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    How does Captaincy work? If I’m not on the helm but on the ship does the 15% crew payment time happen? Does it happen if I’m offline? Does it happen if someone else in the company buys them but now they are on my ship? What about ones I recruit but are on another ship? Does the reduced sinking rate apply at all times? Does it apply to the ship only when I am on it? Does it apply to all ships in my company? Or do the Captaincy skills only apply during the 1 hour of the day when I’m actually piloting in between islands and so a huge waste of points?? Some kind of better explanation of how these skills work needs to be included in the game.
  2. Dartagnion


    The damage resist that alphas have is a bit excessive too. Just had a level 172 alpha wolf take 15 ballista bolts to kill it. (The ship ballista is the only thing I had available after being eaten 3 times on the beach.
  3. Dartagnion

    Wolves are a bit much

    I would suggest marketing the wolves in Atlas as can openers in the real world. The way they rip through any kind of armor as if it was nothing more then a figment of my imagination should make them amazing at opening cans. Seriously though. The damage that wolves and other predators deal is excessive. Someone in full plate armor, with a shield and armed with a sword really should be able to take a level 2 wolf without dying.