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  1. Fantasy Freeport Built on Official NA PvE @ A7 Maroon Enclave ~96.71 / 11.97 Built & gathered for by myself, it took around 250 hours Most things are unlocked, since I designed it for Roleplay, so sail on by and look at it in person! Video recommended for viewing rather than screenshots, I focused on a lot of small details/decoration Enjoy!! Screenshots & Album Location Community Garden Watchtowers around the freeport Fortress Fortress Gunports (90 total) Serious firepower! Relaxation area on the water & Drive-in Bar (row dinghy under the bridges) Housing area Some of the Village Countertops for table use Some of the shipyard Build Area Closing image
  2. Post on Cost regarding current listed reduction cost for metal/stone As a PvE player, these are still completely unnecessary, and it really doesn't change the outlook greatly on that this game just isn't worth the grind fest, for those that are more building focused. We build mostly for looks on PvE. If you HAVE to add something in, 10 metal & 5 paste would be reasonable, though it still makes 0 sense because stone structures don't use these materials. As it stands, 15 paste and 15 metal is still a steep cost, especially the paste component of it. If you are persistent with the metal aspect - increase the amount of metal mined from basic rocks, and add way more metal nodes, as well as onto most islands that have mountains. Not a good enough change, material cost should be removed entirely, or made to 10 metal / 5 paste at most. Do you guys (the developers) enjoy spending hours and hours sailing to get some resources to build something, on top of your daily work schedules?
  3. Another +1 to a customer who will be uninstalling this game and never supporting anything Wildcard related, if the change isn't reverted by end of the weekend. A one week heads up would at least have helped people who had plans, or were in the middle of something, and while the change wouldn't have been ideal still, at least not screwed over all the people who are now sitting there with something half finished, that'll likely never be finished. As a person that enjoys building, I have no desire to sail for hours on end to craft a few things. I don't want to build something ugly, or not fully utilizing the various textured pieces available. Unfortunately there is no single player mode either, and unofficials are dodgy, as you could be working on something, and suddenly they stop subscribing. Without building, there is virtually nothing to do - sail endless water playing dodgeball with ships of the damned (can do this in Sea of Thieves, and at least that is more visually pleasing and more enjoyable), explore the few variations on islands (look at the map, most shapes are reused constantly, just at a different angle). So yes, good job screwing over all those who enjoy these games strongly for the building aspect
  4. The silence and ignorance for 12+ hours now, on what is the most popular topic and biggest disapproved of change, is amazing. 3 years learning from ARK, and the lack of a single sentence of communication, shows that they will never learn, be it 3 years or 10 years. Hot topics (or what is well beyond a hot topic at this point) needs to be addressed with urgency @Jatheish, you can't ignore paying/paid customers like that as a lead community manager. Choosing to be silent will not fix the matter, and the increased cost of stone stuff is a huge discouragement to even want to try and play, especially for PvE server players, where these costs make 0 sense, and the resources specifically chosen, aren't logical in the building type. I enjoy the building side of things, was 50% through making something large, and have absolutely 0 desire to play the game anymore, as it feels like 80 hours of work are wasted, and finishing now would take 3 months rather than 1 week. Players do not enjoy spending 2-4 hours to go get the resources to build 20-50 walls/foundations, etc. If we wanted to grind that badly, there are tons of "grindy" games that are 100x more fun like WoW, or any proper MMO, that has a lot more content and variation. Edit: And sure we could just build with wood and thatch, which take 1/50th the time to farm, but some of us actually enjoy making our buildings look nice, so for many of us, especially in the PvE world, stone is 100% for looks to begin with.
  5. Been finding enjoyment in making pictures that have the fauna like silhouettes against the sky colors/light Lone Palm Tree Stormy Nightfall
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