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  1. After a lot of trolls, megas etc. will capture all small companies properties, devs will have their QnA, with: "We have a lot of feedback from lone wolves, about they loosing all! We looking for solution". And things will stay as is for next months or even years : )
  2. I'm curious btw, why DEVs decided to get rid of current LAWLESS??? Was there particular reason for that? (Until today I thought new claim system will replace current islands claims...
  3. I just wonder HOW then : )) For example if I have my monstrous base from 100500 walls, ceilings etc, should enemy player capture all pieces one by one?
  4. Hmmm. I hope this radius won't be the same as first version of warehouses was: What do you mean by STRUCTURES? Will it be just prefab windmill, warehouse, docks etc? Or any structures? And how game will specify "the structure?" For example - will this one count as one structure? Or will I be able to claim this castle? How about this theater? Or maybe I can capture this bar??? I hope you do understand that in PVE LAWLESS in most cases is the only option for lone wolves. Because ppl just wanna their small spot (not to be landowner) and most islands outside Lawless are forbidden to build on for some reason.
  5. I was asking same question last season, and then I hit this achive at 414. As far as landfalls gives you 2 points at once - it's either 414 or 413. It means there are 1652 or 1656 points in the game total. Those 512 written in "master cartographer" are just "landfall" discoveries points. But you also get 2x30 for whales. 9x40 for powerstones, some for Kraken, etc.
  6. Looking forward for Major Patch.
  7. I have couple questions: a) - Do they HAVE to be 256x256? Because with convertor tool, I can choice up to 1024x1024. With 256x256 all sprites steps are visible from close distance and those are not cool. b) - When I did "template" for triangle sails (and I mean when I paint sail along the borders) there are not just border painted, but also alot of trash-smears comes around all the file. Like look what I've got after I paint along the border Large Cosmetic Sail: So I just curious does those smears do paint some parts of sails too? Or they just graphic glitches and with "template" file I can get rid of them???
  8. @Ranger1k I'm still on Brigs on PvE forever and hating Galleys : )) I assume one day I'll change my mind : ) I mean devs once made x6 gathering and with full stack of tames (I had all, elly, giraffe, even rhino) I built a Galley and due to lack of maneuverability it was torture to sail it : )
  9. Not sure about that, but It'll probably be my last message here this season. I've been watchin quest skills and felt weird about them. I mean in all other games, you do some stuff, gather skills and armor an then go for the high-end bosses. In Atlas we do high-end bosses first and then get skills and stuff to do... nothing with those I guess, because we've done everything already. 37 - High end skills comes in wrong time and wrong place. I just wanna mention I speak about PVE, so maybe in PVP, ppl are doing all those quest to be able to fight eachother more effectively. But right now we have the following: - Veteran Pathfinder. This skill is a reward for Kraken V2 and brings us all feats CD -40%. We could use this skill to fight Kraken V2, and also all other high level battles. But we've got one after we done everything. - Exploer the Depths. This skill is a reward for Kraken V1, and gives us a Submarine, so we would able to go Trenches. While it's fine on our way to Kraken V2, it also gives us opportunity to obtain Majestic Kraken we could use to fight Kraken. So again - it comes late. - Treasure Master. Comes after I dig lvl-16+ treasure, and increase my melee durability tools by 100%. I mean... I use those tools a lot while building my base in the beginning. After that I don't use them at all, and there is no problem to bring out tools to smithy and repair all. - Ghost Hunter. For destroying ghost ship. It raises your gold from treasures by 20%. The problem is - first you do treasures alot preparing to Ghost Ship mission. And only then you kill Ghost ship. You probably don't do any treasures after that. - Scourge of damned. For sinking lvl-50 damned Galley. With this skill armor anyway get destroyed in 3-4 deaths, so I don't feel any profit from this one. Oh and armor easily repairable, and all high-level inland content doable naked. - Friends of Mermaids - gives your stamina recover faster. I don't know if in PVP ppl are actually do their fight with melee weapon, loosing and regaining stamina. In PVE - we need to down and rise stamina to manage our stomach level. Better stamina recovery - less stomach level we will loose. - Blue Whale Killer - gives you prone and crouch speed bonus. Not sure if in PVP it gives you any advantages, but in PVE it's just... as is. - Sperm Whale Killer - you do realize we don't kill SPERM whale for this quest right? So it gives you ability to tame more effectively. The problem is, we first tame pets to get our level, skills, and now - money for ship, and only then receive ability to tame more... - Squid Killer - gives you vitamin bonus boosted. And again - we do all stuff where we could use this bonus (sailing global, do hard fights with damned armies etc) first and then - receive this bonus to do... nothing. Squid is high end game content. - All Rejuvenation bonuses - are just free boosts to our pathfinder. Usually 1 or 2 came before we hit high-end game content, so it fine. - Veteran Explorer. Better speed with overloaded state could be useful when we gather resources around the world, building, etc. We get one AFTER we done all those things. - Harvest boost... I mean c'mon, we harvest in the beginning. Even without windmills after few weeks our storages are full of all kind of resources. And you gives us harvest boost after we done with last boss in the game. So we could harvest more for no reason right? - Instant equip. In theory we can explore the world and after that go fighting, so it might help. (But practically we go for the fights long before that...). Oh and this skill is active one, and gives you ability to instant equip anything once in 10 minutes. Not sure if I have any good solutions for that. One of possible solution - make all high end reward just awesome cosmetics, and all boosts move to some other ways to get (not high end ones), or even you should get rid of them all (I mean except submarine).
