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    Dedicated Sserver V15.35 Crashing

    We have 3X2 cluster which has been running very well up until a couple of hours ago. We upgraded to v15.35 this morning, and a few hours later several of the cells started crashing every 15-20 mins or so. We've never had repeated crashing before, and we've been running our cluster since about day 2. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. This is the same for everyone. It happens because there is a bug in the server process that causes it to corrupt the savegame files when it's stopped abruptly (like when you use CTRL-C). You need to delete the savegame files and start again.
  3. Amen to that. What a nightmare. Many, many hours every day just keeping the thing going. I long for the days when I ran a cluster of Ark servers using "ark-server-tools" and it did absolutely everything (backups, updates, daily scripted events) all on its own without fail for over a year.
  4. If anyone actually has the Linux build running, would they mind please sharing the important details. Linux distro and version, command line etc. Many thanks.
  5. Hey guys, here's a silly idea.... How about, at the very least, a depot id for us?