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  1. You're not alone, I'm stopped by link11 too and cannot join officials.
  2. Many people are having this problem. I'm curious if this fix actually works.
  3. I think this might have something to do with Nitrado hosting the official servers. Perhaps it's some sort of DDoS protection malfunction on their part because I can join unofficials and non-nitrado hosted servers still.
  4. I have had the same problem as the OP for 5 days now and my tickets have only been replied to with a canned response. Why does nobody that works for this company ever address these major issue threads? I guess they are too busy buffing alpha animals and nerfing grenades and stuff to actually help the people they are currently screwing over by not getting them reconnected. This is total BS.
  5. What kind of effects would simply doubling the default size cause?
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