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  1. We will gladly take your opinion, and ignore it. This isn't a mechanic. These are self-entitled people who think because they "can" do something, they should. Again, this isn't up for a debate. If you'd like to do that, head to Discord. We're upset with one particular company, and it's an entire server, not just a few people.
  2. I will setup a computer to record on a boat 24/7 if I have to. If they want any more proof, I’ll get it.
  3. Every single one of our ships were sunk just last night. They were all sloops, however it was done by these same people. This needs to be addressed, plain and simple. The server is dwindling down to less and less people every day because of this. Nothing has been done and there is no fix. With all the other bugs going on in the game, having someone with direct control over another players boats is completely first priority. When another player says whether or not someone can have fun while play a game, that should be a huge red flag. **** Not to mention, every single person in this company that’s doing it has 1 game ban on their steam profile.
  4. Bump. This needs to be first priority. People are leaving servers and quitting the game after losing everything. Companies are scattered.
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