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  1. I hope so. I hope they'll figure it out somehow. Until then I wont go lawless for treasure lol.
  2. Few suggestions from me: 1: 2: Solos doesn't need 70 points for like 13 towers. They need 20 for 5 (or even 16 for 4). I mean some might want more but don't need that many. You don't wanna start 1st season again, trust me. 3: Make tower area circles visible from pressing "extended hud info" - it's "H" by default on PC. 4: Give players chance to land lawless in PVE. Right now any1 can lose their ship after 10 minutes of anchoring lawless shore. Make ship unclaimable for at least half of hour or even hour. So we could go for treasures and resources. Yeah. I want it soon.
  3. A-a-a-a-and we came back to 1st season : ))
  4. You can respec once per lvl, and if you wanna more - go to freeport and buy some respec soup (it cost 2K if I remember it right).
  5. I tested this. All ship's structures claimed if you park the ship and someone will complete his tower with your ship within tower radius. After that - he can put his F1 flag (in PVE also) and will be able to claim you ship (claiming goes for 4h 34m). All you can do if you still can control your ship is to drive it to lawless and capture it back with your tower. Or scuttle it.
  6. Alright guys. Just bringing you the bad news. In PVE you don't wanna park your ship in to lawless anymore. I mean outside your claimed territory. If you park your ship near some player's water tower - all fine. Nothing will happen to your ship. If you park your ship, and some player place his water tower after that (and he can demolish his tower and place new one) with your ship inside of this tower radius, then... well... After 30 minutes (or earlier, if player will speed up his tower with gold), after water tower hit 100% (500 000 hp), all ships within it's radius will stays with their formal owners. BUT ALL PARTS OF SHIPS WILL BE CLAIMED! All sails, planks, ceilings, cannons, boxes, etc. Meaning the new owner can just remove some of your planks and scuttle your ship, and you won't be able to use doors, sails, wheel, etc. Further more. In PVE after I claim all parts of the ship with tower - I can climb in to the ship and place my F1 flag... And in 4h 35 minutes just claim the ship. So... let me count this one for you. With 200 gold putting in to tower by CD player can get water tower to 100% in 10 minutes. (it needs to gain 450 000 hp. It works 250hp/sec and with gold it adds around 500hp/sec). So 10 minutes is your time limit. After that your ship parked near lawless shore is at huge risk. Check carefully where you wanna dig your next treasure.
  7. I've got all I wanna test about towers, and gather all in my thread. But anyway - the last thing is about placing towers near eachother. If you and some other players will place towers together, all towers will start to gain HP. The first one that hit 400 000 will vanish all other towers within it's radius (and 10meters outside this radius).
  8. Hmmm. Severs now run smoothly. But there gonna be a wipe. Check news.
  9. I hope some fixes will arrive tomorrow. Not like in 2 weeks : ))
  10. I checked my files and game reuploaded 5 files for 200+ mb. (didn't solve anything tho).
  11. We just get through disconnects to claim our lawless, and then wait till they fix at least something. Game in sever tailspin right now.
  12. Game is in sever tailspin. I was able to claim my spot and do some testing, but within this period of time, I had like 20 game freezes (where I should just switch game off by windows tack master). and more than 100 disconnects with Buffer Overflow messages. While I was testing how safe is to park my ship inside claimed territory I... just couldn't walk back to my base.
  13. Just wanna sum what I found so far about new lawless claims. - New structures outside claimed zones have just 12h decay. But those built before patch - have same 10/40 days timers. - Structures that built before towers appeared in territory goes to "claimed" state with no decay timer after tower appeared. Towers doesn't have decay timer as well. - Some pieces that built in claimed territory and attached to claimed structures - also goes to claimed state. - Structures that built in claimed territory and don't attached to claimed structures count as "not within claimed territory" and goes to 12h decay (this one is fixed). - Building on claimed territory that not yours is forbidden. Now about the towers. They are in "basic of building" skill, so no worries about extra skill point you need to spend for those. Costs: It fits 3x3 square (a little less). Water one has pretty cool night texture (but flag is down even after it hit 100%) It's not paintable, and flag also not paintable. It's white like you surrender lol : ) You can put one in unclaimed zone. Land Tower HP is 400 000 and it start with 40 000 health, It gains 400hp every 3 seconds. And hit 400 000 in 45 minutes. After it hit 400 000 you have your territory claimed. All buildings within your territory will be automatically claimed. If you destroy your tower, all building stays yours but goes to 12h decay (even those were in 10/40 days before claimed). Water Tower HP is 500 000 and it starts with 50 000 health. It gains 1k hp every 4 seconds after built. It claims additional territory in 30 minutes. You can speed it up putting 200 gold every 10 seconds to raise HP by 1%. For land tower you can speed up your building to 11 minutes 15 seconds. It'll require 13 400 golds. For water tower you can speed up your building to 10 minutes. It'll require 12 000 golds. ------------------- Your company have certain points for towers. - Solo company have 70 points. - Company of 18 ppl have 135 points. Each tower cost 4 points in the beginning and more you put in, more points it costs (6th one cost 5 points). You can not put 2nd land tower in claimed area: However you can put water tower in to land's tower area. But you can not put 2nd water tower in to 1st water tower area. If you put your tower right next to some players area, you'll have your area cut (Sry FH... didn't mention your windmill was there): And last thing. I you place tower and some other player will place his tower right near your tower - they both start to gain health. The first one that hits 400 000hp, will vanish all another towers within it's radius. Caution - the capture radius is not just green/red circle visible when you place your tower. But it's around 10 meters wider. So if tower will be placed at circle border or within 10 meters from outside the border - it'll be vanished as well.
