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  1. I have 5 empty grids with no islands, players get the red barrier when they get close to the grids so in effect I am running a 4x5 right now with 5 empty servers. My existing grids only have the islands coded to the right biomes and my PVE islands are all sorted. I don't get any bugs with ships being lost or didgy animals that have been reported, I use mods and keep the game running well with regular updates and restarts. I think a lot of the bugs depends on how or what system the server is being ran on but I assure you my server stays smooth with low pings and I definately dont use api plugins for shops or anything like that, we are NOT a pay to win server. Anyway, yes I do have a back up plan if a full wipe is wanted or needed but I certainly will do all it takes to avoid it and the devs are idiots, anouncing a wipe, then delaying the patch again and again and again its idiocy. Us server owners need to stick together and help each other for sure, but I doubt Grapeshot will help us configure the new changes until AFTER the patch and the new info will be vague as always.
  2. Oh and don't assume I don't know what I am doing either, you know what they say about assuming anything right?
  3. Sorry but your wrong. I have a very stable 5x5, the bottom 5 grids are reserved for the new islands and I have told my players to not build within them until the update lands. The new Tundra and any new quest islands will go into these 5 servers so the other 20 servers will be fine. Another example is that I had most islands but was missing Irridium and some other resources so I replaced a few unihabited islands with some new ones and restarted, there were no issues, other then players having to learn the map again because the fog of war appeared again. You must be doing something wrong if you cant replace an unihabited island with another one without issues, it really isn't hard. If all you guys wipe I will be happy to take all your p'd off players because if you are clever, a wipe definately isnt required. I have spoken to people with direct communication to the devs and they all say that there won't be any change to the coding of the game, the only thing that will happen is additional ini settings, additional islands and an additional quest line to add like the powerstone quest line was added, which wont be released beforehand either unfortunately. Unless you want to wipe, I would find out which islands or grids have no players, reserve them for the Wipe like how Ark did when they blocked a part of the map with a big red barrier when the redwoods were being made and then do it that way. I am just trying to help you avoid losing a community that I know we all work hard to keep...
  4. Why would you wipe and upset your player base? Just find out which islands on your current gird are uninhabited and replace them with a couple of the new ones and then add the new quest line and the deep trenches will be an extension of the already existing PVE Powerstone islands No wipe required...
  5. This is an easy fix, your UTC time is set in the future which is why this is happening. Check the UTC time in your json file and bring it to what the time is now or a couple of hours before and it will fix the problem
  6. I am excited to announce that today I have launched a fresh 5x5 PVP server based in the UK with SUPER low Ping. Ran off a high end machine with fully automatic updates and restarts. No wipes ever, a great community and an awesome big map to explore. 10x Harvesting and XP, 20x Taming with DOUBLE rates for this weekend only to celebrate. Level yourself, your tames AND your ship 200 times! We have ALL the Powerstones and the Kraken too! LOADS of space to build with a 15 person maximum Company so suits smaller groups too! We also have ORP so if you don't have a lifetime to play each day you can log out knowing your stuff will be safe Join us now, why waste your time on the crappy pay to win servers, give Ultimate Atlas a try Join our Discord for all the Server Info and rules and for direct Steam connects in the Map Info section on Discord. https://discord.gg/rYJTk66 See you soon
  7. You must have ORP. You cant have ORP and alliances
  8. I would put the override inside the game.ini unit in your json file. Double check the spawn override code for Ark and just replace the line with what I sent you and put it in the game.ini and you should be fine. Make sure you double check every comma is where it should be and then do a dino wipe
  9. After a little thought actually, the correct code is below for them. /Game/Atlas/Creatures/Elephant/Elephant_Character_BP.Elephant_Character_BP_C
  10. Elephant_Character_BP_C /Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Elephant/Elephant_Character_BP_C ? The above is the path to the Elephant 100% because I have spawned them in succesfully with that, however from what I understand you need to not enter this information into your json file, enter it into your game.ini file instead for the server grid you want elephants to spawn into. I have played with this a little but for resources and it seems to work for them but unfortunately I am not 100% sure on the full animal path names to help fully.
  11. That isn't the right path for Elephants
  12. Please can someone save my life and tell me there is a way or an Admin command to change the name of a Ship on this game?!
  13. CONNECT DIRECTLY TO OUR SERVER! · steam://connect/ B2 Freeport· steam://connect/ C3 Freeport · or Search for us in the Server Browser: "Wrath" FRESHLY INSTALLED AND TESTED ON 26TH, LIVE TO THE PUBLIC JUST YESTERDAY! LOTS OF PLACES TO CLAIM GROW Server Settings x15 Harvesting x15 Taming x15 XP 200 Player Levels WITHOUT Discoveries 25 Skill points per level Increased Stats for Players across the board Slow Food/Water Drain & REALLY slow Vitamin Drain!!! PVP building & claiming zones, PVE Freeports & Boss Island Zones Hard coded 15 player Company limit to suit smaller groups ORP active with a 60 minute cooldown (in testing) MODS - Custom Stacks & LC Lanterns at present (50% weight reduction!) Increased Ship & Tame Level THIS SERVER IS NOT & NEVER WILL BE PAY TO WIN! There are too many larger Unofficial's available with Shops begging for donations and offering fast track items for money. We are not about asking for money to run our server, Donations should be and will always be OPTIONAL and if yo donate to us through Discord it is not for Explosive Barrels or for OP Animals etc, you don't get that on Official! We have put together our Server to be as close to Official as possible on a smaller scale and with MODS and Community feedback, this is not about money, its about building a Community and playing the game as intended. All server rules and more information is available at our Discord https://discord.gg/DFzDGVG Ran from the United Kingdom with LOW Ping and the best Equipment JOIN US NOW!!!