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  1. exactly the same on our servers, also Ubuntu 18.04... @Jatheish are you knowing about it or have already someone looking into it?
  2. hmmm... running into some problems... got some server freezes when someone transitions to an other grid, we need to kill the freezing grid and restart it after it its running perfectly until someone change to an other grid... happens not on every player, we are now 6 core players 2 of us freezing the grid that they are changing to... second problem is when we trying to whistling tames from ships to an island or water the tames just vanishing. its an 4x4 Grid running on Ubuntu anyone else got the same issues and found an solution for it?
  3. hiho, any news on the 100% cpu issue? @Jatheish
  4. any info when the inactivity char wipe coming? wish to have a pice of land with Water
  5. any news regarding linux server bugs? @Rob @Jatheish
  6. hi there! nice to see that ppl allready trying to setup Linux servers. im pretty new to linux and hope that someone can give me some hints for setup a Atlas Server on Ubuntu.
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