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  1. Well the rollback of characters etc... is caused by players dying and then travel to another grid so if you don't spawn in the grid that you die some stuff will be reset, like tattoo for example. In worst case scenario you lose alot of progress. And i do hope you guys realize that its the mortarship who is causing resources not to respawn. Maybe you also wanna adress that underwater glitch where all of sudden you're like floating in the air and can see all fishes and what not swimming(flying)
  2. Anyone can tell me how i sell a stack of 10 seeds for 1 gold and not 1 each, it says on current price 1 ( 1 each ) can't seem to change it to sell the whole stack
  3. Ok how do i find this, the trench can't be the only place to find it?
  4. well my PSU is from XFX pro850W so probably will only need to upgrade my GPU then, but i agree the problem might as well be that the game is poorly optimized right now
  5. ah ok thx, well guess i'll be looking to do some upgrades soon then. thx matey
  6. shouldn't i have the same problem then when i play squad or post scriptum? i doesn't happen on those games. and they are pretyy big games as well yeah i tried that as well still having the same problem :/
  7. so the game say's that at least 4GB and i5 cpu is needed to play this game, i have 16gb ram and the i5 processor. gpu is R 9 200 series.i know it is not the best out there but yet i should be able to play it without problems. But what seems to be my problem is like i can be playin the game for let's say 5 hours without any hick-ups. And all of a sudden my game freezes and pc restarts or needs to be restarted. i can be standing perfectly still when it happens, or when a friend sends a message or invite for voicechat. It is so random that i don't know what could be causing the problem, like i said sometimes i play hours in a row no problem and sometime i play half hour and it happens. anyone can help me? i would like to contact the game developers but i can only submit ticket for official servers. anyone plz help; thank you
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