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  1. Noom

    Please fix the rocks.

    If you can't hit it, it means it's decorative. So you have to deal with it.
  2. Noom

    Crop plot Fertilizer vanishing bug

    Ok ... so now I'm experiencing for the third time this bug ... Fertilizers vanished again and again except for one crop plot ... I really don't understand what is happening, I never had it before ...
  3. Noom

    Crop plot Fertilizer vanishing bug

    Hello there I just have the same bug, but I didn't lose so many fertilizers. 10 large plots, each with 2 fertilizers in ... I left few hours, came back, then all the fertiizers had disappeared, except but one which was fine and fruitling ...
  4. Noom

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    Hi there I really enjoyed painting on Ark, so I'm really glad I can do the same in Atlas :3 I never use the software-with-a-pineapple-I-never-remember-its-name. I only do "free-hand" painting ... and it always takes me a loooot of time One day I may use this pineapple-software, one day So here are my 2 finished paintings, My captain and me ! (Others may come soon ^^) And a not-finished flag, our company's flag :3 I hope I will finish it soon, but there's so many things to do EDIT : Finally finished ! ^o^
  5. Not a bug, read the patch note of the v15
  6. Noom

    unable to tame

    Same problem but with a bear ... he keeps killing us even immobilized with bolas and in a trap, but we can't feed him. Our "Tamer In Chief" is going mad and salty
  7. Noom

    Can't paint wood canvas

    Same problem, same questions I've finally decided to free-paint on wood signs, in the good old style of Ark (before the canvas was implanted) Just hope one day the canvas will be fixed.