  14. You know I... just done with test trying. Right now game is just laggy as hell, with constant ping at 255+, freezes, disconnects. Like recently I've got this buffer overflow message, and then again right the moment I log in. And then again 3 times in a row. I've got my PC freeze two times (had to just reset it) and once after logging in I even found myself deep underground: The reason islands are not totally claimed is this unplayable state the game in right now. Looking forward to see some fixes.
  15. @Ranger1k - It's 400 000. - It seems that mortar will definitely reach tower within it's radius (I'll check one later if I get 1 mortar ammo) : )) - No tower within tower radius. So it just one. - It fits in 3x3 What I'm curious about is - how my claimed area will look like If I place tower right near some1 else's area. Wanna check this out. Also - what'll happen if I'm and other player will put towers near to eachother before they reach 100%?
  16. Like that: This water one has pretty night textures as well. But flag always down even after it 100% And NO PAINTING even flag. It's all white... I mean, if you somehow manage to paint your company flag in Lawless it possible be it. One more issue this addition brings: Meaning - you go lawless for tames? Look for someones traps with unlocked gates (GUYS UNLOCK YOU TRAPS SINCE NOW PLS!!!) But the worst - if you loose your ship around lawless shore it's possible that you won't be able to find a spot for temporary shipyard to build a sloop, to carry your stuff back to base.
  17. - One more thing. I'm solo and go 70 points. My neighbor have company of 18 ppl. He got 135 points. Meaning he can place like 33 tower around the map. It's 2 hours after the patch. Things are pretty intense on some lands : ))
  18. Hmmm... my frist thoughts. - The servers now in huge tailspin. - Got crash. This one is new: - After my tower hit 100% my computer just froze. - Tower in basic of building. It's good in order to start again in lawless after WIPE. Now... - One tower has 4 points. My solo company have 70. It means I can place like 17 towers. Some dudes already doing that: Meaning, we going to 1st season back, where everything were overflooded by thousands of flags. The only difference - 1st season it was out of lawless and lawless was the only way to settle for small tribes. Now it's in lawless, so... If you didn't get a piece of land in the beginning, then you'll probably wont be able to settle at all. Same as in season 1. - Oh and... to speed it up, you can put 200 gold to get +1% Meaning to instantly get tower working you need 20K gold. - I would say there is a good thing there... from now on - no one can secure place their farms and warehouses over the island, but... well, everyone will have towers instead. - Oh and in PVE - you place your tower in Lawless and this territory is yours WITH NO DECAY!!! It means if someone will claim huge zone for fun, and then drop the game, his claims will stay like... for ever. Less chance for those who just join to find a spot.
  19. Yeah... I guess I'll wait what new patch brings, then will try to figure it out.
  20. That's what I did. I set 1x1 wood for wood, thatches for thatches, fibers for fibers, and stones for stones. With full set of trading routes (and I'm updating them every time) I'm getting 200 gold one day then no gold for week. Also I'm getting some alloys, gems, gunpowder, eggs and cannonballs in return, and I have NO IDEA why my warehouse getting those lol : )))
  21. I wish to know where to find good ones btw : )) Last time I was hunting damned ships, for LVL-56+ damned Galleys all I've got is good quality fine (green) blueprints and low quality journeyman (blue) ones.
  22. Well you can not put these on any part of Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken. Just wanna mention it : )) I guess it's just bad code and such a minor problem so DEVs (busy inventing more fascinating ways to ruin the game) will probably fix it in... like never (Sorry guys, but I couldn't stand it)
  23. I.... just want to clarify by: ...you meant somewhere around Thursday or Friday right???
  24. It's not about believing or something. We all got that you well experienced player who solved the game. Good for you. But telling us about this every message is not helping related to questions people (and I'm also) are asking.
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