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    Help! Can't seem to get character to load.

    Not really sure on moving my saved folder. I'm unfamiliar with how the save structure on this game works, and how much is saved server side vs client side. I'd be a tad worried I'd do more harm than good. I hope the devs address this really soon, as I'm obviously not the only one having these problems.
  2. I was up late tonight doing the FoY run, and me and a friend of mine finally made it. I logged out and logged back in on my fiancee's character to try it on hers, since she works long hours and doesn't have as much time for this game as I do. My friend immediately started having problems, as he was going to try to help me run through the cave a second time. An error message popped for him stating "you have been kicked by battleye. reason: client not responding." he tried restarting his game several times, but nothing worked. He eventually went to bed. I tried for a while but the fountain moved before I could get to it. I logged back on my character, and at first, I just couldn't transfer my character back to my home server M7. An error message of "could not begin the transfer" kept stopping me from fast travelling. After a few attempts, I got the "you have been kicked by battleeye. Reason: client not responding." Ok, that's weird, whatever. So I reload several times. No dice. I validate my game files. no dice. I click "join new atlas" instead of "rejoin atlas" and chose m7 as my home server, knowing it wouldn't do that, as my character was in f8 and it would just load him there, but at least I could try to fast travel again. Instead, it loads, and I'm greeted by the charcter select screen. My dude is level 52, and I just spent *several* hours getting the buff. I would very much appreciate some help, cuz now I can't even get it to do anything other than attempt to make me create a new character. I'm not rerolling, I'm fine with my character as is.
  3. Darknyss

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    I understand the need, but I can't really say I appreciate the rollback. We're a small company and were getting raided while we were doing something else on another island. We found out about it, headed home and were destroying their boat, had it pretty much done and their FOB would've went next, along with their new and unguarded tames. The rollback gave them basically our names, and foreknowledge of the impending attack, plus given that it was like 3 something in the am when the rollback happened, at least 3 of our members went offline, leaving only 3 to deal with the invaders. Admittedly we were unprepared and outgunned in any case, but the rollback damn sure didn't help any. Y'all need to get your "technical issues" worked out.
  4. Darknyss

    NA PvP - Weight Griefers

    Oh and in response to the second guy, no, the op was not outplayed, he was griefed. That's m7 Freeport in that pic. There is no pvp there. And even if it wasn't a fair fight is a fair fight. If you come and sink me with cannons or fire arrows or barrels when I'm around to fight you, then even if I'm a little pissed, still, well played. If you come and do the same when I'm offline sleeping or you know, having a life outside this game? That's pretty much griefing. It shows your character. That you're not man or woman enough to fight on equal terms, you're a coward who hasn't the balls to face me. I gotta wonder when I hear stuff like that if parents are teaching the modern generation anything about honor and fairness and just...values and the like these days. At least I know I taught my sons well. Like, if someone offends you in game, how hard is is to issue them a challenge? In three days we fight to the death, schooner vs schooner, you choose the time and loser forfeits.... ____ and no matter what there will be an agreement that the original offense should not happen in the future. There is honor in that. You can walk away knowing that you made a case, and even if the other person wins that there is mutual respect and perhaps they will choose their words more carefully next time so as not to be such an asshole.
  5. Darknyss

    NA PvP - Weight Griefers

    I actually have some info on this one, given that he's my crewmate. We're a small company and not interested in joining others, been there done that didn't get along with em. We worked really really hard, stayed up literally two days in a row and built a brigantine. Got it all outfitted with cannons, got it painted beautifully, had an awesome Beatles reference name "Sexy Sadie". Now if this bad boy had been sunk in a fight, then fine, so be it. It's a pvp game, we've played ark before, we know how it works. We parked in Freeport overnight because 48 hours will make anyone tired. We had scheduled shifts to wake up and repair the damage and we're looking forward to sailing and trading with other companies. My fiancee wakes up to do her turn on repairs and sees "your ship is sinking!" She yells for my roommate to help, but in the short time between him getting up and logging in, the ship sinks, they pop the resource boxes and demo the whole ship. Same weight bug that happened to everyone else. A group of Chinese players went around and sunk every ship in M7 Freeport, including our beloved Sadie. We parked in a Freeport for a reason. It's pve only, no pvp possible. Of course that only works if wildcard patches the bugs to prevent things like this. Now I'll admit, they have tried. They haven't done a great job but they've tried. So good ol Keyet as you see in the pic, went around and sunk every ship that was left in Freeport or that had newly spawned in. Actually wound up with some armor that I crafted and some other stuff that we knew was ours. Now I dunno if he got it from your ship or not, but in any case, I 100% agree they need to make this bug and every other one go away that allows offline griefing in Freeport because I'm damn tired and mad about losing 2 full day's worth of work to a bunch of dickheads who happened to be on when we weren't. Like...I'm tired, man. Bone tired. I'm 35, I can't be doing those 48 hour gaming sessions much these days. I was falling asleep at my desk making the Sadie as it was. I've heard that there are still ways to do this even after the supposed fix. So I'm gonna have to call on Jat and the devs to fix this issue posthaste so this won't happen to you or us or anyone else. I don't really care that much about pvp, I mean I like a good fight on even terms, but really I just wanna do the cool shit they showed in the trailers, fight legendary beasts, get the powerstones and fight the Kraken so I can see the end game and be done. Apologies for any typos, I did this on my phone and I just got up. Last night was another long one.