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  1. nah, it happened to me about 3 min after i fast traveled home. NA PVE H11
  2. H11 NA PVE Myself someone took our claims in another place and then our flags were showing inconsistant numbers, so i fast traveled home to H11 and ran around for about a minute and then was bumped.
  3. been reading through the forums since i got the gut punch, :invalid token" , "unable to query server for invite",, reading the forums it becomes obvious that its on the end of the devs, this is bullshit, stop blaming others, ur history alone points the finger at you, just fucking fix it. a lot of people have lost a lot of shit cuz of this, you owe them, they paid you for this game. as did i. And please extend the 2x event since we're all getting fucked out of it. man up, admit ur error, and fix it, . don't apologise, stop wasting time blaming people, and tweeting crap that no one wants to hear, just get it done. fucking with my only day off here.
  4. look. sheep "wool" or "fleece" is a fiber, thats it. You wanna incentivise taming make it right, Human hair is a fiber, wool and fleece from sheeps is used irl to make threads and yarns, its a damn fiber. i have and im sure everyone else does too, enought hides from just trying to survive that i throw stack of them away everyday, hide is worthless, the wildlife in this game is soo screwed up, that just from skinning my own corpse i can have enough hide that ill never need any . i live on a small island in and there are litterally soo many wolves there that its been abandoned. in one day i die soo many times that i will never need hide from any other source than my own corpse. if you want ppl to tame sheep, make it fiber, id have at least 5 of them, but while they give hide, theyre just wolf food.
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