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  1. GUYS I CAME BACK BECAUSE I HEARD THERE WAS GREAT UPDATE ! MANY CONTENTS WERE HEARD! For real though, I came back to spread salt, and it seems it has been done already. This is how I imagine most of the people defending this game. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://youtu.be/GQEhuVS7Wj8?t=128
  2. There hasnt been any "real" update or work of any kind on this dumpster fire Since before November. Theyre all back at Wildcard since thats where the easy money is. ATLAS cant sustain numbers or keep money flowing in. Its a bust.
  3. Join Last Oasis. SAND BOATS! You can pack your base inside your boat and safelog it like in Worlds Adrift! It's DOPE. Devs are actually there.
  4. At this rate and their general lack of experience outside of ARK, they had a 1 hit wonder(ARK), and tried to replicate that success, and realistically failed. If you want games like ATLUS, well Last Oasis is out, it's very similar. except that it actually works and is fun, and has a playerbase. Also it has more than 4 ship types. 8/10 would recommend.
  5. let it die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWL90wryyOw
  6. 1. No it didnt, ARKs 2015 EA launch was alright despite a lot of bugs that were mostly worked out over time, except some deep seeded core issues that allowed undermeshing that exist entirely to this day as well as the core mechanics behind duping. The launch itself was fine, the severs were pretty stable. ARKs 2017 September Full release was an absolute shitshow because they were trying to shut down a large portion of the low population official servers that were not being wiped and kept in their own network, and migrate them over to the wiped network for launch day, and the script they setup to do all of it and launch everything blew up launch day and bricked most of their servers. Either way, its 2015 launch and its 2017 launch, were AMAZING compared to ATLAS's launch. 2. No, they dont. Asset flipping generally occurs in games owned by companies that like to put out a NEW version of that game every year or two. Like Battle Field, Call of Duty, madden, NBA. And it is generally knocked on by those respective gaming communities because it's incredibly lazy and you generally end up with subpar game tweaks at full retail prices. Wildcard IS NOT Grapeshot, Grapeshot is NOT Wildcard, they are not the same studio despite having overlapping developers and Grapeshot technically and legally didnt own or have any rights to any of those asset flips that occurred unless they were properly licenced through Wildcard/Snail Games(And looking at the main devs history of shady developement, anti-competition contract breaches and staff poaching that resulted in them forked out over 40mil in lawsuits, it's a fair bet they didnt licence anything). It was a burner studio made to push a product that had dubious chances of success away from their overlords Snail Games and Wildcard to avoid tarnishing what reputation they had. 3. Yeah no, no voices are being heard.... Because theyre not here.. Discussions dont work with this Dev crew or its core community. You have to remember you have the Die hard white knights who's logic consists of "Well its EA and that excuses it from all of its sins" and the famous "If you dont like it, just leave, we dont want you here". The game has no support staff. The Devs are absent. The Mods, bless their sad little hearts, are wasting their time. Progress in games like this doesnt really happen when you only listen to the fans that suck your D and take part in the great circle jerk. You get stuck in an echo chamber of "It's fine! you guys are doing a great job! We love it! It's amazing! yall are the best, dont listen to those other guys theyre just haters! it's probably their fault their boat is stuck 100 feet in the air. Theyre cheaters or something, just ban them" 4. In the end I just hope to see them actually work on the game I paid for. But we all know thats not gonna happen. 5. It deserves to die like Dark and Light. It deserves it. They deserve it, they are lazy as fuck and want to put the least amount of effort into it, and somehow have a successful product? Well that's what happened with Dark and Light, so stands to reason, that's what is going to happen with ATLAS. Good Riddance.
  7. You're that puppy that gets left on a county road in the middle of BFE that sits there obediently knowing his owners will definitely come back for him any time now, with treats.
