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    Increase sailing speed

    I mentioned this on the discord, and also put forward the idea of removing completely the low wind mechanic. Needless to say I was shot down by a myriad of what I can only assume are no lifers telling me to 'get good' and to 'time my sailing' better, then there were the people saying its fine and that they enjoy sailing. It wasn't received well. Which is just odd. Gameplay in my opinion.. should be engaging and fun. sailing is neither of those things atm. and FAR too time consuming. the fact that speed sails arnt being fixed because of overuse and troubles balancing doesnt help either. Im just glad to see other people that are of like mind like me, that dont want to spend hours upon hours doing nothing in game. (I stopped playing Ark for this very reason, everything in the game seemed to have been implemented just to slow you down and keep you in game) having said all that, Im still playing Atlas, as theres just enough to do besides massive journeys and endless sailing. im +1k hours so I like to think I have some idea of what im talking about, and I support this post. anything to get me across the map faster.
  2. Sovreign

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    Lol. get wrecked looking forward to patch my dudes, thanks for the efforts.
  3. Sovreign

    Lawless foundations and pillars

    Its a real problem. server lag inducing, Immersion breaking, and just ultimately pointless- as ive broken into many bases that have this kind of placement. theres always a hole somewhere
  4. Sovreign

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Except i did that, and i get this Wont let me leave from south or west