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  1. Wardemon

    pve NA PVE Lions for Sale in B-12!

    Sold out!
  2. Greetings, We have Bred lions for sale. All Prices are for unspayed animals. https://imgur.com/a/tOhSKfi
  3. One thing I would recommend which would help in my instance because I primarily breed lions is let them eat cooked meat. Their gestation4 hour 45 min,baby time8 hours, time from pregnancy to adult 3 days. All pretty much the same as rexes in ark. Only difference if you can only use raw meat or raw prime meat. At least with rexes you could use cooked meat after baby phase which gave you quite a bit More spoil timers in your feeding trough. I lose a ton more meat to spoilage than anything else which is fine but would prefer it be on par with Rex breeding if the timers are so similar.
  4. Wardemon

    They are looking at the claim system on PVE.

    Im personally concerned about the auto decay prevention building. Say we went through the trouble of making the stone structures. Whos gonna want to keep getting the crappy new materials needed to maintain it. Stone structures will be even more scarce now imo.
  5. Wardemon

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    Any groups on NA PVE doing this fight?
  6. Wardemon

    Eu pvp, drake h6

    Same on NA PVE no drake to be found 2 days now been looking around not there at all
  7. Wardemon

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Looks like they still dont get it aight boys im out
  8. Wardemon

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    As a pve'r not really sure what to do for fun now. Taming/Breeding isnt close to the fun I've had doing in ARK. Plus it was stated in Jat's letter they didnt want it to be a focal point anyways. Now Building isnt worth the effort needed to make basic structures. I could get the power stones. Just seems disappointing that All the good parts of ark for PVE building,Taming,Breeding they seem to be leaving behind. Not to say my favorite things are important to everyone. Just had hoped they would consider what people liked in their previous game before dismissing them.
  9. My ship of the damned kiting neighbors still around as well
  10. They kited it in with rafts then punched it when it was close and then stood next to my boats and buildings. Thats why some of the pictures on my link show them standing next to the ship of the damned and some of the pictures showed them inside my base.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/Yeq0PaV Wiped our base and all of our boats