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  1. Xenara

    Ship hang on between servers

    yes I am getting used to see this message
  2. Xenara

    Ship hang on between servers

    Got the same problem a second time with galleon today. Friend has had the same problem too yesterday, but many of our people are getting through without problems. Hope I get the galleon unstuck v.v
  3. Xenara

    Fatal Error while changing grids

    Same error with me. Just drove into other grid and got kicked out. Now Galleon is stuck between servers, I can't join on it without getting kicked from server. + A friend had this error as well. He gotten his ship back after some hours ignoring the ship in ocean.
  4. Xenara

    bed on schips broken

    Beds getting destroyed by the game, ship bed limit or smth. Same problem on my galleon, we have 5 accommondations skilled and 2 beds are possible without skilling it. now beds are disappearing after a little time and only 2 remain, sometimes old bednames appear and we get green map trying to spawn on the bed that is not there anymore.
  5. If you think globally, you would understand, that players are different all over the world, we expect other things in a game and hate things that other love, because it's their gaming culture. Why then force those two cultures in EU / NA with a super high ping for those not living in this region? The game should deliver good servers for people all over the world, to only have EU / NA is excluding good serverconnection for those outside these regions. Adding to this, I can't read russian letters / chinese kanji / thai letter or any of these and communicating with those people is a thing almost impossible. They could add a system that automatically translates for you in chat, but this is currently not possible in a reliable way. If you want to see other cultures, use option "Flight to....." in real life. There's a lot of players that left this game because the gaming culture is different.
  6. I don't mean language split servers. I mean russians, asians don't use arabic letters and we can't even use google translate to comunicate with them properly. Second, they are physically far away from serverlocation (Germany I believe?) And creating servers for more regions and make them only visible for those people in that region, would bring back some people, if news spread out far enough.
  7. Xenara

    PVE ships blocking ports

    Good idea! But then any crew(npc/players) + tamed animals should be ghosted too for you in that claim region. So you can't bug them from their ships by driving through their ships.
  8. I think you understood it quiet wrong. Giving Russia, Asia, Oceania official servers would be a good thing. Forcing them to only see the official server options given to those regions. Blocking Ip's from other regions would also be a good competitive choice for pvp, since it is less likely that people lag with 300ms ping and you can't hit them because they're teleporting or bungeeing around like crazy. I am not against other languages, but we can't even type chinese/russian/japanese/korean and more letters with our keyboard, so we can't even try to google translate or something.
  9. Hello dear Atlas Team, Don't you consider blocking the game for regions outside EU or outside NA and opening servers for these regions only? (Russia, Asia, Oceania) Other Games have done this aswell, our world is big and so I can't understand, why you left some regions like Russia, Asia, Oceania out with official servers. They should have a possible option too. EU and NA should not have to deal with languages that use letters unknown to us. Since we can't even see those appropriate in chat and most Russians and Asian can't even communicate in English. Opening servers for each Region, Russia, Asia, Oceania and then make ALL official servers region locked, so only people in those regions are able to see the server as option to join. Simply just block all ip's for countries outside of each intended serverregion. Personally I think, this would reduce some of the servers lag and make it a better playing experience. What do you think? Is there any thought spent to this problem? Sincerely, Xenara
  10. Xenara

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    Had instructions still on a few days ago
  11. Xenara

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    screenshot from location on island?
  12. Are there complete Shipskins planned so you can change the whole ships looking and how do you plan to keep servers running smooth with more structures getting built everywhere?