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  1. 15 - This MMO game need MMO-Group features.

    In past QnA you told that you wanna Atlas to be the game with players interactions. Yesterday I was finishing my powerstones and doing some treasure leveling. I asked in the chat on 36 GRIDS if any1 breeds and sale Tigers?

    Today I pass around 16 grids already keep asking if any1 do tames as well?

    No one answered.

    I've got NOT A SINGLE MESSAGE BACK. So that's what you called "player interaction?" Sailing around and yelling chat?


    It doesn't work anymore. It worked this way in 2004 when World of Warcraft released, and ppl were chating eachother. Now chating is more like talking to her majesty silence.

    So this game needs modern communications and interactions tools. Let players gather groups, leave messages, trade eachother through some ingame tools and features. Oh and yeah. It's possible that some breeders were there when I asked. They just don't do English?

  2. 14 - Damned ships issues.

    For all past seasons damned ships were engaging us when we were close enough. It was like that:

    - We see damned ships - they do their mindless circles.

    - We see level and health of them - meaning we are dangerously close.

    - We see health bar - meaning damned ship engaged and gonna shoot us.

    Right now it seems to me - their engage radius became very large. They go intercept us as soon as they draw. So if we are in full speed on schooner, or ride tradewind - if we see damned ship, it means he gonna intercept and shoot.

    I mean it's not big deal to receive some damage. To loose couple planks, ceilings, railings. To keep like 15 wallhooks in box, to replace them after yet another damned ship destroy yet another wallhook.


    It's just no fun. They just annoys us twice as before. ESPECIALLY IN TRADEWIND, where you can not possible avoid them due to lack of high speed maneuverability. So... what I wanna say is - give us a chance to avoid them. Increase their draw distance already!!! Or brings us some XP bonus flying high speed near I dunno...


    One more thing. For couple times I crossed! And as soon as game loaded (and it happens very fast I have 32GB RAM and SSD) I found myself near camping damned ships who already shoot me several times!!!

    Really. It's like that.

    - I ride my well repaired schooner with planks of 5098 health.

    - I hit the border.

    - All loaded.

    - I see 2 planks missing, 4 planks leaking.

    - I see lvl-40 damned galley and couple damned schooners around me with alot of damned cannonballs flying from everywhere and alot of overlapping numbers

    And that's the WRONGEST feature you ever made. You made player hit the border with no way to know what's on the other side. And then - camping damned ships, do their attack while players loading and doesn't even know they dying. This is the best way to make ppl feel helpless. And they feel it because you made a game works in injustice way.

    (You do know this issues are most hated by players from all over the world right? To feel helpless and injustice).

    So I just repeat what I wrote earlier. Code and introduce restricted areas for damned ships. Some distance from the borders. Some distance along tradewind paths.

  3. 13 - Custom sail paint draw distance is WAAAAAAY TOO LOW!!!

    I saw a Galey with white sails approaching. When this ship was near it turned out he has custom sails paint (the paint appeared on sails one by one as ship came closer).


    I mean C'mon DEVs! We don't draw sails just for ourselves. We also wanna show off in front of other players! This is MMO game after all! And if ppl are bother, learning how to do it, install photoshop and this ARK-converter tool, gather mats, create paint dyes... they would like other players to see that. And it turns out - most of time ppl just see white sails, and only sees our works if they approach close enough? (And I mean really close!!!)

    I mean REALLY! We would sail white sails, if we wanna other players to see our white sails.

  4. 11 - My crew leaving stations after I cross.

    I'll add to what @Myrm said last message. I have same issue. One of my crew keep leaving his station after I cross the grid. It's always the same guy whose duty is on the central cannon on stern.


    12 - Damned ships need to have restricted areas.

    Ok, here is the deal. After you introduced gold cost for ships (which is I'm wholeheartedly approve) ppl no more ride Brigs and Galleys. I mean there are some PPL ride those, but not as many as before. If I meet traffic in ocean, 50% of ships will be Sloops, 25% - Schooners and other 24.95% are Brigs and Galleys (I saw just a single Ramming Galley since you started to introduce new ships).

    Do you know what are the consequences of this decision? 

    There are WAY LESS PPL do their Damned Ship hunting right now. Way less ppl clearing they home areas, etc. Most of ppl are just passing by Damned Ships, and Damned Ships are following them for some time.

    That's why, after time passes by, most of Damned Ships are moving closer to the border and start to do camping there. In fact, I never saw THAT MANY Damned Ships camping borders before gold-cost-for-ship was introduced.

    Same happening with tradewinds. Ppl are flying high speed and more and more Damned Ships engage, following them to the tradewind path and stops there.


    The only difference here is a bit bad issue.

    - There is no point of fighting Damned Ships inside of tradewind, because with like 0.01% of sail ship moving full speed of 30 knots and it doesn't turn at this speed (so no maneuvering and no kiting).

