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    Invalid Json token error (100% RESOLVED) READ HERE FOR FIX)

    I have a static IP, so I could not simply change it like I could with previous providers. I had to clone my mac and do several router/modem resets, then delete the mac I cloned before the IP actually changed. It took me 3 days to finally get my IP changed. I wrote my IP down before starting this process, so that when I finally got access to the game and also had all Cloudflare websites stop making me do their captcha checks, I would know if my IP actually changed or not. All is fine now. I can play the game without the json token error and any website using Cloudflare is no longer making me do the captcha checks.
  2. xReadyAimMissx

    Invalid Json token error (100% RESOLVED) READ HERE FOR FIX)

    I guess I'll try that again, but I did that last night with no luck. I too figured out that my IP needs to change when I realized any website that uses Cloudflare, would make me do there reCaptcha prove you're not a robot thing. For instance, this website makes me do it now, every time I visit it. It's weird. Everything was fine Friday morning before I left for Pax South. We come back and are having all these internet issues. Nobody but myself and my husband have access to our internet and I stay on top of all the internet security stuff. So I have been incredibly confused as to how this happened. I have a static IP, so the likelyhood of the IP changing by unplugging this stuff again probably won't happen, but a girl can dream.
  3. xReadyAimMissx

    Invalid Json Token, Line 1 Ch: 1

    I was able to play the game fine this past Friday morning before I left for Pax South. I am now home with the most recent update and can no longer play. I now have this json error. The only thing I can do is change my game settings, but can't get into the game. If I try clicking rejoin, it just stays on the loading screen that says primalgamedata_bp and never does anything. If I click join new atlas, I can get the four official servers come up. I click on the pvp kraken's maw server and get the invalid json error again, but it tries to connect anyways. After a long wait I finally get a connection timed out error. I had finally fixed a problem with the game I had for about a week, because my OS is a Windows Insider build. I had to put a full copy trial of Windows 10 on a different hard drive just so battleye would work, since it had become incompatible suddenly when battleye updated. Now I have this issue with no way to fix it. Nothing on my pc changed while I was gone. It was off and since it's been on, it has received zero updates. The only thing that has updated is my game.
  4. xReadyAimMissx

    Kick after installing battleye

    From what I see, the Atlas people aren't the one's who messed this up. I currently can't play any games that use Battleye. Since Atlas just started using Battleye, I was unaware that Battleye had a recent update that prevents people using the Windows Insider builds from playing games. This is incredibly frustrating. A good chunk of my games use Battleye and I can't play any of them now.