  10. I really wish to test this ship. This was really long way. - For the first time ever, I went to trenches, I've tried dolphins, it didn't work. - I learned how to deal with Hydras and gather powerstones. So for the first time ever, I gathered em all. - I learned how to fight V1 Kraken SOLO, and even almost killed one. - Also for the first time ever I was able to set my trading routes. After that, I lost my BRIG to Trolls players (who launched V2 Kraken before every1 gathered up). I lost my Tiger - because it felt to someone's walls covered locked base with no way out (thx devs for yet another treasure spawn on the cliff). With 8 active routes my market produces around 100-200 golds a day. And... I just don't fell I ready to start over. To build another schooner. To go C6 for another Tiger and then level it. To spend a week farming bottles, to gather gold for another BRIG. To level another Brig and try yet another Kraken, for possible submarine. So only after that I could start farming tentacles for this new Kraken ship. I mean... if there will be a wipe soon, I just won't make it in time. So DEVs SHOULD MAKE A STATEMENT of at least do they plan to wipe everything SOON or not? I guess I'm within those ppl. I just lost everything to trololol players and I feel I'm just not ready to start over, knowing all might be erased soon...
  11. I didn't think of those games, actually. It's more like old Russian Corsairs game. There was everything I mentioned above - long volleys, wide hit area, fast cannonballs. Also in some cases cannons did misfire, or even could explode. All felt fine and most important - natural. I mean game was balanced to all of this. Right now it feels like Tyrian Arcade from 2000s. Yeah, but it has to be this way. Because I hunt SOtDs alot, I came up with this design, where middle part of the ship must be just empty, and all extra cannons should go to the nose or stern part of the ship. Both types are the same. The idea of separate main and extra cannons in 2 groups is good one, tho. Later I'll give it a try.
  12. I think this was made so players would prefer to put guns in gunports.
  13. I think they will introduce new(old) claiming system, and with it it's gonna be wipe. So we waiting for patch news. I hope this time it won't be some amaizing sea turtle tame, requires 100500 crab legs to tame it.
