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  1. I would've preferred if these sails were actually new sails with different stats and not just cosmetics...
  2. Yeah, along the magic winds - things like even ship in the bottle mechanic, wards from different elements.. may it be storms, fire etc. for X amount of time or even mask yourself for that X time and be ignored by SOTD (unless you attack them then the illusion goes away). This I feel would improve sailing quality. Casting magic could also consume mythos maybe? And the more often you cast it the more it costs to consume, unless you let it to cooldown to prevent people from spamming the abilities with no care.
  3. True, you are probably right. But if they do that, they should probably add somewhat of a cooldown on ship so it cant be spammed, just how it was spammed with nature's cry by switching players that mount the tame. So maybe instead of the low affect by INT it should just be a hardcap of how low the cooldown can go. Since what stops a big company from just having a crafter character on board to spam the winds magic all the time for them when hopping on wheel to go fast? I am just spitballing here ideas, but I'd love somewhat of magic mechanics with wind implemented, that would improve our travel times for sure. Dead wind? Cast magic wind skill! It would definitely add a bit of more variety to ship combat I feel.
  4. How about a skill in upcoming tarrot tree - 5 minutes to go full speed at any wind direction with 10 minute cooldown (INT should barely affect the cooldown of this skill for balance purposes)? or something in those lines. For PVP that might be pretty unbalanced so they should have two mode balance branches to somehow work it out I feel.
  5. Jester

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Server: EU-PVE If I place any structure/item on or extend more ceilings and then demolish it - random pieces just vanish from the platform and make many holes the more you demolish/pick up stuff around it. cheat TP J14 242309 -229229 210
  6. Yes, this. So when in case a future exploit arises people will be refraining from using it, due to fear of being punished.. but now if they wont punish these guys.. future exploits again will be used with no one to worry about any punishment.
  7. Yes, but they still have the advantage of being lvl100 now and not to mention they abused a system to achieve it. Their actions costed this game a lot of players probably quitting over it.. it inflicted damage upon community. However I am still glad they did at least somewhat actions and I hope their script managed to properly clean all 60%+ quality items and left none behind.
  8. You guys still need to punish the exploiters though, they were well aware of their actions. Reverting their 150 levels to 1000 then capping and destroying all the items above 60% is not enough. They need to set an example that exploiting will be punished.. else next time something like that gets discovered people will abuse it with no fear of more serious repercussions. Now the people who abused the glitch still got the better end of stick if they did not get punished... They are still level 100, avoided all the headache of doing maps and other ways of leveling up..
  9. Jester

    Tundra berries

    Yes this, please.. Or let us disable berry/veggie/herb harvest on our tames so we dont end up picking them up and spending 60% of time stopping to drop berries.
  10. Yeah, that is the thing.. land owners DO WANT settlers on their islands. We just need better tools to manage it and keep it all under control. While now.. any person that feels like being an a-hole, he can go and drop a bunch of pillars where he can around island and island gets boned We cant even highlight structures of other people on island to help us know where is what..
  11. I have a similar issue here, I have some tenants the built in water on a small 15 point island to not block my resource spawns.. now basically I demolished my shipyard to replace with new ones I've built, guess what? I can't cause = TOO CLOSE TO ENEMY FOUNDATION? I just had that shipyard there 5minutes ago.. sigh this is stupid, either let us just prevent people from building on island and just allow 'permitted' players to build or fix this mess, how about let OWNER of island build anywhere and ignore the enemy foundation stupidity? Idk this is just annoying.. now we are basically screwed, because the tenants have some things that decay for 35 days in water (which is also dumb as hell, why can they even place these long decay things without foundation?)
  12. Jester

    "Dissallow" Foundation spam

    Please this.
  13. Jester

    Ship max. Level 50

    Well that is disappointing and stupid.. Thanks for the info!
  14. Jester

    Ship max. Level 50

    So can someone please confirm if the durability on BP matters? We got a mythical bp ready, but we are not sure if it's worth to craft. Also does INT + INT Buff affect anything on crafting the shipyard?