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  1. Mines collect metal from rocks. Just there are some rocks with "extended hud info" shows that they have metal in em, but they don't.
  2. Alright let me speak a bit about new farms. 06 - Farms radius must be GONE!!! Bring "per company per island instead!!!" I read some posts that you made windmill to gather just fibers, vegis and berries for purpose. So. Before patch, I had my windmill gathering for me: Fibers, Stones, Flint, Wood, Thatches, Metal and Sap. I also add lumberyard to maximize my profit from trading and after that - my warehouse was full of stuff. Now, to reach just basic I had from my windmill before patch, I have to place 4 farms!!! What does in mean? It means I need to capture HUGE territory for just myself. So check it out. I settled on BIGGEST size island in a game. One of those 2KM wide. I placed my 2 farms as close to eachother as possible. I measured distance (by making screenshots) of farm radius and opened photoshop. I repeat. I live in BIGEST TYPE OF ISLAND right now. And I wonder. What if every players who settle there, wish to have their 4 farms??? How many players will get what they want on the biggest island? You know what? If they place their farms just as close to eachother as possible, then it'll gonna be just 11 players. Like this: I didn't put farms on empty cliffs. Now. This situation is unreal because we not just put our farms close to eachother. We also want farms to reach our warehouse. We also need to place farms to resourceful spot to get best from them. So... typical REAL situation will be something this like: Just 6 players. And only 4 of them have 4 farms. - So imagine the same picture on island twice as small? - Players says there are some island where even 1 player cant put 4 farms there. - And I saw a lot of messages like this: "Man... I have to capture so big space! I just don't want this!!! I just wanna keep my base compact and have my farms around it!!!" So the BEST solution I see here is simple. Get rid of farms radius. Bring it "...per company per island" instead. You afraid of ppl overflood all with farms? Well... make them wanna place just 1... Or you can even go opposite. Make player able to build 4 farms IN SMALL RADIUS from first farm they placed!!! Right now we have like a lot of unhappy ppl just in my grid. - Some of them unhappy because they didn't get a spot for at least a single farm. - Some of them unhappy because they forced to capture like 10% of huge island.
  3. Ok, today I for the 1st time ride a tradewing. Just if you curious about speed - 25% loaded sloop with common mid-speedsail goes 25knots. Speed increased at center, and decreased to 22knots and lower depends on how close you to the edges. To make me see things better (due to sloop is really low) I had to sail with my LMB hold most of my time.
  4. It's from the fact that you have success trade with someone : )) Like you've got some wood delivered. For that you'll get a gold. Then you have your wood delivered back. You got a gold for that too : ) Sounds pretty weird and wrong but that's how it works right now.
  5. Farms are slow because now there are BPs with gather rates increased I guess : )
  6. Because you not in lawless zone. In fact - there is just no Lawless zone at all around. We still waiting from DEVs to make a statement about that.
  7. Grape Guys, you know that you broke the game, hahahaha! 05 - My warehouse works but it doesn't consume fuel : )
  8. Previous thread was there. 01 - Screwed map. PVE server. H9 has 2 islands but only 1 discovery. I visited another island and eastern island has NO NAME (usually showed in top right corner). 02 - Where is Lawless? If you log in under admin account and check how things are goin on official PVE, you'll notice, there is NOT A SINGLE CLAIM TOWER placed all over the map. You know why? Because there is just NO LAWLESS GRID at all. We have some usual grids with island to claim. And more usual grids with island forbidden to claim. So... you should make some statement about that. If you did that to make players level and create towers before allowing everyone to claim spots... Or if you mess this one out and gonna fix this, by turning grids to lawless by fixes... ...THEN YOU SHOUD ANOUNCE TIME OF TURNING GRIDS TO LAWLESS!!!!!! So every1 who woke up at 5am in Europe today to settle the spot wont lose everything to offline raiding. If you planed to get rid of lawless (which now is no difference from past time when those grids were called lawless), you also should make a statement about that! 03 - Farmhouse doesn't gather ANY RESOURCES anymore. I put my farm to lovely spot surrounded by rocks with metal and trees. And all I've got is just FIBER AND BERRIES. If you did this on purpose, then you made windmill useless crap in the game. Because it just hell expensive to build and gather only one resource for trading. 04 - Extended HUD shows wrong for some stones. It sows that EVERY stones has Stone, Flint, Metal and Geode. While some brings just Stone and Flint.
  9. Alright one more thing. My windmill gather just berries and fiber. It surrounded by stones and trees and it doesn't gather any wood, stones, flint and metal anymore. If you made it on purpose then windmill goes to useless state in terms of trading (it just gather a single resource for trade).
  10. Yeah. In couple of minutes. Both PVP already UP (were down as well). Devs told they renewing some code, to add missing features.
