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  1. This is very relevant to the issues plaguing PVE. This could also be settled by reducing the decay timer on these structures as well. Limit the number of these structures per company within a single grid/ island. Remove the limit of these structures from being built within range of each other OR Allow them to be placed anywhere and have them auto harvest, at a lower rate, anything found on that island. That way people could keep them within the confines of their base setup. While I do not know the obstacles behind forcing these restrictions, I am sure there is an answer better than catering to the top 25% of players who got lucky and started earlier on.
  2. One of the largest draws to another survival game, not naming names here, is the sheer amount of structures and motifs. You can really be your own settlement and standout. Now, I know Atlas isn't trying to emulate other games sans Ark (not sure why Ark is not that great IMHO (I get they are sister companies and based off Ark)) however, More to do in building and more to do in sailing, while having your own flair would be amazing. Imagine how nice it would be to have different base designs for ships? Like, a galleon or brig with a custom AFT section or a wheel selector to pick a pre-loaded one. The NPC ships have curved and rounded rails, so we can't we? The pre-conned houses/ taverns on some islands that are not interactable or on the freeports. We should be able to design an area to match those same structures. That would be amazing. Dear, ATLAS devs and product team, please focus on the aesthetics more and changing how farming works less. Why do whales drop gold? Why do SOTD's not drop more gold? Risk vs reward seems to have been put on the back burner. If that is the case, let us be proud of the structures and design of our ship as we see it sink to the bottom of the ocean as a whale so much as kisses our vessel or an SOTD, unaffected by the every 5 minute cyclones rip into our ships. PS; please let us pick up our workstations to move them. Why can't I pick up a trough or a smithy? Cannons can't be moved yet they are literally on wheels.
  3. Every island I see now has max farmhouses yet mostly owned by 2-3 companies. It is crazy that one of the larger updates to the game, in order to get people out to sea, is limited to (seemingly) less than half the population. Warehouses are even worse. I can't use my market without a warehouse but a small to medium island can only hold 2-3 warehouses. Let me put stuff in my marketplace to sell and not rely on warehouses. Let anyone make a warehouse if they choose. Or scrap the entire system and allow players to open up NPC shops at freeports. Add a freeport to standard grids or every other grid. Game is great though, I do feel as if the devs and designers aren't playing the game and trying to become invested like the standard player. Costs of ships are too high for a small company who didn't get a farmhouse/warehouse down and maps and ship wrecks, while lucrative, are far too time consuming and dangerous without >= Brig or treasure bears (won't even start on breeding atm). PLEASE either remove the gold from ship building or allow EVERY player to participate in the global market. Do something that competes with the new trade system for those who cannot join due to no limits on structures. Something. I promise there are better options.
  4. This is such a great idea in many ways. My company and I have been saying this since our return. They could easily input this and they could make it specific to sloops and schooners for certain fish types and brigs for the larger ones. Galleons shouldn't be able to be fishing trollers are they are simply too large. Also, imagine a galleon with four fishing net attachments. Really cool seeing others with the same idea.
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