  14. You know what's funny? I've engaged Kraken solo 2 times. I failed but survived. Today I accidently found out that group of ppl plan to fight Kraken together. I joined. I meet trolls. And I lost my Brig. I mean, you didn't think trolls are in PVP only, right? ------------------------- We gathered to do V1 Kraken, and after that V2. While we were there, some guy launched V2, and every1 who didn't wanna do that, HAD to do that, captured in fight circle. We've done this fight, I'm now have this Journey of Gods quest complete with all feats CD -40%, but then... I'm on my way to Voyage of Power remember? So we stayed, for V1. Some guys asked some time for repairs and resupply, so we waited for them. Unfortunately there is NO WAY to find if you inside Kraken circle or outside, until battle is started. I stepped back, but unfortunately it was not enough. Some trolls started V2 again, and due to lack of ppl inside and got V2 completed already, all decided to die to despawn boss. All, but few guys, who stayed there for 40 minutes demanded every1 to confess who started this V2 event (someone suspects it was them who started it btw). After 40 minutes they died. All I saw after respawn is this: So bye-bye my lvl-42 Brig with legendary sails, legendary cannons and lvl-90+ crew. And you know what's funny. Past seasons I've been right here for couple of times. - All gather for Kraken. - Trolls start event, and survive there as long as they can. - Players die and loosing their ships. So remember what I wrote like hell alot of times here. This game requires GROUP FEATURE. So every1 could gather up. To sail there. To start event. Not like this, some one gathered, some one didn't, all by themselves, some trolls appeared, and started event, wasted 40 minutes of every ones time, and ruined everything. I repeat. I've been there already. To be honest - every time I've tried to join the party ended like this. Only difference - it's now 18K gold for BRIG and 7K for ship improvements. So does it mean it's better to deal with V1 solo??? I mean it at least safer : (( ------------------------- The worst is - I don't know what to do right now. I lost 25K to trolls guys. I now have 12K in my chest. My market with 8 active trading routes brings me around 180 gold everyday (it stable for past few weeks). To get 18K by trading I need to wait 34 more days... or should I build yet another Schooner, go for treasures again, then build another brig, level it again, catch another 90+ crew, then try to do Kraken solo again, then do more treasure to gather another 22K for Kraken ship I wish to test??? I don't think I'll make it until next wipe is comming. ------------------------- And yeah. DEVS. I know you busy to inventing more fascinating stuff for like 0.0001% of your player base, and probably won't come up with group feature in nearest future. What you can do right now to solve the situation is: - Make Kraken battle circle visible somehow before battle begins. So every1 know if they are inside or outside, and they won't be caught in sudden battle started by trolls. - Make Kraken engage radius visible as well, to ease gathering for the fight. - Make it possible to get out from the battle within few minutes from the start, so after trolls start battle, every1 can escape. - Make it possible to get in the fight within few minutes from the start, so every1 who didn't get inside circle in time would be able to join. ------------------------- P.s - with 39 ppl took part in the first V2 fight - all was LAGGY AS HELL. Ping was around 180-200 with 255 spikes. When tentacles sparking - FPS dropped to 5-7, and ping grew to "steps through ocean" state. One guy was ejected to the ocean by his ship. I was out of steering wheel for repair purposes and couldn't use it again. My pathfinder just stretched out his arms forward and got stuck in this condition. I had to reload the game to be able to control my ship again, and after that I didn't risk to get out from steering wheel. Oh and due to lags, damned ship didn't shoot, just moved around.
  15. They changed things this way, if your cannons in gunports and gunports area closed - then cannons WEIGHT less. Check weight icon on top-right. When you open your ports, load-weight of your ship is increased.
  16. Yet another update of solo Kraken. Got him to 5%. Had 7 minutes left. Made just a single mistake and died from LAST TENTACLE I NEEDED TO TAKE OUT before final kraken attack. I'm such a looser lol! : ) So... my thoughts are: - Handling sails are must have for the fight (I've suddenly got Legendary Handling Sails BP). - More health for yourself is better. I'm now 187 health and I survive sparkling tentacle with around 20% of health. Meaning - full spark cycle take out around 150 health. If you bellow or somewhere around - UP IT!!! - Medkit skill with advanced self healing skill is must have either! You'll get in to sparks anyway (for example after you damage Kraken he can push you out and nearest tentacle star to spark). No need to have like plenty med-kits with you.. I used just 80% of single one, but couple of kits is fine I guess. - X-tra cannons are also MUST HAVE. Your cannons will get damaged and you won't be able to repair them because of "recently damaged" debuff which is permanent here. After 53 minutes of fight I've got 2 deck's and 3 gunport's canons destroyed and also one deck's cannon with just 100 health. With 10 attacking cannons I have left half of them, so my last volley would be from 5 cannons. Bad news here is - all my cannons were improved. Those ones destroyed were 9500+ health. - Also guys manning cannons in gunports died with their cannon for some reason. Guys manning deck cannons are survived (or maybe the reason is I put guys 126lvl with 500 health to decks cannons and guys 75+ level with 300hp to gunports). -Things getting damaged through all the ship. It means - all you have inside. all your boxes, beds, grille, etc! So make sure all (especially BEDs) are full health before engage. 