  11. It's renewing right now. Gonna be up soon : )
  12. Ok guys. We now have this new lawless claiming stuff, but... well... we have NO LAWLESS in PVE anymore right?
  13. 6:58pm PT: A-a-a-and it's about sunrise in Moscow again. We ready to rock! : )) For some reason I see PTR server both on normal and test mode. 7:05pm PT: (are they still down, or I have some game client issues?) 7:12pm PT: PVP NA is UP! It's all reminds me old times when we all gathered in front of Outlands portal in WoW waiting until it's open. 7:21pm PT: Still no EU and no PVE. 7:33pm PT: Only NA PVP available yet. Ppl from Europe are worried (I mean it's late night or early morning now there, alot of players pushing "refresh" button hard instead of sleeping). 7:34pm PT: EU PVP is UP!!! 7:42pm PT: PVE is UP! I'm in.
  14. Yet another wake up at 5AM Moscow time (it's 2-4 am for European guys and girls). Please don't mess it up this time because third wake up at 5am - would be just too much. p.s. - We are talking about 7:00pm PT right?
  15. Especially yeti, dinos, giant crabs... well, as for crocs maybe someone name his pathfinder Jagged Stone and then tame a Croc, I dunno... : )) (It's not about pirate anyway). As for me I personally wish to tame a single horse, to carry stuff through islands and do all other activities without tames at all.
  16. Devs are now probably sleeping, cause there is early morning in US : )
  17. I always lived in Lawless Tundra and plan to do so this season. But... well... with new map you gave me just 2 grids for that. With lack of islands I have to seat here and wait for news about wipe and patch release, to be the within the first players who log in. I hope I'll make it in itme (sigh). (the only good thing is - one grid is old fashion western tundra which my heart is belongs to).
  18. Test patch doesn't have any Lawless islands BTW. So no claiming testing there.
  19. For how long? At least approximately. I mean Europe woke up before sunrise, Russia - at sunrise and we now should sit and wait? Or it's gonna happen like tomorrow and we can go back to bed again? I'm testing PTR and new map doesn't make any sense lol : ))) Alright TWITTER sais it's gonna be tomorrow tonight. What do you mean by that? Will that be at some "AM" Pacific Time April 29??? Or somewhere around 7PM PDT April 29?
  20. And it's about sunrise in Moscow Russia. Don't tell we cancel our sleep for nothin! : )
  21. Yeah and that's where New World comes in. Amazons gave Grapeshots head start with Atlas and if things stays current way until end of August, Atlases playerbase will flee to New World.
  22. I play solo, live in lawless and I'm glad that ships now requires to put some efforts in to it!!! This is no bid deal to earn 5K with no warehouse. Tame any bear. Build mid-speedsail sloop. Go lvl-5 bottles which are usually couple grids away. Check for lvl-10+ sunkens while you at your treasure journeys. And that's it! I mean, you anyway need to do treasures to lvl up, so... And if you'll be able to set your trading chain, then... well. With 2 farms, one warehouse and one market - you can get 4-12k gold every day. Check how we did that: Oh an... yeah, one issue we have in lawless. If things are going to be the same as they are right now, then... well... all land will be claimed and there is no DECAY!!! Meaning if player will drop the game, all his stuff will stays there like for ever! So no chance to wait until someones warehouse will decay, and set your trading chain. But anyway... let's see what new patch will brings. Maybe DEVs will come up with something.
  23. Hey guys, can you... well, at least show us a picture of new map before patch lands?
  24. Few thoughts of this video: - I've been asking of alternatives to tames to deal with damned armies. Now we have... MORE TAMES STYLES to deal with it. I've got it. You like all this ARK stuff, but... well you really should decide what are you doing and make a clear statement of it. Because right now if we scroll up, we'll see cap of the site with some sails ships and pirate/corsair style man and woman with pistol and knife. And yet you offer us to tame a dinosaur, put platform on it, put some cannons there, ride and shoot... (I mean we already have ARK you know?) - Oh... and imagine, this elephant with platform on sloop, lol? 2 platform elephats battle sloop! How is that? - New map... Ok, can we at least see a picture, before all begins? Because I SOOOOOOOO MUCH happy of my current spot, so I would love to settle there again. At least I hope some Western Tundra islands will be closer to central parts of map. I like renewed Eastern Tundra but my heart belonds to Western one witch right now is in the farthest and dusty corner of the map. - Tradewinds are COOL! Finally! And hey... what the hell speed is there? Around 40??? : ))) I mean I really glad to see this one comming. - Some weapon attachments to new ships are cool, but... toons of questions here. Will they be as BPS with improvable damage and HP stats? Will we be able to lose them in battle? Did you make some new ships improvement related to maintenance em in battle, so we actually would buy new ship not just to test in once but to actually use it??? - A-a-a-a-and 7pm PT : )) It's gonna be April 29 5am in Moscow Russia : )) Jeez, we have "this rest only in our dreams" proverb in Russia. And we HAVE to log in there because of claiming issues.
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