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  1. Nah... I didn't plan to go powerstone. It was just a curiosity mission in a tiny sloop. The plan was to figure out - what's happening in those islands, how far one player can go etc. : )
  2. I would ask to lower it 20 times less as it is now : )
  3. There is a Dragon @ G3. Once he flew above the water and then stucked there. I sali under him and shoot for like 150 swivel ammo (he was bugged and didn't do anything). I was out of ammo when drake went to like 2-3% of health. I went to the shore to gather some resources - and he just despawned. Most offensive here - there were for like 5 or 6 players there and before I go ashore I wrote to chat that there is a few shot dragon but nobody even care (but... well... this is normal situation I always try to communicate when do long sailing but... well I usually just talk to myself).
  4. Acording to atlas wiki: 52 - 24 53 - 47 54 - 71 55 - 95 56 - 118 57 - 141 58 - 164 59 - 188 60 - 211 61 - 235 62 - 258 63 - 282 etc. So you basically need 24 dc for a +lvl. Then 23. Then again 24 more. Then 23 again. And all goes that way 24-23-24-23-24-23...
  5. You know what I've been thinking? We gathered for Kraken few days ago and did it all just through forum here and through message board at Steam. No one in a game never knew it happening. But yet we had like more than 200 ppl joined the attempt. So... what if there would be an "instrument" in a game allowing players to gather groups and go to adventures? Like it happens in others MMO games! I DONT say anything PVP related. There must be a clans, guild, companies, rank-boards etc. I say about PVE aspect of a game. Play solo? Wanna go to powerstones? Join the big company heading there (they will glad to have extra gun right?) Or just gather 10 more solo players and go alltogether. There is hundreds solo or little companies players, who would be glad to do that. The way I see it - you start event in some "LFG" menu. Choice the time and meeting point. Choice amount of players you need, and put there a ships and equipment requirement for quest. Then in a time every1 gather up and go. Simple. Right now we just don't have an instrument in a game to do so. I wish there will be one someday.
  6. I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed - they heavily increased damage. When we fought SotDs before - the 15 lvl did for like 450 damage to a ship parts per shot. Yesterday we encountered lvl 7 and he did 2100 damage...
  7. We play DUO and live for a months in lawless tundra. We feel happy about the place : )) Not just an island. Today I was sailing back to base and did stops at every islands I pass for discoveries. I saw the situation - one guy (or maybe it's a company) claimed for like 3 or 4 islands in 2 neighbors grids and offering everyone to settle with rent taxes : ) Look at TUNDRA. I mean it sound scary but we live there for a months and with FUR clothes and fortitude around 30 - we feels happy. Even in coldwave + storms. For example - in i2 EU PVE we have 3 islands. Millertown is closest to southern border and its 5 minutes sail from freeport. So it's busy. But the largest island east (Wandering Atol) have a huge free spaces there. You know what ironic? The game also CAN NOT handle large groups of players. If there is for 80 ppl in server all goes SOOOOO SOOOO LAGGY! : )
  8. I would say this is a plan but... imagine you go from I2 to I8 and fight with 20 SotDs each grid. I3 if a freeport and I count start and finish grid as one. so that will bee five full grids. 100 SotDs in just a single voyage. Imagine how long it will be and how much resources you need for ammo and repairment before a trip?
  9. I will not be a first one who write it but... ...well maybe someone do really enjoying to explore damned world. I just wrote my track from border to closest island on I6... I had to avoid for like 15-20 ships of damned while I was sailing there. I understand that sailing must be a challenge somehow. That just to go through endless ocean is boring and it must not be easy and simple. But THIS ^^ situation is not fun either. SotD this like spoil the atmosphere of the game (they looks like some circus ship with clowns crew were damned... or maybe Xzibit pimped them). They do not serve any purpose just swimming in random circles. And we have like ocean filled with them. I mean - how many of them in each grid? 50? 100 maybe? I like to dive into the atmosphere of the game but in this case... I feel like we live in some kind of cursed world where thousands of sail-mans were doomed and forced to live they agony on neon ships - do useless random circles in the ocean... I don't feel I enjoy to discover this kind of LORE.
  10. But yet there if no way to trade keratinoid and people have like thousants of scale and bones and force to do totally stupid 3-hours runs to get just 50 chitin from giant ants... (sometimes U see just 2 ants in hour and get 4 chitin from each one...).
  11. Some say that there is only need a guy with 8 stones in H8 area! And if there is one - so any1 can sail through the center and spawn Kaken. I mean any1 even a troll-guy in a raft... I don't know if that's true but... today we planed to try Kraken and didn't make it. Because when all were gathering - some1 spawned him. Every1 went to closest islands to gather resources for repair. And before all started to gather again - some1 spawned Kraken again. So no one was happy to wait for another hour... and most of players went back to base. So... I guess the spawn mechanic and group gathering - needs some major changes and improvement. (To be honest... well I do understand that this is EA but... there is a content for large groups and yet game/server client cannot handle large groups (it was so laggy today) It sad. Some one even said before we attempt to gather "I hope there is a guy with fire extinguisher in server room").
