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  1. Ok, I think you are either trolling or just skimmed it at best. Enjoy then.
  2. That are busy shooting wild life and fish?
  3. Just uninstalled today, made it easier
  4. It was said multiple times doing the stream. Even with extra clarification. I suggest you watch the entire stream to get everything and not just a few things here and there. There are many other massive changes in it.
  5. Shintai

    End of March: Freeport 250 ping 150/150 2.0

    The issue wont be that big. The current server peaks have been dropping to 9300. New server peak in march after wipe and new games people have been waiting for is sub 5000. maybe even less. The only question that remains is if they do cost savings on official servers and scale down the grid significantly. At this point even 8x8 and maybe as low as 5x5 would be plenty.
  6. Shintai

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    Game was already dying fast, now it´s just dead. 9300 Peaks dropping a few 100 per day, march would already be brutal due to new games But now we talk sub 5000 peaks very soon.
  7. Shintai

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    No claim on PvE and "autorepair" is going to be fun. I am out as well.
  8. Guess after wipe my company will move on. It was fun as long as it lasted.
  9. Shintai

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    9300 peak today servers, guess we will see sub 5000 peaks very fast.
  10. Shintai

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    Servers peaked at 9300 today. It´s rapidly declining.
  11. Shintai

    PVE ships from inactive players

    They destroyed a lot of features and content by trying to fix the griefing with rocket science, instead of just with a very simple no brainer fix.
  12. Shintai

    PVE ships from inactive players

    The solution to all the issues is so simple, yet Grapeshot tries the rocket science approach with failure. Floating still counts as a crew. Same when you see seagulls floating on the ship or a lion and still using a crew slot.
  13. Shintai

    PVE ships from inactive players

    Body will be floating and not technically touching the ship.
  14. Shintai

    Contested Claims

    NPCs is the contesting defence. Then you need to wait till they run out of food and gold.
  15. Shintai

    New Chines Tactics to Claim

    Yep, I am European and being a big ass with this tactics for example, but it is fun