? Are you actually doing a bachelors on Electronic Phishing/Intrusion?
  3. This is how they did it in ARK since forever. They literally have never put in any kind of cohesive tracking system of any kind. They somehow ascertain that cheating occured, and rather than having the ability to to identify the actual offenders, they have always taken the stance of "Well you should know and trust the people you let into your group" and ban everyone indiscriminately. Like... For some reason... They cant take a peek at realitytown and see you have bad apples amongst all of your lawyers, politicians, doctors, police, military, or even game designers that fuck up and make everyone else look bad, you dont get beneficial results by mass banning/punishing people because of the action of 1-2. It's pure laziness which is deeply rooted in Wildcard/Grapeshot since 2015. I dont know why anyone ever expected anything to ever be any different here.
  4. This is the best mechanic, keep those filthy solos from squatting on islands.
  5. Yeah, but support the good ones... Not the lazy money grabbing ones like these guys.
  6. I am glad you have a PC and an xbox. I myself have a PC and a PS4. Being part of a open/closed Beta is not the same as BUYING INTO AN EARLY ACCESS. They are completely different things. On one hand you have a FREE BETA where you test and report issues and stress the game so a team of developers that actually care about their game can fine tune it before release. In this hand we have ATLAS, an EARLY ACCESS you paid for, with no guarantee they will ever finish the game, or fix anything. You gambled. Everyone here gambled. And lets be honest, it hasnt been paying off for the mass majority of players, with the exception of a tiny fraction of sticklers that still grind away because they enjoy it, which is fine. Pretending the game has ever been in any level of acceptable state for an EA is just you lying to yourself. At the end of the day you still have to deal with the facts. ATLAS has always been broken, just to varying degrees of bad to worse. ATLAS Doesnt make money... At the end of the day, there isnt much incentive to work on a product that crashed and burned at the starting line. It's nice niche players stuck around, and a few more cropped up over time, but 2000 avg players daily isnt exactly healthy for a game that isnt actively being developed. It's been 8 months, and what has been done? They added a fire arrow? level capped people cuz of the kraken, and added a new structure and fucked up the barrels again? They must be hard at work thinking up new and exciting ways to fuck up the game without telling anyone whats going on. They gave me a copy for FREE! And lets be honest, the forum content is WAAAAAAAAAY better than the game content.
  7. I cannot stress enough... That this is entirely your fault, after buying this with money... And not researching your purchase, reading reviews, reading forums, youtube, etc. It's generally a good practice to always read negative reviews and criticisms, and then compare them with the positive... Usually if a product has a majority of negative reviews, literally everywhere... You dont buy it, it has a very high probability of being bad. See what you did was you went to a flee market, where someones dog shit on the ground outside someones booth, and you looked it over for a bit and were like "Hmmmmm, how much good sir?" "Uhh... like three fiddy" "DEAL!" Then you picked it up with your HANDS, and were unhappy it was just a pile of shit after all...
  8. What guys? There's no one here. They probably only come back to throw out the occasional "update" or some garbage so they dont get yanked off the steam store.
  9. If you are under the perception the game wasnt broke for the first three seasons, you're divorced from reality. Game has been a hot mess from the get go, its not any worse than its ever been. Its just worse in new exciting ways.
  10. I mean do you want me to hold your hand and cherrypick a handful out of the 17,000ish negative reviews? or the two years of forum threads? Pretty sure that dead horse has been beat pretty hard for the last 2 years. The Whole last year especially since the Devs have been entirely absent. It's almost like you bought this house, seeing the picture of the house, seeing the weeds, knowing the condition it was in. You showed up after the purchase and were incredibly displeased you got what you paid for. [Edit] YEAH! BUT WHO'S GONNA FIX THIS SHIT?!?? Bullshit ass contractor, dont know how to build houses. The plumbing is garbage, the roof 100% leaks.
  11. You bought the game without reading reviews, or with reading reviews and ignoring them. Your bad. You 100% got what you paid for, everything mentioned here is literally the same song everyone has been singing since forever in this games existence. It will never get better.
  12. You didnt read any reviews for this game, did you?
  13. Maybe it was like a garbage mechanic to begin with. It's been nothing but a thorn since day 1, just like eating a handful of berries will give you... Toxic vitamin C poisoning and kill you? Another shit mechanic, nope see if you eat too much vitamin C, ur piss is just gonna be yellow and you might get the runs. But not in ATLAS, that shit will fucking murder you dead, 10/10 game mechanic. Players will always game the system. What incentive is there to maintain a diet? There isnt any, so why not kill yourself and respawn? There isnt any penalty for that, 100% easier than maintaining a stupid diet.
  14. Yeah well... This is what happens when you support these devs. They are notorious for making kneejerk tweaks without understanding or even considering the long term consequences. People have been farming kraken since day 1, and suddenly its an issue? Yeah nah. Theyre just bad Dev's mate. Dont expect anything from them.
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