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  1. So im guessing that means you cant just remove all spawns except freeport spawn? Im running it on my dedicated box so I have access to all files but not sure where to find that.
  2. Is there a way to change the spawns on the Blackwood map to prevent players from spawning at any island except for Freeport?
  3. maimedwabbit

    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    It doesn't even work yet. We honestly don't know how well the current implementation is. We have about 12 but shows random numbers, sometimes none.
  4. maimedwabbit

    Abandoned 7th treasure in a row.

    Having the same problem... 5-6 in a row now are just impossible.
  5. maimedwabbit

    Settlers bugged (EU PvE)

    Same na colonies pvp
  6. maimedwabbit

    Ship anchored at island in peace phase

    I could be wrong but I believe the owning company can damage your ship still.
  7. maimedwabbit

    Moving claim flags

  8. maimedwabbit

    Moving claim flags

    Is it possible to move the location of your flag once you have placed it? PVP - Colonies
  9. maimedwabbit

    Traveling into the wind.

    If the wind blew the same direction all the time it would make travel hell... Learn to use the wind and stop trying to change mechanics that actually work ffs.
  10. It has let me just fine every time. It has never stopped me from adding a hostname unless that is a recent change as of today. Thanks Faka! I will give this a try tomorrow and see how it goes. I appreciate it
  11. Where my server is located I dont have access to a static external IP. I do not want to reconfigure the server each time my ip updates. This is why im using a hostname. Game servers are often ran using host names, this is no new idea by far. Just curious why it breaks this games server. Host names are resolved by DNS on either client or server the same way so im not seeing where the problem lies. The game server itself is not having to resolve the dns for a transfer I would not think. If one square works, im just curious why transfer doesnt work to the other squares.
  12. So ive setup a 2x2 for testing for our group. The server works fine when using a direct IP. When I launch the server using the ddns hostname it appears to work fine until you transfer to another grid. Then we get a freeze on the client side and the character is in limbo until a restart. What could be the cause of this and are there any solutions out there? Surely there are servers ran using hostnames instead of direct IP addresses like every other game? Im continuing to experiment to try and solve this myself but if anyone has any insight please let me know!