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  1. you leave because glider nerf ? are you fking insane ? this game not about flights ... glider need to remove from game ! fking casual players everywhere ...
  2. PVP , PVE , unofficials servers ! boom , we have 10-15 players in average in one grid )
  3. After "Stone" update , submarines not seems that bad anymore ))) Time to go back to "Naval Action" game.... good luck guys have fun !
  4. Rest and peace Atlas ! i am done here ! good luck ...
  5. ATLAS - a massively multiplayer first-and-third-person fantasy pirate adventure. ATLAS will host up to 40,000 players exploring the same Globe simultaneously, with an unprecedented scale of cooperation and conflict! Stake your claim in this endless open world as you conquer territory, construct ships, search for buried treasure, assemble forts, plunder settlements and hire crew to join your powerful growing armada. Read carefully ! it's not Fantasy MMO with boats ! this is Fantasy MMO about Boats ( Ships ) and pirate adventures , plundering , and building your own armada ... , for me it's sounds that game about naval actions and ship battles ! P.s i have "Navel Action" too , but that game just different ! in Atlas i like idea , that i can with friends play in one ship and do maritime things ...
  6. This game was advertised with an emphasis on the pirate theme (youtube for example) ! most of people buying this because they seeing ship battles , not another one boring MMO RPG where you fight against the dragons and forces of evil ... that obvious reaction from people to air crafts , submarines , futuristic shit ... this is Alpha version , early access , we have chance to do game better if dev will be listen sometimes to game community !
  7. Okay , in that logic why not add for example wooden Rockets , sharks with laser beams on head , BFG9k for example will be good weapon in that game if you need clear whole island ? it's just Fantasy game ... why not ?
  8. I understand if they add to game wooden " diving bell " with glass windows or something like that , but did you see that shit in last Captains logs what they want add to game ? captain's " Nemo " full metal submarine with futuristic claws ... fucking perfect for game setting ! Okay, in that game have minor magic , dragons , and other mystical bullshit ... but core of the game still pirate theme ! I hope in DEV team have man who tell " fuck we made another one ARK here " let's roll back and remove that shit )))
  9. WHY ?, JUST WHY you do it? stop ruin the game ! Fking Gliders , Submarines , then Helicopters, Airships..... fk it ! I buy this shit be cause i like Pirate theme and naval actions ...
  10. That game about what ? flying pirates ? when you can " abordage " from 1 km away , it's completely bullshit ! Flying between islands ... who need that ships ? Atlas Airlines here !
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