3 most troublesome stuff in the fight are: Kraken bolts. Those are hit you hard when you stops. So you always have to sail full speed. You receive 40 damage when you sail and 400-1200 damage when you stop. They do damage through the ship, and all the time. So all your stuff (boxes, beds, cannonst etc) will permanently have "Recently Damaged" debuff. Sparking tentacles. After you attack Kraken 2 times, there will be 2 random tentacles casting sparking zones around them. They cast together every couple minutes, and every cast lasts for 25 seconds. Those are bad because if you hit this sparking zone, you'll be throwed out of ship control, all crew and youself will receive up to 150 damage. You also can not perform any action and get stun from time to time while in this zone. After you attack Kraken more, amount of sparking tentacles increased by 1 (so it 5 or 6 at the end). Please note that when amount of tentacles is equal or less than amount of sparking ones - all tentacle will be sparking every cycle. So you'll have to learn timing and avoid those zones. Don't forget that you can not stop and wait due to Kraken Bolts. Lags and dramatic FPS drops. I have Ryzen 7 2700 (3.20 GHz) and 32Gb RAM. Sometimes my FPS drops to 5-7 : (( It usually happens when there are like 4-5 tentacles do their sparking, 30 kraken bolts at once flying to me, 20 damned ships are following me. So I guess we can't help it. Just suffer. My mistake. I've entered to this sparking zone casted by last ever tentacle. Then I just couldn't turn around and destroy it due to 20 damned ships following me. I just couldn't pass through them to attack point. Their damage is not a problem, but they do ramming and turning me around, also protect tentacle with their bodies. With all flashy and 5 FPS, and sparking zone - I just couldn't handle it. So key to success is to be most concentrated and do NO MISTAKES at the end of a battle. ----------------------- My ship is now 41. I have 140 sturdiness, 260 damage resistance, and 140% attack power. Also my average gun damage was 150% and it took me around 900 cannonballs to get there. So I guess with 1200-1400 cannonballs it's possible to not just deal with Kraken but also with most of damned bastards that lows FPS. The only problem is - you have no time. I made my mistake because I had only 7 minutes left so I decided to sail though all 20 damned ships at once.
  17. I play through Steam. My steam account shown when I log in, etc.
  18. I know PVE isn't your priority right now, but I just wanna mention PVE seas battles: 36 - PVE seas battle issues: While I do that a lot with old fashion way (the way it suppose to be), there are some issues made terrible wrong and I don't like it. I guess all made wrong: All cannons aims JUST parallel trajectory. Do 100% synchronized volley. Cannonballs flies 100% accurate and parallel trajectory and lands exactly spot I send them to. Please tell me, are we playing actually sea pirate game? Not those old fashion arcade machines in 90's with games like TYRIAN??? I mean, I do love TYRIAN but I wanna play sail age ships, not those arcades... Parallel trajectory sometimes doesn't allow me to AIM enemies boat with all my cannons. It's like some of my guys aiming enemy's boat, while another ones - just to waters with no reason. They have turning cannons, you know? Synchronized volley is nonsense. 100% accuracy is nonsense. Non of these ships were that good. Current cannonballs speed is nonsense as well. I mean some damned ship even can dodge my fire. It's like cheating. For hundreds times I saw the situation when damned ship is moving, I aim just a bit ahead and the moment I shoot, damned ship does instant stop, letting my cannonballs fly ahead. Then continue moving. So I just wanna repeat what I told before. All cannon stuff should be like this: - When I aim - I see large round area where my balls will randomly land (it's not necessary I see that with UI graphic, but it should exists around my aim point). - When I shoot - my cannons do random volley within 3 seconds. - My cannonballs flies at least 10 times faster than it is now and land in wide area around my aim point. So instead of this: It should be like this: Cannonballs land area way larger that enemy ship and goes wider with distance. So a lot of cannonball will miss - it's fine. With skills I can reduce cannonballs lands area and volley time. Some skills with gunmen also help to aim. And damned ship should work the same way. They should do same long volleys, fast flying cannonballs with wide hit area. Don't make it arcade, with cannonballs dodging. Better damned ship - less volley time and hit area range. And please DON"T DO THIS MACHINE GUN high level damned ship. I do understand you wanna them be cool, but I really don't like to see lvl-56 damned Galley with 3 second reload time. It's like those bosses in arcades. Oh and I found funny issue. Damned ship CAN NOT pass through another damned ship wrecks : )) and just stuck there lol!
