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  1. Greyleaf

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    This poll tells me that +75% of pve players want limited claims (49% - 1 claim/person, 27% - more than 1 claim/person) https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/53160-poll-who-wants-an-island/
  2. Greyleaf

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    You can speak for me as well Unclemike, as I share your opinion. I spoke up on this issue enough to sound like a broken record, so I stopped....no one was listening.
  3. Greyleaf

    Why claims are needed.

    Well I'm open to anything as long as it doesn't have me living under someone else.
  4. Greyleaf


    Let's hope so.
  5. Greyleaf

    Why claims are needed.

    The more I read, and the more I think about it....I have to agree. I really didn't have an issue with removing claims as long as they were able to deal with the foundation/pillar spam. The system they propose now is completely wrong for PVE and does not solve the issue of people finding their OWN piece of land to build on. It works for people who expect to be land owners, but that is not the majority of your player base. I'm confident that most people would rather build on lawless than build on land controlled by someone else.
  6. Taxes are not necessary because settlements are not necessary in PVE.
  7. Greyleaf

    So is the PVE community happy now

    I agree with this completely. They need to address the communities concerns in one central place....the official forums. Otherwise why is the forum even here? They need one official channel of communication.
  8. Greyleaf

    Give a way to avoid tax

    Even if there was no tax, I would still have no interest in living on someone else's land.
  9. Greyleaf

    merge pvp and pve

    If you want to add PVE aspects to PVP, that's fine. Just don't do it at the expense of PVE players. We like our servers without the PVP content.
  10. Greyleaf

    merge pvp and pve

    Agreed. PVE wants nothing to do with PVP.
  11. Greyleaf

    Merge PvP and PvE to one server

    Agreed. PVE wants nothing to do with PVP.
  12. Greyleaf

    No landlords!

    Good landlord or bad landlord, I don't want one...period. I am not looking for "renters protections" either. I just want a piece of land for myself. For me, PVE is about doing my own thing without any other player having any power whatsoever over how I decide to play the game.
  13. I think more people will leave because of an even worse claiming system. Renting for a lot of people is not an option...we do not want to live under someone else's rule (that's a pirate thing isn't it?). And I for one wouldn't go unofficial because the maps are too small. I would just stop playing....unfortunately.
  14. Greyleaf

    New changes

    ROTFL Thank you, that's the funniest thing I've read this week!
  15. Greyleaf


    That's why I don't sit in Discord all day hoping that I'll catch one of them on. That's why I respond to posts in the forums....so the devs can see the conversations that are happening throughout the day, not just from the people who happen to be online when they are.