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  1. CoopedUp

    Arrows vs Firearms

    Bows are best for sustained DPS, while guns are best for an initial burst damage stand-point. In a PvE aspect I'm more of a fan of equipping a sword, pistol, and a Blunderbus for different scenarios. Lion attacks and grabs you -> Blunderbus to the face, something further away -> Pistol, cobra or something in melee -> sword. The best part about Guns vs Bows is that you can still shoot a gun while grabbed by a lion and you can't shoot a bow until he releases you.
  2. CoopedUp

    Decay Time

    The Decay timer thing is a little buggy too right now I think. My self and my company decided to take a break from the game for a while, so we gave away all of our animals, gathered up all the boats to just in front of the base, and left our contact info with the neighbors in case anything came up. Every 5-7 days one of logs in for a couple minutes just to walk around and make sure the decay timer resets, but the other day the Lighthouse "Auto-Decay Destroyed" itself even though I had been logged in 3 days prior resetting the decay times and had walked right past it
  3. CoopedUp

    internal water pipes

    Okay so the first point is that the Pipe will not snap to the grill, but the grill will snap to the pipe. So what I did was place a reservoir in my house and snapped pipes to it so that one of the joints was lined up so that when my grilled snapped to it, it was right where I wanted it to be. Then I continued to pipe outside my house to where I wanted to place my actual reservoirs, after I had piped it into two reservoirs outside my house I demo'd the reservoir and spare piping in the house leaving my grill attached to the piping and reservoirs outside. Next time it rained I slowly watched the water count go up in my grill till it maxed out at 300.
  4. CoopedUp

    Friendly mermaid quest

    I'm wondering if they even exist. I mean I sail all over and never ran across one, unless the friendly one's don't create song circles and you are just supposed to see them bobbing all by themselves out in the middle of any random grid. In which case I'll probably never find one because my draw distance isn't very far when I'm doing 15-20 knots.
  5. I was kind of hoping for a free respec, but I'm not really upset that there isn't. I mean honestly the ability to respec in this game is WAY easier then any other game I've played with free respecs every level or an easy to obtain soup at any of the Freeports.
  6. CoopedUp

    Cobras behind walls

    Is your animal pen an open pen, or do you have actual flooring covering the whole pen? The respawn radius for animals is only a couple of tiles away from foundation points. Our animal pen is a couple of cliff platforms at the same level as a cliff ledge that's maybe 5-8 foundations wide, and while things won't spawn on the platform itself they will respawn on the ledge half every so often. I just wish I could set up a couple of puckle guns to clear the pen of anything that spawns, but I was warned that if any of my tames envelope the wild animal the crew member on the puckle will try and shoot through my tames to kill the wild animal resulting in more dead tames.
  7. It's a good step and you're right that it'll make hand harvesting faster and close the gap with Tame Harvesting, but there is still some Cons compared to using an animal. The biggest issue with hand harvesting for me wasn't so much how fast I could collect the materials, but more in how often did I have to stop to repair my tools. A Tame can carry more weight and you don't need to stop and return to the base to repair it. Until they make it so that crew can auto-harvest or make it so that gathering tools can be repaired in the field I don't see many people switching from Tames just yet.
  8. CoopedUp

    How do you guys kill Army of the Dammed ?....

    Teach him a lesson. Watch the house till you see him enter it, then park your bear in the doorway and spawn the AoD ... nothing like being trapped in a little box with a room full of zombie pirates.
  9. CoopedUp

    How do you guys kill Army of the Dammed ?....

    Yeah, it recently came to our attention on our island in K13 that there is a map point WAY the hell up on top of a spire. So we decided to build a three stage elevator all the way to the top for people to transport tames with ... it'll be a lot of work cranking 60+ times to get the tame up but it's better then having to abandon the map and figured it would be more compact then a ramp system that zig-zags all over the place.
  10. Not sure how this is interacting, but I'm surprised that it actually came up. While recently expanding/reconstructing my base I lined up a new cliff platform so it sits perfectly next to my first section of the base at practically the exact same height. However, as it always seems to happen with cliff platforms the rock face protrudes into the building area and the wall clipping system of ATLAS leaves much to be desired. But since the platform is flat I thought I could remedy this situation by using carefully placed Fence Supports to line my wall up with the rock face so it's not constantly zig-zagging all over the place. Imagine my surprise that after I placed the first fence support and went to check the alignment with a wall piece that the wall piece reports that it is unable to be placed because there is no nearby foundation ... while trying to attach it to a "foundation" structure piece that is placed on top of another "foundation" structure piece. Can this be looked into please? Building on cliff platforms is already rough with the in game "clipping", but now I can't even straighten out my walls legitimately because of a foundation overlap?
  11. CoopedUp

    The New Red Alert ..

    Red Alert for those that don't know: With all your crew mounted on Cannons and yourself at the Steering Wheel press and hold "N" (default), after ~3sec release the "N" key and all your crew members will jump off the cannons and be set on Aggressive. It's recommended then to press "Semicolon" then to place them all back on Passive so they don't go chasing seagulls and stuff. After roughly 30sec or the next time you board your ship and take the wheel press "RightShift" (default) and the crew members will End Red Alert and return to their cannons. It's a useful ability for un-mounting all your crew when you dock your boat, though I have noticed that it seems the two extreme ends of the Galleon don't obey the command and stay mounted. Still if you unmount 3/4 of a galleon crew it's a good way to save some gold.
  12. Also if you have a repair hammer handy you can help speed up the "healing" of the new plank and stop the ship from sinking faster then if you just let it go by itself.
  13. CoopedUp

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    Max level WAS 100, until a few patches ago when they re-adjusted the amount of skill points you get per level and raised the cap to 150.
  14. CoopedUp

    Ship trades, unclaiming

    Yep, it's on their list and they are working on it.
  15. CoopedUp

    Treasure Defender

    Fair enough, but in that case I recommend getting some high level crew members and lvling up their health/weight. Equip them with swords, shields, and armor and take them with you. I seen a video once of 10 NPCs absolutely wrecking a lot of shit until the admin spawned a Cyclops on them ... that was just pure death for them then.