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  1. dont know where to complain about this but why is it that when i right click something to select how much i wanna craft it, it auto-crafts the damn thing without my permission?
  2. think they delayed it again..........
  3. oh and thats nice, placing down a mortar that has a stat buff and picking it back up resets it back to 100% dmage and durability, gg
  4. screw over smaller companies living in polar GG, just got attacked and im not motivated to waste my organic paste on the fucking damage, great concept for a game, shitty devs, devs are too focused on trying to "balance" things that in turn is only going to make it worse for their servers, looks like ill be spamming wood structures now, counterproductive to their plans unless they make wood cost metal and organic too now, when hackers are still around, and buggy issues prevalent but the devs want stone to cost sugar now
  5. another suggestion would to be able to use puckles on ships, makes no sense why they cant be used on ships when it actually was originally designed for ship expeditions to fend off turk pirates (i think those were the pirates back then), so doesnt make sense why its only allowed as base defense
  6. ah so the attacks they conducted on b15 wasnt the only place getting attacking huh?
  7. what server is that with the tanks and what not (cause tanks are better than dank)? i wouldnt mind having one
  8. i dont know about the other aspects into the weather thing other than the "cold fronts" and heatwaves happen way too frequently
  9. PGI Xx HunterxX


    having the same exact issue on the na pvp server with my sloop
  10. nvm, apparently it wasnt a bug, its this damn garbage spawning with nothing but spam of wolves, and funny thing is too that i spawned in dead with my stuff long decayed, apparently animals can spawn into your base, thats always nice
  11. cheat TP B15 254196 148325 404 if an admin of some sort ever comes view this and wants to see the situation ingame
  12. Okay, so i went to reclaim a base down in b15 after the owner hasnt came back ever since he said he was going to the grocery store for just 10 minutes and be back, he never came back, hasnt been online discord since that day or ingame, so the company (originally called SNOW BOYZ) made a theory that he got killed or something, and then we all eventually left it, i left it originally to go join up some other group, but i had a moment where i got turned off from the bullcrap i encountered ingame so i decided to take a break...... suffice to say, a few days later i get back into the game, made a new company called YoRHa, go reclaim the place, the owner that still hasnt gotten back on gets executed by these hands so i can continue claiming, then yeah got off after i finished claiming virtually all the important aspects of the territory. i get back on literally an hour ago, check around and most of the storage lockers, the tannery and loom are gone. i thought to myself, did i get raided? check around, no signs of entry, all stone walls, doors, floors, are all intact, yet that doesnt make sense then why this happened and stuff got destroyed despite having no decay go on in them and what not, but then i made a theory that perhaps this is a bug. i assume the bug occurred when i claimed the territory for my new company, and what caused it is that all the inventories i didnt fiddle with (aka moving stuff around in them, taking stuff out or in, etc.) despawned because maybe they thought that they werent getting activity in some sort? all the other containers i fiddled with like the forge, some storage lockers, the smith and mortar are still intact, and this pissed me off mainly because i lost alot of organic paste that is hard to comeby around the polar region in the NA pvp server, and im obviously angered by the other stuff i lost because of some presumed "bug", and im not going to lie, i really really feel like i should be compensated for this issue that just occurred, when it was a game related issue and nothing to do with me or other "reasonable" reasons for the containers being gone like being raided as like i said, no break in entry and the doors arent pin locked so not like the owner was going to be able to get back in, here is the log of all this stuff randomly getting destroyed and if it comes down to it, i can show images of my base still unscathed from any possible idea of an raid
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