  8. Sean Murray, his crew who made No Man Sky are a good example. They took every verbal beating from their playerbase, pro critics, news organizations, everyone. Because they made outlandish promises, said everything was going to be there on launch day, and we got an Early Access title for full price with a whole lot of nothing, and they suffered. They suffered so hard, having literally no playerbase, but they said they were going to commit to making the game what they promised everyone it was supposed to be. And they did, they admitted they wanted to quit and move on to other things, but they stood by their conviction and turned that dumpster fire into an amazing game, and it took time. But they kept at it. And it has a massive amount of content now they havent charged anyone extra for. They worked it out, they found a way, and they accomplished it. They kept their communication with their customers and players and media outlets going so everyone knew what they were doing. And literally everyone had respect for that, they repaired their broken reputation by taking their blows for their mistakes, and making good on what they said, and it's truly respectable of them to do that. On the opposite side, we have Grapeshot, a "studio" made to turn an ARK DLC into a standalone, that flopped hard because it was a complete mess. And their response to the game flopping on PC? Silence... And then... Well lets put it on Xbox. And more silence. Silence silence silence, and then we come to find out theyre not even working on the game, they all went back to Wildcard to start work on a new DLC. When the entire employee base of a Studio fucks off without a word to their community, to work on another project. That's a serious lowball move, a big fuck you to the people who supported your idea by funding your Early Access.
  9. There are so many things wrong with this post.... Like all of it. You've missed out on the entire horribly mismanaged, miscommunicated, and now abandonned dumpster fire that people paid for and were let down. It's nice you're new and plucky and have a positive outlook because you havent had all the negative experiences pile up yet, frankly you havent been here long enough to be critiquing any part of the community on anything. People had hopes for this game man. It turned out to be a horrible money grab, and when the player levels tanked because of the complete buggy and horrible mess that it was, they decided to wipe the servers and push the game to console rather than actually fixing anything. And they take that nice big chunk of change from console release and go back to ARK. Please explain to me, since you're an expert on how people should feel and behave, why ANYONE should be happy about the state of the game or developer behavior.
  10. Ohhh I remember release day, our server Official 434 had 3 mutual alphas, we were in a big ass stalemate, where whichever one started aggression would incur the wrath of the other 2. Prob like 30 people active in each tribe, SE came out, and each one of us went to a different SE server in a bid to control one for ourselves. That didnt work out so well on 737, so one of the other tribes from 434 asked us for our help on 746, and we fought off a 90 man chinese tribe for like 10 hours for ownership of that server, by that time the 3rd tribe had joined us, and there, we were all one tribe. Home server we were all segregated still until word started trickling down that server transfers were going to be opened completely we merged on both servers. Cuz back in those days you couldnt take anything from The Island to SE, but everything on SE could be taken to The Island, so we used our SE server to raid everyone without consequence, it was beautiful showing up on a server with Wyvs, hordes of raiders, and just wrecking it, and they couldnt retaliate.
  11. Inigo


    Atlas Devs on social media: Everything is great! We're doing awesome! Much progress! Great features! Such success! We did good ARK DLC LOL Also ATLAS Devs
  12. Ahhh the woes of playing a survival game on official servers. Could always join any of the private servers with boosted rates.
  13. Look here folks, ATLAS got sidelined so they could port this hideously optimized contentless bread sandwich to Console. It got sidelined again so the devs could go back and help Wildcard push out another DLC to keep itself floating. If they cared by any means they would have let Wildcard do its own thing and kept focusing on their new brand and getting it where it needs to be. Clearly its evident they dont fucking care, it's EA, it's not under the mother studio name, so if it fails, oh well, they can wash their hands of it. If you want to see what Devs that dont care about you or your purchases look like, then look no further, ATLAS is the wagyu beef of mismanaged apathy. Now, take No Man Sky for example. FUCK THAT GAME, they fucked everyone over on release. HOWEVER, theyve been working non-stop for years to make it into what they had promised, and its years late, BUT look at a team of people who made bad decisions and made good on them and keep cranking out more content for free, because the reputation they rebuilt is keeping them afloat. That's respectable, good on them. Still havent touched it since release day, but good on them. ARK? So many Day 1 exploits that are so deeply built into the game they have said they cant fix them without rebuilding the entire game(assuming they know how), cheaters are so rampant, they have zero official server support, it's garbage, that game lives and thrives because its a canvas for the mod and private server communities. ATLAS has already sunk, and they keep trying to dive the wreckage to bring it back, but they forgot they made 2-3 sharks spawn on every shipwreck, so theyre getting FUCKED because theyre a buncha naked beachbobs.
  14. ATLAS is actually a bad game simulator.
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