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  1. you guys need to get it out of your head that players want player management system. As a gamer, I would love to game not spend 60% of my time managing how my character lives healthy. I do enough of that in real life. What vitamin he needs to eat and What vitamin he doesn't need to eat. when you talk to 90% of the player base they just killed themselves to get around the mechanic what a great game mechanic you put in your game let's move on to the second topic who wants to reload a shity game reloading reloading game for your gun. I want to push the button to reload it I don't want to play a secondary game or if I don't press it at a certain time WTF lol. I can't think of off the top of my head of any successful major game that has a reloading mini game function in their game. It's the little things in quality of life when you're playing the game that just makes it unplayable A new game designers but still old broken game mechanics
  2. ok that's not my question and that's the same answer I get all the time. I got Banned for a CoC for Ark thing I'm guessing not sure because they could never tell me. as for the battleEye thing go. we all know what battleEye is a anti-cheat software that protect battleye servers . BattleEye has there on global banlist and if i was on it I would be on there forum boards. once again I'll ask will I am banned on the official Network for Atlas not battleEye!!!!! There is a list for BattleEye. There is a list for Ark. Where is the list for atlas?
  3. I see the CoC. So is Atlas getting a Ban list just for Atlas or is the ark ban list carrying over? your Ban list has carried over to dark and light. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/217914-ban-list-has-been-carried-over-to-dark-and-light/ As Jat said "We don't have any decision/influence/say with Dark and Light, whatsoever. Our banlist is public, anyone can use it if they so choose, and if they're using BattlEye, then when you're banned from 1 BE game, you're banned from em all."" You have Decision and influence in Atlas. I was Banned in Ark. Can I play on Atlas official Network??? no one is saying anything about it but like usual you were really shy about this subject in your community. I dont want to buy a game I cant play and you guys are development team and I don't know who else to ask? Like I said clear the air grapeshot!!!!!
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