  19. Yeah, but in another thread I made about all difficulties buying Majestic Kraken, some guy said I'm unexperienced noobie, and all here is pretty easy solo : )) Maybe I'll record my next Kraken attempt... : )
  20. Alright, today I've made first SOLO KRAKEN attempt. I didn't know what to expect, so I was sailing there ready to loose 18k gold (I mean my Brig), but I survived. I didn't make any special prep so here some thoughts about the battle. - My BRIG now 38. 260% resistance. 140 Sturdiness (needs for SOTD battles). 126% damage. Most of cannons are fine 112% damage. Most of planks are fine 6700 health. - The battle was last for 28 minutes, and I was about to take down last tentacle to do 4th damage to Kraken (low him below 50%) so I've got enough time I guess. - 10 cannons (112% cannon damage +126% damage in stats) are enough to down tentacle with one volley. - About 1200 cannonballs needed for whole fight!!! With stuff for repairs - my ship is around 70% loaded. It heavy and slow. Now what I did wrong: - Speedsails are bad choice for fight. It's rain there, and wind rotates fast clockwise. I didn't try to do counterclockwise, but sailing clockwise, you either move upwind all the time, because you'll sail around kraken along with wind rotation. Or if you move downwind, you then overtake wind rotation and anyway get in to upwind. - Sailing fast, you receive bunch of 40 damages from each charged bolt from Kraken. Staying still, or sailing slow upwind will brings occasional 1200 damage hits. One hit like this killed my guy in last gunport, and destroyed cannon in there. Other guys in gunports were at 100% health. Overall damage is not that big. The problem is - it steady and battle goes for an hour. - If you don't stop - most of damage lands in to ship's stern or even in water behind stern. There are guys staying in my stern. After almost 30 minutes all of them received around 100 damage. So generic guys from freeport won't last whole fight, as @Nacona mentioned above. There are guys from high level damned ships needed (i've got some lvl-126, they don't level, and got 500hp each. I put them to sails). - You really should watch for sparky tentacles, because one of that thing killed me. I was approaching it, and didn't make to stop in time. Remember, if you turn sails from downwind to upwind position - your ship will slow down really fast. And on PC: "Space" by default is for opening full sails. "Z" by default to full close sails. - If you able to get med-kit - it'll definitely help. So I guess I'll hunt damned galleys more, to get all my crew around 90+lvl, and possible good handling sails bps (already have journeyman with 110% acceleration). Then I'll give it another try.
  21. I'm here, btw. And feeling sad about my leveling, because the only way to level from here to 71 - is to somehow gather 3-4 16+quality maps, sail half atlas and do em all. With some maps high on the cliff it's whole day required for that. I'm scared to think - what is will be in 80+... how about 90+ will that be like 15 maps 16+quality??? And one more thing I noticed. With current 11x11 map - those high level bottles leads to the only grid, half atlas away diagonally. Like from my G8 grid it leads to B2 and only there. So if I find bottle around 14 quality (or maybe 20 or something around) I know, that I'll sail to just B2. I've been there for like 15 times already : )) Oh and for how much levels we actually wanna... well, in PVE, it's like that. I'm now 70. I have: - Most in beast mastery (cause there is no alternative to tames in treasure hunt). - Most in survivalism (all except water fortitude, because even with this skill I steel freeze in waters). - Most in construction (to build). - All in captaining (must have in SOTD battles). - Most in seamanship (to be able to build a Brig and sextant). - Some in cooking (for Grill and water barrel). - Few in Piracy (for Grog). - Few in captaining (for Mess table and resource box). - First 4 in Artillery (for ship cannons). - Few in Armor (for Glider and Plates). - Few in Firearms (for riffle). And that's it. I means - I can not go for advanced firearms, with some reload skills etc. I can't go projectiles. I can't go mele weaponry. I can't go medicine. I can't go music. So... to get most of skill I need at least 25-30 lvls more. It's around 100-lvl I guess... but it'll take like for ever to level there in current game state. A month since today...
  22. I've tried several ways, putting some fronts to local folders etc. All I found in internet. The only working way to fix this to set up some "global font" in steam library. I don't wanna this one because it changes font overall, and I don't really need a translation, just to see if there are Russian (or Chinese or any1 else) players do their writing, then see actual text. Not just squares.
  23. Hahaha, with Russian translation it cannot display a single letter, so all atlas looks this way : )
  24. Well. Devs missed last week updates (no patches, no QnA). Maybe they preparing something big?
  25. I personally came to minimalistic base. Last season I was building a castle with like hundreds of useless ceilings and walls (useless in PVE). And each time I was approaching my base I had a lag issues until all loads. This season I built just 5 simple 3x4 houses (each with purpose) tames pen and trading chain. I happy now, because when I approach my base - all loads fast with no lag. I wonder if all players who build their million pieces grand palaces, are happy to, unable to approach their bases without extremely tailspin lags for minute or two? : ))
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