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  1. That's kind of what I was thinking was happening was that the ceiling tiles that make up the 'floor' weren't registering the supports or connections on other sides. I guess what I can do is one by one, demolish and replace every ceiling tile in the floor that isn't needed for pillar support and see if the new ones start registering and updating the support points so that everything lists as 'connected'.
  2. I believe map quality is boosted by the game difficulty. I noticed when I played with Single Player settings the one time that map qualities spiked, along with SotD levels and other things. So perhaps Maps only have the same levels as Wild Animals and will only appear as 1 -> 30 with increasing rareness the higher the quality. I myself haven't seen one over quality 22.1 thus far this session.
  3. Is that what it's doing? I was always assuming that my multipliers on my armor were effecting the preview, and since the animals weren't the ones wearing it then they wouldn't get the benefit. I seen reports on it a LONG time ago, but it's a minor issue that I figured can sit on the bottom of their to-do whiteboard till late game.
  4. Try this site. Been pretty accurate thus far after all the changes that I've seen to the Central Tundra regions. https://antihax.github.io/ Just type into the bar on the right what you are looking for.
  5. Honestly, I started playing the game on day one. Recently I started watching a YouTube series by a fellow named Grillmastah who also started publishing videos on initial release, and the nostalgia is absolutely mind boggling. I'm amazed at how much new content, changes, bug fixes, and optimizations have happened in the last year! I tend to forget that the game isn't even 1 year old yet. Compared to where ARK was after the first year, ATLAS's update speeds and content additions/fixes have been lightning quick in comparison. I can afford them a little patience if they are neck deep in as big of a gameplay change as they were hinting at with the roadmap.
  6. I know some people in PvE build some really elaborate and huge structures. Has anyone noticed if they changed the physics on ceiling structures for some reason? Used to be that like ARK if you had placed a line of foundations down and then on one end used a ramp or walls to build upwards you could extend your ceiling tiles straight out over the row of foundations as far as you wanted with no issues. This was a hold-over from ARK to accommodate some of the ridiculous base sizes and open rooms, in that the ceiling tile only checked for a connected foundation directly beneath it. Recently on two different construction projects I've started having errors when placing ceiling tiles with it reporting that there is no foundation support nearby, even though in both cases there is a full set of foundations or pillared ceiling tiles DIRECTLY below the unit I'm trying to place. Did they change the physics where now you can only extend a ceiling tile 7-8 tiles away from a wall support before you need to supply another wall support? Or are my tiles just not registering that they are snapped together and even though I have a square 20x20 foundation it actually registers as 5 or 6 varying foundation shapes simply placed next to each other and not connected?
  7. I think also that the PowerStone island you did it on is one of the medium difficulty ones. C6 and M12 are far easier with the caves being fairly close to the shore, so you have less of a chance of "followers" and an easier time naked luring anything by the cave away. I did it the first time on D12 before the first wipe and when the Fountain moved around ... that was probably the worst time I ever had trying to make that run with Cyclops and Rock Elementals directly in front of the cave entrance.
  8. @LunarDracos You sir ... are a necromancer.
  9. So I've recently began construction of a larger 12x25 tile Manufacturing Barn with multiple wide gate entries on all sides. The entire structure is built over the water on a dock which is adequately supported with pillars every 2 or so blocks in both directions allowing for foundation support to hold the floor up without issue. When trying to fill in the ceiling of the crafting floor and when trying to fill in the roof of the second floor I end up with a random strip in the middle of the building where it will not let me place any ceiling tiles because of Foundation Support? The entire ceiling is easily suspended over a completely pillared and supported floor level over the water, so if the floor has adequate foundation support why then does the ceiling above it NOT have adequate foundation support to fill in the rest of the celing and roof? ATLAS Coordinate: cheat TP K13 -238045 -294562 228
  10. You are not required to place down a Claim Flag in order to build a base, that was the old claim system. Just find any island with a piece of shore that you like and start building. Simply be aware that the Company that HAS claimed the island has free rights to demo anything you place down for 24 hours. 95% of the time there is no issues and the system is more used by island owning companies to help 'clean up' the island of left-over taming traps and DP Bed spawns. But if you want to be cautious simply try talking to the island owners OR start building out of something simple like thatch and keep your extra resources on your boats or in the inventory of your tames for the first 1-2 days.
  11. Different playstyles is all. I agree with you and also enjoy randomly sailing around picking up and doing treasure maps as I wander from zone to zone, but some people don't want to explore and just want to min/max their characters in the fastest time possible. The part I don't understand is why do the bed spam? I mean I get that DP raises maximum level, but you get WAY more DP from collecting the power stones and hunting each of the whale types in a much shorter time-frame. Island DP is necessary for the quest completion but seems like the slowest and least efficient way to raise your maximum level. Before the last wipe I had maximum level of 96 mostly from powerstones and whales, then even with my maximum raised that much I was barely slugging through the XP at level 74 and MAYBE seeing a level ding 1-2 while spamming common treasure maps for a full afternoon.
  12. Right tactic, wrong structure. Piracy Tree -> Wooden Cage ... mobile parrot taming trap that you can pick up and put down everytime you find a new parrot.
  13. Accordian. Place Accordian and Note Sheet in the NPC's inventory, right click the accordian and tell it to 'use' or press 'E' while mouse-over it. Then simply look at the NPC and tell it to 'E' - Play Song NOTE: Be certain that the note sheet is for 'Accordian' music and don't waste 10min like me trying to get them to play a War Drums song with an accordian.
  14. I don't own the island and just recently got back into the game, but I too noticed that the Resource Silo does not seem to be functioning at all. I almost had my newest musician in the base mutiny from lack of payment even though the silo is 30 feet away and stocked with 10,000G. I'm going to put in a ticket to report it, I'm sure others are having the issue as well they just might not realize it yet.
  15. I don't ever remember being able to sink foundations in ATLAS. Best I've been able to do is use a slightly lower spot to start in and use thatch foundations to kind of "walk" it over to the area that I want to build in. Not to much though, because if you sink the foundation too much it'll clip and start reporting that it's "obstructed" which I REALLY wish they would toggle off or reduce the clipping limit. It takes a lot of fussing, placing, picking up, remaking ... but eventually you can get it.
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