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  1. Nah, his best bet is getting a refund.
  2. Inigo

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    Uhhhhhh sure??? Are you the kinda guy to use the same bad logic when a crew lands on an island to harvest resources and you sink their ship off shore? Thats not PVP! They attacked our undefended boat! Thats not fair! We need anchor protection! Historically speaking, attacking villages, settlements, etc when people are asleep or away is a tried and true tactic that has been used by just about every warring civilization since forever. It works. That is also untrue, our group had like 30-50 active players, and we had 1 ally that was about 15-20 active players, and our sector held off the entire player cap alliance and all their cronies throwing everything they had at us for 2 war Decs. It doesnt take a huge "mega corp" it takes a decent group of active players. On the flipside to that, we also attacked some french canadians in J5 and they had a small group, took us almost 16 hours to take their island and they had 8 active defenders those guys were fucking pimp on land with their guns and barrels. We lost so many bears and crabs, our riders would get sniped off, and before we could get someone to ride them to safety a guy on a glider and a barrel would wipe them out. It takes knowledge, it takes practice, it takes skill and good coordination, all the things most casuals lack. No one said they were, just that the Devs shouldnt be pandering to THEM because they CHOSE to play a PVP Server designed around large companies. Devs have even said you should probably form or join a large company, if that isnt a direct endorsement of the style of gameplay that's expected, then I dont know what is. The game was never designed or meant to be played solo or in small groups. Your woes are your own for choosing to do such.
  3. Inigo

    Gunports VS no gunports

    How are you gonna pack 15 cannons on one side of a Brig with gun points!?!?!?!
  4. Inigo

    pvp Naval PVP Mechanics

    but.... that doesnt make them money right now...
  5. Inigo

    Ships being destroyed by sandbars

    Mostly Likely the answer is.... NO.
  6. Inigo

    Crew keeps using ship rss for nothing

    Crews consume whatever the baseline % of resources for a particular plank is. It doesnt scale the resources for the damage, Each repair consumes a certain amount of mats regardless of the damage to the plank(s). So for example, lets say each repair uses 1/10 or 1/100 of the resources cost of the plank, it's going to consume whatever that amount is regardless of whether its missing a proportional amount of HP or not. So lets just say it takes 1/10, you have a plank that has 5000hp, 1 repair does 500hp worth and costs 10 wood 10 thatch 10 fiber 1 metal. If it's missing just 25hp, it's gonna consume 10 wood, 10 thatch, 10 fiber, 1 metal every time they repair that plank from decay. NPC Crew waste resources on ships like no other.
  7. Inigo

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    Hold the phone, Indie studio? See they aint Indie if they're owned by Snail Games. Wildcard aint Indie. Grapeshot aint Indie, theyre owned by Snail Games, they're offices are literally down the hall from each other(their own words), that is literally the opposite of Indie. I'm bashing a studio that has a long track record of bad decisions. Like you know Diverting staff and assets away from your flagship game you promised to fix and pouring it into an offshoot studio and "new game" that's even worse than the first one it was made from. Hahahaha the best part was when you said Indie Studio... lol
  8. Inigo

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    L.A Noire was a stand alone built on it's own engine that's only connection to GTA anything was the Publisher. The rest of those games were on the Render Engine or the RAGE engine(Rockstars own engine), using an engine doesnt constitute it being a mod in any way, an engine is a compiler for your models, assets, scrips, etc that operate within the engines physics. That's still a grasping at straw level reach there though. You're talking about a high level publisher funding decent sized game studios, or multiple studios to work on a single game, these games that were also put out pretty far apart with newer engines and better builds, graphics, etc... Which lets be honest, we're all pretty damn good. Keep in mind, you're not talking about a Dev/Publisher that got their pants sued off for breach of contract for developing a competing game in secret while working for another company, poaching employees, etc. for 40m and had sell out to a chinese company to say afloat while pushing out paid DLC during Early Access, you're also not talking about a Dev team that started work on a promised dlc, that somehow morphed into its own standalone using entirely reused assets, core programming, etc. that incorporated all the bugs, exploits and poorly built foundation while slapping on some plaster and paint to make it look different. You're talking about Mother----ing Rockstar games and all the studios they employ my dude. They are not even remotely comparable.
  9. Inigo

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    I do play it, it's still a dumpster fire. All you are doing is displaying fanaticism.
  10. Inigo

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    Yeah, I get the feeling that you don't understand how business and consumerism works. The reviews for this game are working as intended. They released a MOD for ARK as a full fledged game, which was broken upon release, and further remained broken for months. And even when it became mostly stable, it was and still is full of many issues that involve crashing, bugs/glitches that involve losing massive amounts of progress, duping, massive lag, etc. So when people Pay Money for an Early Access game that should reasonably be in a BETA level state, and are met with an Alpha Level game that can barely run, it is going to be reviewed appropriately. And it has. That is the double-edged sword of Early Access, they want to fund their development by releasing into Early Access, the caveat to this is, it has to be in a good enough state in order to sufficiently sustain itself, if it is not good, then what is happening to ATLAS, happens... That is how it works my dude. You can champion and white knight all you want my dude. Wasted effort unless you are being paid to market for them. Steam Spy, a website designed to catalog steam user profiles that are set to public. So it has recorded between 1-2mil copies of ATLAS in player libraries on the steam platform. It does not include how many were refunded, only how many were recorded in unique user libraries.
  11. Inigo

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    That is like your opinion man Seeing as how the game sold between 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 units on PC, and approximately 0.2% and 0.5% of those individuals still play, I'm gonna Err on the side of, the other 99.5% to 99.8% and say; "No my dude.... It's not good, I can tell because some of the numbers and because I've seen a lot of bad games in my time".
  12. I dont know what you expected my dude, like you literally lurked on these forums for ages before the XBOX release, and you knew the dire straights the game was in, and you bought it anyway. Shame on you for buying poo and being disappointed it doesnt do any tricks.
  13. Inigo

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    Let me introduce you to the concept that you picked the wrong genre of games to play. ARK, Rust, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Etc. If you want to play on an Official Server, well that's your decision, it's also your decision to deal with whatever elements are present. Including being raided when you arent on, griefers, etc. Now despite my ire for the Devs and their bad decisions, they did in fact put a reasonable raid timer in. That you can personally set to your preference for Start and End times. IF STILL that is not good enough for you, let me remind you, there are PVE, private servers, with additional raid protections available if you just want to get on and play Pokemon without getting your shit shoved in. Alternatively there is also Singleplayer where you can Catch Em All without any risk to your little RP base at all. I've got no sympathy for any of your problems. I've dealt with my fair share of griefers, proper raiders, even being attacked by the Player Cap Alliance, which prided themselves on their namesake for player capping entire sectors they were attacking(They were still bad at fighting, so it's w/e). I've done my fair share of griefing and proper raiding, and it's quite fun. It would be a darn shame if they nerf any of that to pander to Casual solo players or 1-4 man companies.
  14. Inigo

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    Also i can personally attest that even with 9 hour raid time, you still may not have enough time to attack. Even if you get all your war prep done ahead of time and have people ready to go the second the raid time hits, we've fought over an island for the full 9 hours one day, and another 5 hours the following day until we finally took it and they ceded defeat. They sure put up one hell of a fight. We lost a lot of bears and crabs..... Alternatively, we also fought off PCA and their war decs which were 24 hour war timers. Soooo depends on your company size, 9 hours might be too much if you're a small crew. That's small crew problems... Even with a solid 24 hour raid time from a multiple War Decs, we've successfully defended multiple islands from start to finish. So it wasnt nearly long enough for the attackers.