    - You CAN NOT avoid Damned Ship inside tradewind, because you need instantly change direction by like 40-50 degrees, and with this speed ship does like 1 degree in 2 seconds and it's like 10 seconds before hitting Damned Ship. So... I mean I'm trying to hold "A' or "D" but biggest turn I was able to do is 6 degrees, which is totally not enough. I use those winds alot (and they are so far the best you did for sailing) and I keep receiving damage and hit Damned Ships (and I really looking forward to hit em doing 30 knots on my Ramming Galley 😆

    Anyway. There will be more and more of them there.


    So I see only solution. You need to code somehow and introduce restricted areas for Damned Ships. Some distance from borders. And now - tradewing path. So if Damned Ship accidently went inside this area out of fighting with player, he then move out the shortest way.

  5. If the Devs would just communicate this to the Players that we understand why you do the change the feedback would maybe be better.

    Yeah. I still wanna hear something about the map.

    - Did they do grids around freeport - old fashion lawless, and some other grids new claimable lawless for purpose?

    - Or maybe they gonna fix it and turn all grids around freeports to claimable lawless as well?

  6. 09 - Losing hunger in ocean.

    I actually noticed this one long ago and just keep forgetting to write it down.

    If I lose stamina and regain it, while sailing, in typical situation I'll lose about 5 hunger (10 for cold and 15 for freezing). But If I lose all stamina and use steering wheel while regain it, I'll lose like 1-2 hunger. Not sure if this one is a feature or bug?

  7. 08 - Tradewind issues.

    During night rain tradewind path on the ocean surface is invisible.


    There are some places on map where tradewind path showed, there is a path on ocean surface, but it doesn't provide any x-tra speed:





    Here on D8 I've tried something.

    - I exit tradewind path, but this green wind icon and also orange waving lines in sails stayed with me no matter how far I went from tradewind. I back to tradewind path and no matter what direction I sailed - green wind icon was there. And I got NO speed bonus. 

    - I relog the game. After that green wind icon disappeared and never appeared back. Even after I entered tradewind path again. No speed bonus.

    - I sailed to the border, crossed, and then went back to tradewind path. Green icon didn't appeared and I've got no extra speed at all. 

    Next C8 grid was fine.

    I have some guesses, which I'm gonna test later. Before I hit D8 I was riding tradewind and crossind the border in long turn, holding "D" key while hit the border. Maybe THAT was a reason this server broken down for me?

  8. 08 - (need to be fixed ASAP) crew in "following" state on the ship don't follow pathfinder.

    Ok, you DO know that hired crew can use JUST CLOSEST station on the ship, right??? Meaning - if closest one is the sail - I can only press "use sail" in round menu. If closest one is steering wheel, I'll see only "use steering wheel".

    To make them use specific station I had to order them to follow me, lure them to the station I need, and then press "use station I need" in round menu. 

    Well. It's not that easy anymore. If crew ON THE SHIP, if I press "enable following" in behaver (or if I press "T" whistle - following), instead of follow me, my crew will try to reach ship center at all costs. So I can only put them to the closest station from ship center. In my situation - to get my crew use ballistas on stern, I have to stop my ship, jump to the water with my crew, swim from behind and from there press "use ballista". 

    You know this feature is already troublesome, because in some cases I had to lure crew to the different part of the ship before they reach right position. And somehow you made it even worse and absurd. So PLEACE bring things at least back to where they were before patch!!!



  9. 07 - Let's talk about farms a bit more.

    I wanna ask DEVs - do you really have a vision of game you creating? Or you just randomly mess with numbers and then see, what happens?

    Before wipe, we were trading with Nacona. My 2 farms (windmill and lumberyard) were enough to get 100 ships running constantly, and we had average 6K gold a day income.

    With current gathering rate, each farm will provide... like 5-6 ships a day. I mean real time day. So. I didn't set my trading yet because with so little wares I receive by farming - I doubt anyone will ever be willing to trade with me. I remember what you said when you introduced trading.

    "Trading is the way to earn gold". It's not anymore. I mean, if I place like 8-10 good gathering rate farms around, I'll get some good numbers. For that I'll have to claim like 20% of really big island or up to 70% of smaller one.

    I'm about to start high level treasure hunt, so maybe I'll get better gathering rate BPs, but now, my 117% mine brings about 4K metal in 12h. My 114% lumberyard - about 3K wood and thatches in 12h.

    So. The way I see it. You set huge restriction radius for farming structures, so players wouldn't build a lot of farming structures around.

    You dramatically reduce gathering rate, so players would want to build a lot of farming structures around.

    It's like you want players to build a lot of farming structures and at the same time - you don't want players to build a lot of farming structures.

    So my question is simple. Do you have a vision of how it should work? If so - tell us about it? You want just megas to do trading maybe? 

    P.S - Before I replaced my Windmill to Mine, it also gathered like 3K fibers in half of day. You do understand that with a bear I can gather 3K fiber in just 2 paw swipe? So windmill (which is required alloys to build) it totally useless trash now, because with a bear I can gather same amount of fiber faster than I go get and deliver fuel for windmill.

  10. Mines collect metal from rocks. Just there are some rocks with "extended hud info" shows that they have metal in em, but they don't.

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