  12. Nah... I wouldn't asked for it. If you looking for a place - try Tundra. For example we at i2 have 3 islands. Millertown - closest to southern border (5 minutes sail from freeport) is a bit busy but the biggest eastern island "Wandering atol" - have huge free spaces. I know Tundra sounds scary but if you get your fortitude to 30 and craft FUR clothes, you will be fine any time of day and night. There is huge advantage in tundra. There is FEW aggressive wild fauna there. I mean yesterday I went to high desert and in one hour I killed more snakes/wolves/lions than I kill in my tundra in a week. There is no +70 heatwaves. Coldwaves not that scary. We've got our base with port. It's not that big but... we placed like hundreds and hundreds floors. They are alltogether but with any limits we wouldn't be able to make this small village: If there is a question for lawless claim limit, I would think of some radius from first placed floor or whatever you place there. And only one radius for person. So bigger companies would have more place... p.s. pic above is from other topic related to abandoned rafts everywhere.
  13. Some ships IRL were also with guns on the top deck. But yet i agree - all those impossible constructions with huge amount of different guns... and yet with no penalties, you can even build Eiffel Tower on your sloop and it will sail as fast as empty one... It's just : ))
  14. I've tried several weapons, even crafted for yellow quality. - Spears. - Maces. - Swords. - Bows. - Pistols. - I even tried to carry grenades with me. All my islands voyages were always interrupted by deaths from random wild fauna. I was experimenting alot. And yet - i drop. All my crafted weapons are in storage, waiting for better times. I ended with full beastmastery skill-tree and just ride my bear. Before yesterday I didn't die for a weeks. It's easier to gather some brushes (orange vit, fibers, saps). Bear can carry much more. Bear can beat army of death even 25 lvl. I use bear to farm alot of meat for my ships crew. So what's the point of waste you skill points for weapon, waste your time to craft it, and then go and keep dying? While you can use a bear and it's just better in all possible ways! I just carry a spear with me, but only use it for fishing and to speed up my overweight pathfinder (use a tertiary attack - you will charge no mater how overweight you are). (yesterday I died and lost my bear but... well... I was attacked by 23 animals at once and there was an alpha among them).
  15. J3. All cliffs there has crystals fields near very top of them. And yet... I made a huge discovery that even TUNDRA (My Millertown island in i2) has a crystals too. It looks like just a regular solid brown stone in a regular forest on the ground and it turned out that's tellurite crystal recourse (which is btw missing in atlas wiki).
  16. I'm 54 and looking forward to get 90 and go FoY again. This youth buff is so good. (I did it solo. Just respawned @ freeport, got ram-sloop with bed, sail to the island and did naked sprint. 3rd attempt was successful).
  17. Today I lost my bear. We went to southern regions to gather some metal (there is just 3 metal spawns in my island so I have to sail somewhere if I need a lot of it), and while exploring and gathering recourse in H3 we've been attacked by wild fauna. Are you ready? There were: - 7 cobras - 6 wolves pack with 1 alpha wolf. - 5 lions pride. - 3 scorpids - 1 rattle snake - 1 croc 23 creatures in total. At least I counted that much. All together. They were act like they are best friends to each other. I was just gathering another tin mine when suddenly was hit and hold by a lion. And then all I saw - this huge friends crowd arriving and killing my bear (we've been thru a lot together...) and then it was my turn. So... I understand - it survival game but... ...well. Maybe it's a good idea to separate wild creatures families? So cats would not be a best friends to dogs, cold blooded reptiles would not be friends to warm blooded creatures. Arthropods on their own, etc. So If I face for example the pack of wolves - there would be just a pack of wolves, not all fauna in the island alltogether. After all, we're not in MLP where friendship is magic right?
  18. I wish there would be a Corvette here. It was really fast and heavy enough ship in Corsairs game and this one was my favorite.
  19. I allways see the: "don't waste your ammo for SODs" but they are there, they do damage. I think Brigs could sink some while there is a boss phase...
  20. Well. We are Winter Sail, the tiny company from northern Tundra. And will probably bring our Brig to help (and to have fun) : ))
  21. Does any1 needs 9 powerstones or it just one guy to summon and every1 else can join and help fighting?
  22. 2day I just tried again and shoot that whale (he is still there for a week now) myself. I hit him and even took 750 damage. He didn't aggroed me. Just turned around and went deep underwater. I was following him until hes health bar disappeared. Never see him again... so-o-o-o-o-o... the next question here is - how to make whale aggro and follow you : ))
  23. I saw a vid, where guy said "you need around 50 spears".
  24. Did U put harpoons to the back of your ship?
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