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    Items into blueprints

    Dear Devs, My lovely blue bow are now a simple blueprint in my storage box why? is that so difficult to fix it? and thats not the first what was turn in a unable blueprint... but you can alltime made higher cost for building yeah that you can but fix that this shit not happen can't??? I know its early acces but thats not excuse for all... I'm a PVE player but i had the feeling you shit on me, you made only for things for PVP and nerf this and made Higher costs here... Pls fix your game that we can play, that we had some lil bugs, lags, crash, stuck we can live but made your game playable and test your new patch befor it go live after the las t patch its not more really playable...
  2. RaisingPanda

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Anybody know the Fortain of the Youth in PVE EU ^_^ we had many old grandpas and grandmas ^^
  3. RaisingPanda

    Ship sink without reason

    Dear Dev, My ship was sink without reason!!! My ship was sunk by an invisible wall / structure: I was in E2 and want to Sail to D1 - there was nothing near. I would like to have my ship back and ask you to fix it. sorry - but I am very pissed. another question, is it normal for tamed animals to die when there topor reaches max? Pls turn invisible structure off and fix it... i want my ship back... for a better way to find my sunken ship, look for Medusa's Curse and pls tell me why it sank....