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  1. Hello there! I am asking for a friend but I had found a server config code that could disable structure collision and he wants to know how he could apply it and where to apply it in server config? This is for a dedicated server, by the way....would be very thankful if someone could tell me! The code reads as below: bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=True
  2. Screenshot I took while overlooking my Company's island on the RP server 'Ruins of the Storm roleplay at High seas'
  3. If people didn't like the aging mechanic, then why did you buy the game? It says right there on the steam page that there is a aging system. People shouldn't get angry about a system that was announced before launch for the game. It's what they had in mind for the game and eventually it will come with benefits, plus I doubt the developers will remove aging with how far they've gone in making the aging and legacy system. If you didn't want aging in a game, you should have just read the steam page for this game then maybe you wouldn't have had to complain about a mechanic that other people may enjoy.
  4. The age mechanic is a wonderful thing, Once all of it's effects are ingame it will be really cool. People don't realize not all the features are in the game yet, you are buying into Alpha. Later on, the legacy mechanic will come in and the aging system will all make sense to people and will come with benefits.
  5. Love this game, was wondering a few things though? How will Legacy system work in the future? What will we gain from playing our child and are we going to be able to customize our kid when we start playing them? When Legacy is added in, will dedicated servers and other unofficial servers be able to change the speed at which character age with a server-side setting?
  6. Hello! I really love this game, it's really fun and I'm playing on a friend's RP server. I was going to play a beast tamer but I was wondering if Wolves are ever going to be able to be bred? I ask this because Breeding wolves would be neat and they already have a female and male version I just wasn't sure if they would be breedable in the future? Would be nice if anyone knew, but if no one knows thanks anyways! I do know breeding right now is difficult anyways but I have a lot of time to put into playing but wolves are something that I really want to breed in the future if they become breedable, they are by far one of my favorite mounts and tames
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