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  1. Got the same problem on a lawless island. Can't build a dock at all. Noticed that same issue with the waves as if the water is claimed. But then I see others had built in the water, so it must have come from a near recent patch
  2. I thought it was fixed after "further improvement"
  3. I'm not sure that could even be a fix, as its related to ceiling and walls (mainly ceilings). Relogging has no effect on this specific bug as no one has reported it. And its only cause of breakage is if you demolish or pickup a structure that is linked to that item you demolished. I have been on this bug since it came for the last 3 weeks or so, I know how it works and how to work around it and surely there is no means of fixing it ourselves. This is a bug which relies on structural integrity which for some reason effects places that could be across the island if it is still snapped to that building. Maybe that fix works, but until a patch finally comes out to repair this issue, I bid everyone goodluck and happy farming for those repairs.
  4. @MartynIf you read other people's posts, you'll soon see everything that can possibly effect the bug. Currently there is no way to fix it, and we have not heard anything for the past 2 weeks from the dev team. Our only hope is to wait out the storm, or try your best to not misplace something (otherwise you'll have to repay it x10 over).
  5. Ye.. I thought that they would've perhaps have fixed it in the 520mb update.. Guess not. It's a major issue effecting everyone but not a peep from the devs from quite a while ago. I think we'd all like to hear if there is even any progress on it.
  6. Noticing that it still has issues.. and is getting VERY expensive to fix all the errors.. Each time something gets placed wrong it costs me an arm and a leg to fix it
  7. I'd just like to give everyone a heads up (don't know if this is effecting everyone), but I've noticed that since they turned the x2 on, I haven't been having any vanishing problems.. Previously whenever I demolished anything on my stone building parts of my floor would vanish and this was a 100% guarantee. Today I've placed a few things and made mistakes so when I demolished, nothing happened. Would like to know from others if this vanishing problem isn't effecting them anymore since the x2, and if so, maybe its a server setting that could possibly be causing the problem.. (x2 forever pls)
  8. Latest sneak peak from Grapeshot! Ridable Sharks! You're only ever a pirate once you've ridden a shark..
  9. I've notices this as well.. My company owns an island and since we heard about the add tax thing we tell them its not harming them, when I see gold deductions of 20% when I visit other islands for treasure. I'm not one to be a liar, but if you could inform us of how this exactly works, and if our thoughts on how it works are incorrect, please correct us.
  10. The S.S. Colossus is not a boat, but she is a SHIP! She flies her colours as she crosses world borders to seek treasure and fortune. Only mighty creatures stand a chance against her wrath.. Her Captain resides in his Keep while she rests.. And even there is he untouchable.. The Colossus rides the night once again And never betrays her allies... And through it all.. She reigns VICTORY!
  11. @ShayI am part of the same company, and he alone handles the dock building whilst I build the fort. Overall whatever is built connected to the dock can be randomly demolished (The same story with my fort). Construction won't continue until this issue is fixed as it is quite game breaking due to mats being wasted and having the possibility of a vital support piece being destroyed due to a fatal piece being demolished due to this bug. I hope this bug gets fixed quickly as progress has been put on hold due to not being allowed to demolish something if it was placed by mistake. @JatheishI hope the team is on full steam on this one. Godspeed to them and good luck on this mission!
  12. I'd just like to add, that its related to demolishing. I noticed that even if I demo something on the other side of the building, something will vanish at random. As long as it's connected, this problem will occur
  13. PvE EU (Whale) Region: K7 - The Bahamas All over the dock, as well the currently in the works Keep. No matter what we do they just despawn.
  14. • Cargo saddle for cows/bulls, horses, and bear (to carry weight not to just put a silly cannon on the back (its called a cargo harness for a reason) ). • Giraffe more thatch as it's currently to many the most useless tame in the game that gives virtually no use or benefit to a company. • Pigs more relied on in terms of farming as they already produce faeces for fertiliser, but it would be nice if they were 'more' important toward it for us fellow farmers. • Elephants have a special attack to gather wood, as the animation switches if looking in different direction (in my experience) and the one is longer than the other meaning slower harvest. So would be nice if it were one fixed animation for gathering. • Small creatures such as parrots should be more "special" as were all pirates here and we should love our shoulder warmers. So it would be nice if we were able to teach them a trick or so after having them on our shoulder for a certain amount of time such as "bonding time". As I find it quite pointless to have it and let it just sit in a corner. I'd rather have it with me to show off my fuzzy friend. Will also make us look after them a bit more carefully. Maybe add in a treat system?
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