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  1. Of course. I just choose not to play PVP because I'm a very tiny group of 4 people literally can't do much with only 4 people against groups that are 20-50 players. We're not gonna join anyone else because we like our tiny group, and that's how we play every game. But yes, sadly you're right for sure. PVP griefing will be hella worse, Empires is a complete irrelevent server network since maybe 3 large companies will even make use of it, and the PVE groups will be flooded with the PVP failures when it actually launches the NA PVE server. Because it's going to be several weeks after everyone else....we're gonna be flooded with all those that can't handle the PVP servers....it's just stupid. All servers should get the update at the same time for complete fairness....but because how they're doing it, once NA PVE is updated, they will just fill it with the failed PVP griefers, who will of course foundation/pillar spam every island they can and block freeport piers so ships can't be spawned or enter there. This is how you effectively kill a game lmao in like every way. I guess we'll find out when they actually launch the NA PVE server....but am pretty sure it'll be exactly like that.
  2. I had ping of like 500 on EU server with no one in the grid, so yeah terrible decision to only launch an EU PVE server. And my internet is 100 down 55 up so it's not my internet or pc that causes that ping, it's the region and server system they use which is crap and unstable to begin with. Since the player base has dropped out quite a bit, I don't see a point in them launching it with only one PVE server that's twice the size....just give us both regions at the original size....none of us would complain. I'd rather have a lag free server than one that's larger and unstable because it's a EU server. Suuuure they say they'll have the NA one back up in a few weeks, but based on their ETA's that's more like 6 months, in which case there will be a good 30 or more other games more interesting to play. It's just stupid in every way. They're cutting the PVP communities in half, and they're trying to merge both PVE communities into a server that only favors one region while the other suffers horrible lag and stability problems. It just doesn't work that way....
  3. Eh I'm PVE so I couldn't care less which PVP or PVE companies come back. Sadly on PVE all the islands will be claimed by one person who just respawns and places foundations everywhere as per usual. But yeah, idk why so many think the original companies who enjoyed playing won't be back when it's live again (with exception to NA PVE of course since we're being excluded entirely). Everyone stopped playing because of the wipe announcement, not because they got sick of the game for the most part. Also your statement about domination of the smaller tribes, lol, what smaller tribes? They're not gonna play on Empires, or whichever one these bigger companies are gonna play on because the odds are too uneven. Also since they're splitting PVP into Empires and Colonies, they're dividing the PVP communities on half and they weren't that large to begin with. I'd be surprised if you'd have any resistance whatsoever when claiming lots of territory.
  4. Sure! lmao Lets show them just how bad they fucked up on this by claiming all of EU and making EU PVE players pissed too! You know, that's exactly what's gonna happen too. They're gonna have all of the EU PVE server claimed by NA players who will just claim it and leave just to show their failure on this update. The few that will build anything big on EU PVE will stay there, so whenever they finally relaunch the NA one 4 years from now, it won't have any players wanting to play on it just because they'll be bored to death with the game by then. So I guess in a way they get what they want, one PVE server since they don't give a crap about their larger communities. But, they'll still have all the EU PVE players pissed off, and that just kills that side of their game. Bottom line, they can't afford the servers so they're trying to cut an entire community by merging it with one on the other side of the world....it's just stupid. They would be far better off launching 2 100 server regional servers rather than 1 EU 200 server regional server. Same cost, but covers both communities and no one would really complain since 100 grids is still a crap ton of space for everyone in the low player base of both communities.
  5. That's my guess but it's stupid to put it on EU lmao. Also it'll never work...too many enjoy PVE more than PVP...And as such PVE is always full of griefers who will just foundation block every island they can as quickly as they can. Die, build foundations, place foundations, die spawn elsewhere, repeat. They'll do it everywhere....And since they're forcing NA to basically play on EU, well it robs EU PVE players from getting anything since it's "launching" the update in a more NA favorable time. So all the NA griefers will just claim everything so EU can't and they'll have killed two of their 4 communities because of their fuck up.
  6. We all know their ETA's are crap and usually miles off. Should never rely on anything they put as an ETA. And sure, we do need updated and more precise word from them which they will never do so just gotta deal with it or don't. I don't expect to see anything go well today lol as it never will. We'll be lucky if it goes live again by 10am tomorrow. NA PVE is still popular, we just all stopped playing because they said they were wiping the server....why progress a server that's going to be wiped, it's pointless. I know a few hundred who left because of that and have waited for this "1.5 mega update" only to now be let down because our regions servers is "a few weeks out" like wtf is that crap....gonna launch EU PVE but not NA at the same time!? It's like they literally draw ideas from a hat.....pathetic Also PTR was a joke lol, and they made a whole mess of that so of course majority of the players didn't bother with it. I did though and I was bored after 5 minutes because there wasn't any "testing" to be done since it felt exactly the same....except for them allowing people to build in freeports and block the docks off....that was another stupid decision.... And their "anti-griefing" measures? What, the nonexistent ones? lol people just placed foundations everywhere like they're gonna do when it's on the live version. That prevents anyone but them building on their island so why not grief other players just like they did with claim flags....they are wiping for absolutely no purpose, it's the dumbest decision ever. This whole mess is a terrible decision from devs who have a crappy track record already and they're just making it worse lmao. At this point, they've gone worse then when No Man's Sky launched, and that game's actually quite fun now.
  7. To be fair, they did have an ETA for the 11th on the patch notes for about 4 days now. That was their announcement, albeit they didn't make it widely known and did sneak it into that post, but there was word about it being relaunched today a few days ago. But yeah I agree, it's gonna be a disaster and even worse since they're excluding an entire community of some 6000 players on NA PVE.....what a dumb decision.
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