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  1. Great work - will love to leverage this mod when it is ready! Keep up the good work!
  2. MasterED

    LowLevelFatalError on 16.x

    I believe I fixed it - setting in Advanced that is listed as experimental that I turned off. Sorry on the train so I can't see the text but as I recall it was the only one listed as experimental. Hasn't happened since - knocking on wood.
  3. Very interested. I am upgrading my 1x1 server this weekend to a 5x5 and would be happy to provide constructive feedback.
  4. MasterED

    LowLevelFatalError on 16.x

    Getting a low level fatal error when I am not doing anything - just standing there. Happens about every 20 minutes or so. Here is the error report.
  5. I do appreciate the response. Clearly running on bare metal instead of a VM is going to be superior (if you have that option). The interesting point I was making was that when no one is connected it appears the Atlas server is using CPU resources. If I stop Atlas then the utilization drops - any idea why an Atlas server with no one connected would consume a significant amount of CPU resources? Zed
  6. Has anyone else noticed that when no one is on a dedicated server it is still taking up a significant amount of CPU time? I tried it under a VM with 1 CPU allocated and it was taking 50-60% of it. With 4 CPUs allocated it was using about 10-15% of each. CPU is i7-3930 3.0GHz (6 cores). I can confirm that memory usage floats between 1.5G and 5G depending on active users. Thanks in advance for any information on your CPU utilization or constructive comments. Zed